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Anyone who knows anything about logistics and transportation, and particularly how these two operate together, would agree that they’re some of the most vital players in today’s increasingly globalized economy.

To put it simply: If logistics and transportation stop, the world stops.

What logistics and transportation manage to accomplish is not simply just the operational moving of goods, products, and services, but also the development of cutting-edge transport management techniques. These techniques are responsible for ensuring full efficiency, speed, and safety throughout the process of transporting everything we know and love about the world around us.

Obviously, the logistics and transportation sector itself is becoming rife with digitization in ways we’ve never seen before. And, this digitization doesn’t stop at the inner workings of the logistics and transport industry – the shift to digital also affects logistics and transport marketing.

Going, Going, Gone to Digital

In tandem with the new transport and logistics operations practices we witness arising from the digital revolution, marketing is going digital, as well.

That means we can kiss goodbye to the days when print ads were king, if we haven’t already.

Across every industry, digital marketing should be considered (and used) differently than traditional marketing since:

  • Great digital content is emphasized and valued much more in the digital world as a tool to build connections between company and client.
  • Only the best content is promoted by search engines and, therefore, the internet as a whole.
  • Digital marketing plans are treated more like living, breathing things, where the health of the whole depends on the health and effectiveness of each working part. As such, successful digital marketing schemes share web-like connections between websites and social media sites, in contrast to traditional marketing.

To take it one step further, client behavior and expectations are also changing. Prior to the digital revolution, traditional marketing was all about simplicity and uniformity.

Today, even the best and most effective advertising can get buried within milliseconds online. So, wowing viewers with helpful, reliable, and memorable information is simply the expectation, no longer an advantage.

The Switch to Digital Marketing Affects You More Than You May Think

Sure, logistics operations use computers, software, and applications. Transport employs tracking technologies, multiple communication portals, and increasingly digitized methods of moving products.

But, marketing going digital? How could that possibly affect the field of logistics and transportation?

No matter how well you’ve mastered your logistics brand, how smoothly your moving loads run, how speedy your deliveries arrive, how high-quality your customer service is, or how efficiently you cut energy usage and service costs, not having a digital marketing plan will cost you big time.

Because, let’s face it: Without an effective digital marketing plan, potential clients can’t find you online. And who will they find instead of you? Your competition.

That sounds like an issue, right? You bet it is.

Digital or Bust

There’s a lot of buzz these days about websites, blogs, and social media pages, but just how critical is a strong online presence for your logistics and transportation company? Take a look at these statistics:

  • It’s estimated that search engine results are the original source for about 93 percent of a typical business’s web traffic.
  • Even as far back as 2018, nearly 50 percent of Google searches were local.
  • There are already more than 50 million small businesses using Facebook to connect with clients and potential clients.

Enter: Black Fin

At Black Fin, digital marketing is everything to us. We only want to work with businesses that are serious about upping their digital marketing game and creating the best online user experience possible, because that’s exactly what we’re about.

Here’s how our philosophy works: Always keeping SEO at the forefront of operations, our expert marketing team joins digital design creativity with leading industry know-how and years of optimization experience to drive up our clients’ web traffic.

In all our years of research and experience, we’ve learned that the search engine optimization (SEO)-centric marketing method is the most effective way to establish a digital presence, particularly within the logistics and transportation industry.

We know what works, so we stick with it. And, because we combine these tried-and-true methods with both vast industry experience and our own touch of innovation, we always provide our clients with a marketing edge.

Black Fin’s SEO-Driven Marketing Philosophy

The best way to propel your business’s online marketing forward is by developing a strong SEO presence. By itself, the tenets of SEO are not enough for your digital platforms to be considered authoritative and worthy of high ranking.

But, when combined with all other aspects of your marketing plan – including web design, content, social media, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising – your brand’s overall digital marketing plan is well on its way toward success.

SEO-Focused Web Design

Before any other part of your digital marketing plan can come to fruition, you need a kick-butt website. Because a great website is literally the first impression your company sends out to the world, cutting corners isn’t an option.

First, we develop web designs that showcase your company’s specific look and brand. We strive to achieve a balance between creative yet professional, engaging yet informative. Of course, in every web design, loading speed is always a top priority since we know that up to 20 percent of conversions can be lost during each additional second of loading speed (after the recommended five seconds).

Second, we use our know-how to create eye-catching and user-friendly page structures that present all relevant information to your readers.

Since we know that even the most informative website still struggles to rise above the seemingly endless content available online, we use strategic SEO web design practices to make sure your site is always a step above the rest.

Read more about our web designs here.

Expert Content, Designed with SEO – and Your Audience – in Mind

Sure, we already told you that every part of your marketing plan contributes to the overall success of the whole, but great content that plays by the “SEO rules” definitely cranks your rankings up a notch.

In layman’s terms, your content should be working for you in the following two ways:

  • First, it should be offering information about the logistics and transportation industry, latest trends, FAQs, and more.
  • Second, and most importantly, your content should be explaining your specific services, how and why you’re the best at what you do, and what your services can deliver to your clients.

Beyond simply offering information to potential clients – thereby making clicking on and reading your site worth the while – we also know it’s imperative for web content to be regarded by search engines as authoritative, useful, accurate, truthful, and regularly updated.

Oftentimes, in an attempt to quickly churn out content to fill web pages, some companies and marketers fill their digital pages with terms and keywords they think will please search engines. Not only is this bad for business on a consumer level (since this “keyword stuffing” practice leaves pages essentially unreadable), but search engines are much too smart to fall for it.

We’ve seen many websites receive penalties – and severely lowered rankings as a result – due to keyword stuffing, duplicating content, or offering unauthoritative information.

We understand that content might seem like the perfect DIY avenue to cut marketing costs but, in reality, your web content is much too crucial to risk doing it poorly.

Instead, leave it to our experts to create targeted logistics and transportation content to meet client needs and SEO requirements. Check out how we write for conversions here.

Social Media Management

Alongside web design and content, social media as a marketing tool offers an additional mode of communication with, and advertisement to, online viewers. In fact, when used well, it can even help make your brand more relevant and appealing to the masses.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are being used now more than ever to promote business services. As these sites continue to climb in popularity among the general population, so will the competitive advantage they offer to your company’s marketing.

At Black Fin, we’re no stranger to social media; in fact, we’ve been helping our clients take full advantage of the power of social media for years. Find out how we use social media to boost conversions here.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Meets SEO

Another aspect of your marketing plan may include pay-per-click (PPC) ads. For all our clients, we take a comprehensive look at whether PPC ads will be effective, considering your preexisting digital presence, target demographics, and how well your existing marketing plan is working.

For many businesses, PPC ads are a great way to boost visibility on search engines relatively quickly. But, the tradeoff is that they aren’t always cheap. If a client opts to include PPC ads in their plan, we combine our SEO and content expertise to create the most effective ad copy designed for the target market at hand.

After a PPC ad campaign is executed, we look at the results to determine short- and long-term return on investment (ROI) data. Here, we help our clients decide whether PPC ads are a solid investment or not. If they’re not, we’ll continue using other techniques that more effectively drive online viewership and client conversions.

Ready to Dive into SEO Marketing for Your Logistics and Transportation Company? Choose a Solid Partner – Choose Black Fin

No matter where you are with your logistics and transportation company’s marketing – whether it be the drawing board or the final stretch of a near-complete digital marketing plan – we both know one thing for sure: You only want the best for your business and your clients. We know, because we feel the same way.

The transportation and logistics industry may always be on the move, but that doesn’t mean change is easy. That’s why we’re here to help.

When choosing to work with us, you can always be sure you’re receiving the most expert and honest marketing advice. We never beat around the bush to pad our service costs. We never explain things in unhelpful, patronizing ways. And, we never lie to our clients. You can expect to hear the truth about your digital optics, even if it stings.

Here’s the bottom line: We’re here to deliver the best service, create high ROI for your company’s online brand, and convert web users into real-life clients. If you think we can help your logistics and transport company, reach out to us today.

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