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Black Fin CEO and Cleveland SEO Expert, Gerrid Smith.
Black Fin CEO and Cleveland SEO Expert, Gerrid Smith.

Somewhere out there, a person who wants to hire you is doing a Google search to find you, but they can’t.

You’ve tried, but why aren’t your marketing efforts working to attract Cleveland customers or anyone else to your services?

A lot of people brag about the power of search engine optimization, or “SEO” tactics for online promotion, but what does that really mean?

Essentially, any kind of Cleveland SEO campaign has one goal: to make your website appear in search results when people Google you. The increasing number of websites online has created a massive, chaotic whirlpool of people fighting ruthlessly with each other for the top spots in Google’s search results. No weekend course or little e-book is going to give you all the tips you need for someone to find your company in Google’s search results. You need experts on your side.

Even if you do reach out for promotional help with an SEO-management team, how do you know you’ve chosen the right company to improve your search rankings and get more leads?

Our Black Fin team knows that especially when it comes to SEO strategies, the experience is the only real teacher. For more than 10 years, we’ve been studying the most effective ways to break through the online noise and reach your audience nationwide. We often specialize in Cleveland search rankings because our headquarters is here, but we can create a customized game plan for your business wherever you are.

Let’s start with a free, tailor-made video audit of your website that you can watch whenever you wish. Then you’ll see exactly how passionate we are about our work. That’s the difference between Black Fin other SEO agencies around Cleveland and elsewhere.

We know that successful SEO is really hard work.

Our Black Fin team builds new, affordable plans every time for every client by focusing intensely on:

  • Adapting to Google’s latest search algorithm changes.
  • Researching new SEO tech solutions.
  • Thoroughly analyzing results to continuously improve.

What’s the biggest SEO problem on your website?

Most of our new clients have had troubles like these:

  • Other SEO companies gave no results after several months.
  • You’re too busy at work to deal with internet marketing.
  • Your marketing staff isn’t getting real results.
  • Google may have penalized your website after you made “quick fixes.”
  • Whatever you learned about SEO confused you even more.
  • No matter what you tried, you’re losing online visibility.

Black Fin can fix it.

Gerrid Smith started Black Fin after years of experience in the SEO world. To succeed, he discovered how a great team must treat SEO both as an art and a science. We’ve built a team that’s innovative, adaptable, and never treats a client like they’re part of an assembly line.

Because Google makes more than 150 changes to their search algorithms every year, no one can succeed with one standard formula. We never create the same solution twice from one client to the next. Your personal internet-marketing needs aren’t the same as the needs of your competitors, so we create the perfect strategy to match your business.

Here’s how we can start:

The three parts of our SEO program are very simple. These are the different focuses we have for the first month, the second month, and ongoing, innovative maintenance:

Within the first 30 days:

We turn your website into a solid foundation for a powerful SEO campaign. We will review the pages of your central internet hub meticulously to optimize your content and code in every way we can. These basic fixes are actually the most critical for better rankings. For example, we often:

  • Repair indexing issues and internal linking on your practice-area pages.
  • Optimize your images, headers, and title tags.
  • Audit your content.
  • Analyze your Google page speeds and work on a lot more technical enhancements.

After your first month, you’ll get a website that:

  • Looks good and is easy to interact with
  • Loads a whole lot faster
  • Scans better across all search engines
  • Offers top-quality content that’s super-practical and useful for your leads

In the second month:
We give your website real authority without the nonsense of “keyword stuffing,” which absolutely never works. The majority of our focus here is to bring attention to you from other online sources. This off-website, referral work includes:

  • Listing you in local and high-end directories like
  • Creating and sending out press releases about your company
  • Coordinating high-ranking guest posts for you on top websites like
  • Building and running engaging social-media accounts on your behalf
  • Making case studies using Google consumer surveys
  • Setting up scholarships and website sponsorships
  • Writing new article posts in a professional-magazine style

Here’s another point almost everyone overlooks:

We make sure to verify your Google+ Local account and optimize it by creating new citations and cleaning up the older ones. Since one of Google’s core algorithms depends a lot on their Maps software and your proximity to searchers, this step is crucial for SEO success.

Then we keep the ball rolling with innovative maintenance.

At this stage, your SEO strategy is running in full force. We will continue building your website’s authority across multiple search engines and locally, within Cleveland or elsewhere.

We do it using:

  • Website structuring that protects your rankings from falling due to sudden search-algorithm changes
  • Reliable conversion elements
  • Ongoing website promotions with productive link building
  • Social recognition earned from positive social-media interactions
  • Valuable content and thought leadership that means something to your audience for better customer loyalty

To us, maintenance means much more than basic upkeep. In SEO, it’s the constant analysis and adapting to daily changes that have huge ranking impacts.

Can we tell you exactly how long it will take?

We can’t declare a fixed deadline for you because a real Cleveland SEO campaign takes time to produce. Don’t believe anyone who tells you they have SEO shortcuts. There are none. The amount of time it takes depends completely on how your website is doing right now, what you need, and your competition.

Generally, we get results for a new website in eight months or less, and established websites are typically faster.

Now, how much is it going to cost you?

Our price plans are simple. They start at $2,000 per month and can go up to $20,000 monthly for the most-aggressive, largest SEO packages. We aren’t the cheapest SEO provider, but there’s a good reason for that.

Black Fin is your Veteran Cleveland SEO company.

We promise you this:

We’ll take the time to understand your firm’s needs, build you a new SEO strategy, show you results, and always deal with you clearly and honestly.

End the SEO worry by calling us today at 888-823-0571.

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"I cannot be happier with Gerrid Smith and Black Fin, and highly recommend their services."

- Seth Gladstein, Gladstein Law Firm

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