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One year.

Six months.

Twenty-seven days.

On election day, that’s how long it will have been since Hillary Clinton became the first candidate to announce a decision to run for president, how long these campaigns have endured, how long we’ve all had to endure through these campaigns.

People, it’s been an eternity. Whatever side of the political spectrum you fall on, there’s no denying that this year’s presidential election has been long, upsetting, divisive, and generally unpleasant. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find a little value in all of it, does it?

For all of its issues and problems, we still like to see the good in this election, specifically when it comes to how you should approach internet marketing. Just as the web plays a huge role in marketing for election campaigns, it plays a huge role in marketing your law firm (if you’re reading this on our website, you probably already know that).

So whether you fall left, right, or somewhere in the middle, lend us your eyes and ears while we take you through our favorite internet marketing lessons of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Here we grow!

Don’t Be Fooled By Donald Trump’s Social Media “Success”

For all the madness, insanity, and chaos that this election has brought upon the American people, the most perplexing part has to be this:

How in the hell did Donald Trump become the Republican candidate?

Whether you love him or you hate him, there’s no denying he’s done and said just about everything possible to derail his campaign. The surprising part? He hasn’t done it yet.

The lesson for you here is simple. Donald Trump’s social media strategy won’t work for you. As attorneys, you’re well versed in the fact that words matter, specifically when it comes to diction. While most politicians are generally cognizant of that fact as well, Donald Trump has seemed to throw caution to the wind when choosing his words.

You might think, “But wait, hasn’t social media been one of Donald Trump’s most effective tools?” Short answer: Kind of. While he’s seemed to get away with making any rash statement that comes to his mind, you won’t be so lucky.

In fact, you can generally look at Donald Trump’s posting on social media as a pretty spot-on “What Not To Do” guide. These are the kind of activities you, as an attorney, will want to avoid on social media.

  • Twitter Wars. Or any sort of conflict played out in front of the entire web via social media platforms. Whether you’re dealing with an upset client, the press, or fellow attorneys, make sure to deal with any issues or problems that arise in a private, professional manner. Most people don’t hold a heck of a lot of respect for those who engage in arguments over the internet, save your arguments for the courtroom.
  • Incendiary Statements. We’ve written before about using caution when posting to social media in sensitive situations, but honestly, you should just be careful about what you post on social media at all times. Of course, we don’t expect your firms to post statements like those made by Donald Trump and his campaign, but keeping your social media pages professional and polite is a best practice.
  • Ill-Advised Re-Posting. Retweeting, sharing, and all forms of re-posting can be incredibly effective tools for your law firm’s social media pages. See a particularly interesting article about tort reform? Definitely share that because it’s probably the first in existence. When sharing or reposting content, however, always be sure of the credibility of your content’s source.

So before we get on to our next to lesson, everybody say it together now!

If Donald does it, don’t do it!

Alright, let’s keep things moving.

Design Your Site To Be Free Of Ridicule

As Oscar Wilde once wrote, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Quite frankly, though, some of us are just looking at the gutter, and that can often lead to unintended problems when people design websites, logos, and all other imagery.

Take the original Trump-Pence logo, for example.

via: CNN


“Oh boy, they used a ‘T’ for ‘Trump’ and ‘P’ for ‘Pence,’ put them together and made an American flag! How nifty!’

Well, if that’s how you viewed that logo at first glance, good for you. For everybody else in the world, that “T” and “P” had an unintended consequence that seems pretty obvious in hindsight.

Which brings us to our second internet marketing lesson from this election cycle:

Make sure your imagery is designed to be free of ridicule.

This seems obvious enough, and we doubt anybody goes out and designs a logo for their firm that can intentionally be misconstrued as suggestive or offensive in any way. But, with that being said, it never hurts to have your immature teenage nephew take a look at your design mock ups before you put them on your website.

“Hey what’s the big idea? This guy’s all anti-Trump!”

Before you get all riled up about this blog post being rigged, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has certainly had its fair share of gaffes over the past 18 months and 26 days.

Take, for example, the Clinton campaign’s Rosa Parks-inspired commemorative logo.

via: Buzzfeed


Much like the aforementioned Trump-Pence logo, we’re certain any offensive sentiment was unintended. But it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to know that placing Rosa Parks at the proverbial “back of the bus” on the campaign logo might cause a bit of a backlash.

Unintentional? We believe so.

Stupid and careless? Yeah, you could say that.

End of the world? We’ll see on November 9.

Will your law firm’s logo be scrutinized on the same level as any of the candidate’s imagery? We can confidently say no, but this history of embarrassing campaign logos should still help you on your way to better design principles.

And with that, we bring you to our third lesson…

We Know You’re “Sick And Tired Of Hearing About Your Damn Emails,” But…

Few moments from the past year and half of election campaigning have been as satisfying as watching Bernie Sanders declare that “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails” during the first Democratic primary debate.

We’re not here to absolve Clinton of any wrongdoing with her email server activity or to continue the witch hunt against her. In fact, we’re more interested in the other major role that emails have played in this election.

That’s right, our third lesson is about the importance of good email marketing.

While social media can certainly help bring attention and awareness to your firm, there’s nothing quite like a good ole’ fashioned email marketing campaign to drive those conversions. In fact, some studies have shown that email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter.

How does this all play into the most bizarre presidential election in over a century? Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have successfully utilized email marketing during the course of their campaigns with great results.

These email marketing campaigns have been so successful for candidates because they have, for the most part, had one major objective: to raise money. Similarly, you want to use your email marketing campaigns to tackle one objective: converting clients.

When people become a part of your email list, they’re no longer at the top of your sales funnel. They’re interested, and good email marketing campaigns can turn them into your next case. Fortunately for you, we’ve written about email marketing before, and there are plenty of tools around to help you cultivate effective campaigns in a budget and time-friendly manner.

Feeling like there’s a lot to do? A little overwhelmed? Worried about the fate of the country as well as the well-being of your firm?

Then it’s time for our last lesson…

Most Importantly, Don’t Give Up Hope

We know that the world of internet marketing can be daunting, confusing, and upsetting, not unlike the presidential election. Sure, the fate of the country and the fate of your professional career are vastly different, but we learn lessons from both voicing our political opinions and running a law firm.

When we seem so divided as a nation that normal decency and respect tend to get thrown out the window in favor of yelling matches and extremism, we can’t give up hope.

And when you’re not sure how in the hell search engine optimization or social media and content marketing can contribute to your law firm’s success, you can’t give up hope.

The election is almost over, but internet marketing is here to stay. The good news?

We’re here to help.

At Black Fin, we pride ourselves on being the honest, capable, and forward-thinking candidate for your internet marketing needs. Contact us today to find more about our services.

Together, we can make your internet marketing great again.

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