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As a business specializing in food or hospitality services, you know the importance of dedication, attention to detail, and strong customer service better than anyone. You provide great services and simply want prospective clients to know that. It should be easy enough, right?

Unfortunately, developing your brand and marketing your company isn’t always as easy as you may like. Particularly as the advertising market moves more digital, every business’s marketing plan is affected.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Back in the day, it was possible to conduct a solid marketing plan on the basis of newspaper and print ads, billboards, or radio ads. Now, the internet has all but made these forms nearly obsolete. Here’s what the new online world of marketing looks like:

  • Digital marketing heavily depends on expert web content to not only convey information about services, but also to build trust between client and business.
  • Web content, webpage design and structure, and social media are used to promote your company’s site via search engine algorithms. Obviously, only the best sites rank highly, and therefore have the most visibility within this system.
  • Overall, digital marketing relies on strong interdependence between all working parts – e.g., your social media presence will affect your website’s success, and vice-versa.

The Implications of Digital Marketing on Food and Hospitality Service Companies

Sure, everything is going digital – but, here’s the real question you want to ask: How does this affect my business? After all, you don’t work in marketing, you work in the food and hospitality industry.

To put it simply, not having a strong, well-developed digital presence in today’s world means that prospective clients won’t be able to find you online. Essentially, it’s like your business doesn’t even exist.

And who will these potential clients find in your place? Your competition.

It’s Tough Staying on Top

Now, let’s imagine that you realize the importance of web presence, so your company launches a website. Maybe you design a decent site, post a monthly blog article, and schedule some occasional upkeep. That should do the trick, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Here’s the thing about digital marketing: It moves at nearly the same speed as the internet with all its information and trends. That’s to say: Even after you develop a killer digital marketing plan and begin implementing it, there’s still a lot of upkeep involved, especially because the search engine algorithms responsible for ranking your website are regularly updating SEO guidelines and penalties. What might be acceptable behavior one day could penalize your site the next, meaning lowered rankings for reasons you may not even be aware of.

Generally speaking, here are the top three reasons why businesses struggle to get to and stay at the top of the rankings:

  1. The food and hospitality industry is competitive in every way – in managing operations and service costs, providing superior customer service, and more. And, as we’ve seen, digital marketing is competitive, since every site is competing for visibility. Mixing these two aspects together means it’s doubly competitive to market yourself – and succeed – in the food and hospitality industry.
  2. As we’ve mentioned, search engine algorithms undergo constant changes in order to filter out “garbage content” so-to-speak and provide users with only the best information. While that’s great for the customer experience, it can be difficult for the average business to keep up.
  3. Even though the food and hospitality industry isn’t inherently intimidating like other industries (think legal or healthcare services), there are still many parts to your business’s services. As such, it’s imperative to showcase a website that explains your services, demonstrates your experience and professionalism, and shows off why your services are the best.

Ready to Hear What We Have to Offer?

For us at Black Fin, digital marketing is our life. Because we dedicate 100 percent of our professional time and energy toward marketing in today’s online environment, our clients can always rest assured we’re up-to-date on the very latest trends and changes.

Our philosophy is this: We opt for a comprehensive design where SEO is the top priority within every area of your marketing scheme. This means that you’re not only able to promote your brand in every area of your web presence, but you’re doing it in the most optimized manner possible.

Our team of experts comes together to bring years of experience, industry knowledge, and unbeatable creativity to the table to ensure our clients are always represented well while creating conversions that demonstrate marketing success.

How Does an SEO-Focused Marketing Model Work?

We prioritize SEO in all areas of your comprehensive marketing plan, which includes web design, content creation, social media outreach, and paid advertising. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Web Design with SEO in Mind

In all likelihood, your website may be the first representation of your food or hospitality company that prospective clients see. This means that, now more than ever, first impressions are vital.

Because your website not only functions as a representation of your company and brand, but also of how it would be to do business with you, web design and layout is definitely not an area to skip over.

When you work with us, you can expect to showcase a tailored website that meets your specific design needs. For both a better client experience and better SEO results, we always emphasize loading speed in our page structures. When you work with us, potential clients will think of your site as quick and efficient, informative, and easy to navigate.

Check out our web designs here.

SEO-Centered Web Content

Great content doesn’t just advance SEO goals. In addition to optimizing your website, it should also provide information about your food and hospitality services, customer service philosophies, and competitive price points. After all, the whole reason prospective clients are visiting your page is to find this information.

Because content serves these two important functions, it’s vital that your site’s content reflect top quality. Unfortunately, we have witnessed many businesses take a DIY approach to their content in an effort to save on their marketing budget. While it might seem like an area you could patch together without professional help, two things often occur that inhibit your content from success:

  1. Some businesses try to include as many keywords and tags into their content as possible to achieve higher rankings among search engines. This tactic is referred to as “keyword stuffing.” Not only does it render content virtually unreadable, but search engines also inflict major penalizations for this practice.
  2. Content is also expected to demonstrate authority, originality, and trust-worthiness. When businesses post duplicate content, cite inaccurate sources, or provide misleading information, this has a severely negative impact on rankings.

To ensure that your business doesn’t fall victim to these all-too-common content mistakes, use our professional content services. Just as with your company’s web design, our creative team will develop only the best, most original, and most informative content to fill your web pages and explain your services to viewers. Learn more about how we write for conversions here.

Social Media Management

More and more businesses are developing a solid social media marketing game to incorporate even more advertising techniques into their digital plans. Even though social media (the likes of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others) may not seem like a likely avenue for getting your brand out to the world, it’s actually incredibly useful for connecting with clients and potential clients in more casual and engaging ways.

By staying in touch with your followers and associating names and faces with your brand, you can actually create a more competitive marketing advantage for your business.

At Black Fin, we know exactly how to incorporate social media platforms into your digital marketing scheme in a manner that makes sense and helps promote your company’s values, all while encouraging client retention. Find out how we do it here.

Paid Advertising that Emphasizes SEO

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads can be a very effective tool for reaching target demographics online, which can help boost your overall web traffic. Ideally, this traffic increase should lead to more client conversion and retention.

If your food or hospitality company would like to consider the use of paid ads, our team will help crunch the numbers on your existing web presence and your intended ad audience. This will help determine whether or not PPC ads are a solid financial investment within your marketing plan. If this method seems like a valuable investment, we’ll create PPC ad copy that engages with viewers and is SEO-driven. Finally, we’ll evaluate the ad campaigns’ success and determine how PPC ads can continue to drive conversion rates.

Interested in Working with a Team of Professionals Who Can Take Your Food and Hospitality Business Marketing to the Next Level?

Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for in your online marketing plan or still have some questions to ask, we’re ready and willing to work with companies dedicated to radically improving their digital marketing and SEO game.

If you’re interested in speaking with us directly about how our SEO-focused services can personally advance your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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