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As everyone knows, Google keeps changing the rules. While there may be a method to their madness, it can be tough to stay ahead of the game with the constant changes. If you follow the news, you know that the latest change is in regard to Google Authorship. While the authors’ names have remained on each search result, the authorship images have been removed. Google’s reasoning is that they want to “clean up” the appearance of search results. If you jump over to Google search, the look is substantially different now. In fact, the results page is so mundane looking now that it appears we have gone back a few steps rather than forward.

Regardless of our personal opinions about Google’s reasoning, it’s more important to consider how this is going to affect your business. People are drawn to images and business owners have depended on attractive pictures and images on their website profiles in order to draw new customers.

So, what can you do now to attract attention? There are some easy things that you can do to stand out in a Google search that don’t require much time or money. In fact, if you take the time to do all of three of these things, you will easily stand out above your competitors on the updated Google search results page.

Three Ways to Stand Out in a Google Search

1) Google Reviews – When you do a search for a local business, you will find a list of businesses in that area. Below, I searched for “Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers.” Notice that the businesses that have at least five stars show those stars and stand out significantly compared to the others.

If you want your business to be noticed, make sure that you have at least five Google reviews. Those orange stars by your business name make it more appealing and obvious to those who are searching.

2) Google+ posts – While most images have been removed, Google+ posts seem to be maintaining images as you can see below. Updating your Google+ page with the correct keywords and image may be another way to beat the new Google change.

3) Videos – Last, but not least, video images have also been maintained. By using the YouTube Video Editor, you can create a video just from images. While you can upload any type of video to show an image on Google search, YouTube videos are almost always a better choice. They are viewable by searching on YouTube and they can easily be shared as well. It’s easy to see from this image how much more obvious the video is for this Google search:

Make it Happen

One thing is for certain: Google’s changes continue to force us to look for new ways to get noticed on searches and stay above our competitors. While it can be somewhat of a nuisance (no one likes change), it is good to know that we have other options for getting noticed on Google searches.

If you need help making this happen, contact us at Black Fin. We love to work with clients and see their businesses rise to the top of Google searches. Let us know if we can help by filling out our contact form or calling our CEO, Gerrid Smith, today at 530-215-1159.

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