What Is A Featured Snippet And Are They Important For My Law Firm?

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A Laconic Investigation Into What Exactly Featured Snippets Are, Why They Are Important And How To Optimize Your Law Firm’s Content To Get One

So what is a featured snippet? But before we dive in, have you got your copy of our 2019 Law Firm Marketing Trends Report yet? It was released just a few weeks ago. We research and write up this report annually and we are especially excited about this year’s.

We cover and explain how to use a total of 19 trends we see taking center stage this year in the digital marketing space.

Over the last few weeks since our 2019 Report’s release, we’ve been releasing blog posts briefly covering some of the topics within.

This week: Google’s featured snippets.

So What Exactly Is A Featured Snippet?

Have you searched for something on Google, say asked a question, and at the top of the search results see a small box containing the answer you need?

Here’s an example:

Example of a what is a featured snippet

Beautiful. Simple and oh-so effective.

This is the featured snippet (aka Position Zero or known more informally as “answer boxes”).

So what’s the deal with them? Why are they showing up?

The featured snippet is content that Google has decided best answers the query and highlights it organically for the user’s convenience.

There is the brief answer and often a small picture included.

And what kind of queries usually get a featured snippet, you may be asking?

Here some examples:

  • Financial
  • Mathematical
  • Time
  • Transitional
  • Status
  • Requirements
  • Health
  • DIY processes
  • “Best” lists
  • “Reviews” of products
  • Comparisons between 2+ items
  • Price/Cost breakdowns
  • Definitions for complex terms (an implied question)
  • How-To’s & Instructions
  • Answers to 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why)

But this must be hard, even next to possible to achieve, right? We all know it can be hard to rank for certain keywords that have been dominated for so long.

But ranking for the featured snippet is different. In a way.

When trying to land in the 1-5 spot on Google for a specific query, you are traditionally competing for those like everyone else.

But we have good news, here.

If you can organize your content properly and simply provide a better answer than the other guys, landing your content as a featured snippet is well within your reach!

Easy? Not necessarily. But like anything worth having, what is? We want to make it clear that it is very possible with the right strategy.

Are Featured Snippets Important For My Law Firm?

So, are we saying that featured snippets are actually taking clicks away from the #1 ranking results?

Yes, yes we are.

And that, my friend, is a big deal. That in itself is reason to shoot for the featured snippet!

The reasons continue. And it’s not overly complex.

To put it simply, landing your content into a featured snippet gives your law firm more exposure.

Remember, the featured snippet is pretty much the first thing that the searcher will see. It doesn’t leave much (well, really any at all) incentive to look further.

Your name is by default becoming more ubiquitous to users and CTR (click-through-rate) and web traffic in general have been proven to increase when the featured snippet is held.

How Can My Law Firm Get A Featured Snippet?

We’ve determined what featured snippets are and why they are important. And one thing is for sure, they are here to stay.

So now is the logical time to ask how does one practically go about getting a much coveted featured snippet.

And this is where we’d like to direct you to our 2019 Law Firm Marketing Trends Report.

Like we mentioned, we covered this trending topic there. Using our extensive and collective experience and insights into our industry, we discuss the basics of getting started and how to use the power of a featured snippet in your marketing strategy this year.

The report is absolutely free. And hey, remember that there are 18 other trends that we cover within the report too. It is stuffed full of good and extremely useful content.

Get your copy now and start optimizing your content for Position Zero today.

Ready To Take The Next Step In Taking Your Marketing Effort To The Next Level?

There’s a lot that goes into a good and effective marketing plan. And we know, it can be overwhelming.

If you want to get more clients and better cases using the internet, you are in the right place.

We are experts in SEO and all things legal marketing and have been for many years. If you are ready to take that next step in being found online, don’t hesitate to get ahold of us today!

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