Beautiful, Functional, Mobile Friendly Law Firm Website Design that Converts Prospects into Clients

Let’s make one clear distinction… There’s a BIG difference between “Buying a Website” and “Buying a Website that will Grow Your Practice.”

Nobody can match our service because nobody understands the legal market like we do. From years of research and experience, there are literally 100s of factors that determine whether you dominate your market like a shark or get lost in the sea of oblivion. We know how to win online. This is what we do. This is ALL we do.

The Black Fin web design advantage bring you:

  • Ready to rank SEO & speed optimized code
  • Fully responsive designs built to work on ANY device
  • Over 10 years of experience building only Law Firm sites

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From Our Clients:

Amanda Cook160x200“Gerrid had two of my listings on the first page of Google within two weeks. I have never been so impressed with an SEO service. I would recommend Gerrid to any business owner who wishes to quickly increase his or her visibility on the Internet.”

—Amanda B. Cook, Business Attorney

gladstein160x200“I cannot express how much Gerrid Smith and Black Fin have impressed me, and improved my website’s ranking… Gerrid also responds to questions very quickly. What is even more impressive is that Gerrid checks my analytics every day, not just at month’s end. Additionally, Gerrid and Black Fin provide other suggestions to improve my firm’s business, not just the website. I cannot be happier with Gerrid Smith and Black Fin, and highly recommend their services.”

—Seth Gladstein, Gladstein Law Firm

Lee Abrahamson 160x200“Before hiring Gerrid and his team, we didn’t really know what was possible as it relates to growing the firm from the web. Today though, our firm generates over 100 leads per month from the web and we just finished a record year in 2013. We couldn’t be more pleased with the Black Fin team.”

-Lee Abrahamson

Andrew M Lankin 160x200“I wanted to thank you for all of the attention you have given me. In the time that our firm has been utilizing your services, our web presence has skyrocketed – a true testament to your expertise and diligence.”

-Andrew M. Lamkin, Esq.

Let me ask you a question… Are you getting what you need out of your firm’s web presence?

Your firm’s website is not just there to look pretty. Your site is there to introduce you to new clients who need what you can give them.

Plain and simple.

Dissecting Conversion Elements from Successful Website
Dissecting Conversion Elements from Successful Website

Many firms don’t yet understand that having a web presence is a means to an end, a channel to connect your company to new leads. Maybe your firm’s site has yet to be designed or is overdue for a thorough revamp. Maybe you have spent thousands to create a new site, only to find your listings buried on page 5 of Google.

Or maybe your site has beautiful design and a decent page ranking, but the visitors who make it there never turn into clients. By the time they sort through the keyword-stuffed content produced by another graceless SEO hack, they no longer see your firm as a credible authority.

Is it possible to have all three?

Beautiful web design, high search-engine rankings, and intelligent content demonstrate your standout legal experience and attract new clients.

We at Black Fin have married our design and content-writing savvy with expertise in law firm Internet marketing to give you just that.

Not only do we create and manage a beautiful web presence for your firm, but we also add value to that presence with our proven SEO skills, combined with smart, compelling content to bring new leads through your firm’s doors.

Black Fin is led by Chief Strategist Gerrid Smith, who boasts seven years of experience in Law Firm SEO. Smith himself will analyze and develop a tailored marketing strategy built for your firm’s particular market. He works closely with a small, handpicked team of designers, programmers, and content writers to offer you a turnkey, three-prong solution that will make your firm’s corner of the Internet beautiful, compelling… and packed with traffic! This lets you focus on doing what you do best: Practicing the law.

How exactly does Black Fin do this?

At Black Fin, we guarantee a website design that is unique, elegant, and easy-to-use. The goal is to make a positive first impression with your site visitors, relate to them, and convince them to choose your services. We believe great website design works magic to your conversion rates.

Additionally, We ensure that potential clients can find your beautiful new site on Google page 1 with an SEO strategy tailored to showcase your firm’s experience to your particular market. Black Fin takes advantage of its team’s extensive experience in working exclusively on Law Firm SEO to start bringing traffic to your site immediately.

Finally, our content writers will build rapport with site visitors by creating authoritative content to interest and inform potential clients. Visitors come to your site looking for reliable information to help them understand their particular legal situation. Our writers will create info pages for each of your areas of practice and blog posts that recap related news and developments, artfully building on your SEO information along the way. This will not only keep your site high in the Google rankings, but will also build trust with readers who need the knowledge that your site can offer them.

Why You Should Consider Black Fin for Your Law Firm’s Website Design:

What sets Black Fin apart from the myriad of attorney web design, content writing, and Internet marketing companies that clamor for your dollars without delivering results?

1. Our experience proves that our strategy brings results.

Black Fin uses Law Firm SEO to increase traffic to firms’ websites by between 20% and 30% on average. Fully 90% of Black Fin’s clients achieve a ranking on page 1 of Google within 90 days or less.

Our #1 priority at Black Fin is to deliver results:

  • Higher rankings on the country’s most frequently used search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube

  • More site traffic

  • More leads

2. We only use WordPress – the #1 most popular content management system (CMS) online.

We at Black Fin back up our results-driven approach with a belief in the power of innovation. We make it our job to stay on top of any technological development that can better showcase your firm’s experience.

3. Our websites look awesome on mobile devices.

All Black Fin websites are mobile-responsive — at NO extra charge. Our law firm website designs look great on all devices, no matter the size. Mobile-responsive web design will improve your online rankings and result in positive user experience (UX). The better the UX, the more visitors will convert, so we ensure your site loads properly into your prospects’ browsers. Our designs are also Retina Ready to ensure that your website looks great on Apple devices.

4. We focus on developing SPEED on your websites because your customers demand it, and so does Google.

Did you know that site speed affects Google’s ranking algorithm? Page Speed is amongst the few confirmed ranking factors by Google and one of the most crucial aspects to consider if you want to see your site at the top of Google search results. Search engines look for fast-loading websites, and so are your clients who need rapid answers to their questions. Creating a fast website requires knowledge, expertise, and experience creating beautiful and speedy websites, which we can guarantee at Black Fin. Our streamlined site designs have been created to maximize speed and minimize page-loading times — improving both your visitor’s ease of use and your site’s Google ranking.

5. We give you Fort Knox security.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are viruses for websites just like there are viruses for computers. Luckily for you, our websites use very sophisticated technology to ensure that the bad guys stay out, and your visitors stay safe while browsing. Google wants to offer users the safest experience so a secure website will also benefit your SEO and improve your search engine rankings.

6. Our sites are all ready to rank.

We know that every company in the world claims this, but no company can match the experience we’ve developed over the last six years. We’ve helped law firms rank for 100s of keywords. If you do a search in Google for “law firm SEO expert,” you will see many of the listings on the first page of Google talking about Black Fin. We know what it takes to rank your website in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

7. We Create the Design that Meets your Clients’ Expectations

Sure, we design the way that your page ranks well and appears at the top of search results, but we are proud to say we know how to meet users’ expectations once they land on your site. With the designs we create, we help users grasp your style, understand your brand, and create a positive and memorable first impression.

Your website will consist of a beautiful and unique layout, user-friendly navigation, and it will convey your brand look & feel, voice & tone.

When designing websites, we have the end-user in mind: what are they looking for on this page? What is the intent of their search? How does this design affect their mood and interest? We know how each color, font style, or use of space will affect your website visitors. Your clients need to feel safe, confident, and motivated to work with you. For years, we have mastered creating designs that stand out, establish trust and confidence of potential clients, and motivate them to give our clients call for legal advice.

Demand The #1, Most Popular CMS in the World – WordPress: 90+ Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Less

  1.  Proven – basis for nearly a fourth of new websites & has more than 50 million websites over the globe
  2.  Easy to use – no coding experience or expert knowledge is necessary
  3. Built for Publishing – it’s a platform for content publishing
  4. Backed by Community Support – the newest version has been downloaded more than ten million times since it was released a few months ago
  5. Your Entire Workflow – Does it all – from spelling to review
  6. Beyond Black and White – allows for all types of files including music, pictures, videos, and documents.
  7. Distraction Free Writing
  8. Never Lose a Word – autosaves with snapshots.
  9. Schedule posts for the future
  10. Publish Anywhere – mobile apps for most every type of mobile device, even through email
  11. Password protection – you decide what you want to be seen and by whom
  12. Multi-paged posts
  13. Save Drafts – finish when you’re ready
  14. Previewing Posts – it’s a “live” preview
  15. The Right theme for Any Content
  16. Obsessively Organized – content is organized by category, day, month, year, author
  17. Search Inside and Out – for anything in your content
  18. Easy to read URLs
  19. Typography options
  20. Over 60 Languages
  21. Drag and Drop Administration
  22. Make different roles for different users
  23. Requires little customization
  24. Built by community – requires no licensing fees, offers up-to-date software and updates
  25. It’s Your Data – you can do with it as you please
  26. It’s Your Software – you can access and modify as you want
  27. Power as many sites as you’d like
  28. Dynamic page generation – stays updated
  29. Template Driven Design
  30. Secure websites
  31. Extensive APIs for easy customization
  32. Enterprise Ready
  33. Interoperability with other systems
  34. Simple Maintenance
  35. HTMLs tags are limited for safety of data and server
  36. Standards Compliant
  37. Much More than a Blog
  38. Feeds are supported
  39. Inter-site Communication
  40. Community Building through pingbacks, comments, and trackbacks
  41. Comments can be enabled or disabled for every post
  42. Spam protection
  43. Full user registration for comments
  44. Allowed html tags
  45. Moderation of all comments, pages, etc.
  46. Notification – email when new comments
  47. Licensed
  48. Platform – PHP and MySQL are required
  49. Easy integration for schema markup
  50. Philosophy – unwavering principles of the following:
  51. Simplicity
  52. Flexibility
  53. Publish with Ease
  54. Publishing Tools
  55. User Management
  56. Media Management
  57. Extend with Plugins
  58. Importers
  59. You can contribute to WordPress
  60. Custom Content Types
  61. Track your popularity
  62. Easily go mobile
  63. Awesome support
  64. Blog with others
  65. Follow your favorites
  66. Supports social networking
  67. Ad-free
  68. Re-order posts by date
  69. Fullscreen editor
  70. Visual editor features
  71. Copy and paste from Word
  72. Handy “read more” button
  73. One-Click Installation
  74. Content Management System
  75. User friendly
  76. No programming education necessary
  77. Best for effortless SEO
  78. Opensource and free
  79. Google loves WordPress
  80. Your site can grow with your company
  81. Anything is possible with a WordPress website
  82. Innumerable extended plugins
  83. It’s the most popular CMS in the world
  84. Speed in creating a website
  85. Built-in consistency
  86. More brand awareness
  87. Automated syndication
  88. One-step posting
  89. Increased functionality
  90. Universal platform
  91. Easy to change themes for fresh look
  92. Easy to print

Interested in growing your firm?

Let Black Fin help you focus on the law, while we focus on using the best in web design, content production, and Internet marketing techniques to bring new clients to you.

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"I cannot be happier with Gerrid Smith and Black Fin, and highly recommend their services."

- Seth Gladstein, Gladstein Law Firm

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