What Are the Things Every Website Contact Page Should Feature?

By Chris Roberts


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It’s a no-brainer that a law firm’s website is often the very first impression that a firm can give to prospective clients – and the world at large – concerning its philosophy, case history and experience, and performance record. After all, so much of your time (and ours, as professional marketers) is spent simply getting clients to land on your website from somewhere out in the webverse.

But, what happens when they finally get there?

Of course, most prospective clients will check out your about us page, perhaps peruse your firm blog, and maybe even look at your case records and client reviews. But, at some point or another – if your website has done its job, at least – the viewer will likely land on your contact page.

The Functionality of the Contact Page

If your website functions as the bridge connecting your legal practice to the online world, then your contact page could be said to function as the bridge that connects your website (and digital marketing at large) back to your legal practice.

By leading prospective clients directly to the contact portals through which they can reach you – namely, your email, phone line, brick-and-mortar address, social media platforms, and more – the contact page becomes a vital player in the process of converting viewers into firm clientele. And, in essence, this is the number one objective of every marketing effort your firm puts forth.

What Should Your Contact Page Accomplish for Your Firm?

At a fundamental level, your contact page’s most important function is to give the online viewer an opportunity to contact your firm. Therefore, your contact page should present all relevant contact information in simple, readable, and relatable terms.

That’s to say: The contact page isn’t the web page where you want to experiment much.

The very best contact pages are simplistic, to-the-point, and pragmatically helpful for potential clients, all while presenting a light creative flare or giving the viewer one final motivation to submit that contact form or initial email.

5 Features of Incredibly Appealing (and Successful) Contact Pages

What are the main things your contact page should display? Obviously, the more methods of contact it offers, the higher chance that prospective clients will be prompted to pursue one contact avenue and get in touch with your firm to solicit services or, at the very least, to submit initial queries to your firm regarding their legal case.

While some aspects of the contact page are up to each firm’s personal discretion, others are much more non-negotiable. Here, we’ll discuss five features of incredibly appealing contact pages that can ensure prospective clients make the leap from mere reader to engaged client.

1. Easy-to-Handle Contact Information

Obviously, the first non-negotiable aspect of your contact page will always be the actual contact details themselves. To showcase the most effective contact page, it’s best to include at least three distinct ways for clients to reach out to you.

While some prefer picking up the phone or scheduling an in-person consultation, others may prefer first peeking at your social media pages or introducing themselves over email.

For maximum benefits, it’s always best to give potential clients an abundance of choices when it comes to contacting your firm. Some of the basic contact methods are, of course, the following:

Email Address

While the heavy lifting of any case will likely be done in-person, you’ll still want to establish a secure email account (likely a mailto: account) that can safely receive client email correspondence. Creating a more memorable email handle – for example, hello@yourlawfirm.com – is always a good choice. You can also supply the working email of your firm’s principal attorney or of a partner, if you prefer.

Phone Number

It’s important to include all digits of your firm’s main phone line prominently on your contact page, including the area code. Some firms choose to provide more than one phone number, but remember to keep it consistent throughout your website so as not to confuse potential clients.

If, for whatever reason, your firm has opted to not have a phone line available online, make sure there are several other ways to contact your firm (e.g., via email, social media, contact forms, or visiting in-person).

Social Media Buttons

It’s just as important, in our increasingly digital age, to include links to your firm’s social media platforms that can offer prospective clients a gateway to more casual modes of communication and engagement with your firm.

On our blog, we often discuss the benefits of establishing a strong social media presence for your firm across multiple social platforms, as these can help direct traffic toward your site.

By offering up social media as an option for prospective clients to further research your firm, you can provide a different look at client reviews, engagement with firm attorneys and staff, and real-life accounts of successful case histories.

2. Fillable Contact Forms

While this is a feature that your firm has more liberty to opt into or not, featuring fillable contact forms can be a great way to encourage quick and simple initial correspondence between your firm and interested viewers in a non-committal fashion.

In fact, the single greatest benefit of fillable contact forms is the ease and convenience that they provide to interested clients. Typical contact forms ask for the user’s name, email address, phone number, and the reason for contact (though, of course, some ask more in-depth questions). Altogether, a fillable contact form can be completed in almost no time at all – a feature which becomes increasingly important in the world of digital marketing.

When used alongside a well-designed contact page structure, fillable contact forms give the impression that your firm is responsive to online inquiries while also demonstrating willingness to reach out to prospective clients to do the “heavy lifting.” Contact forms essentially give the online user the opportunity to initiate contact by doing nothing more than providing basic contact details and clicking a button. Among some clients, this is an appealing form of contact.

3. Google Map of Location

An additional feature of your contact page that you should consider displaying is a map that shows viewers the geographic location of your firm’s offices.

Whether you opt to display a map that’s permanently fixed or collapsible, showcasing a visual display of your firm’s office locations is a friendly way of suggesting that clients are welcome to visit you in-person as they seek out legal services. A map depiction of your firm location can also work to reassure viewers of your presence and availability, if and when they choose to use your legal services.

Aesthetically, featuring a map of office locations also adds an element of authenticity, professionalism, and stylish web design while still promoting minimalism.

4. Minimal Design That Never Overwhelms

In the midst of all these different features, it’s easy to create a design structure that overwhelms both the contact page layout and the viewer. This is why having an overall minimal design is important for the website and, specifically, the contact page.

A clean, minimal design can help ensure that prospective clients are able to stay focused on the main objective of visiting your contact page: contacting your firm.

If there are too many visual distractions on your contact page, you could risk losing your audience in the shuffle.

5. One Final Push to Contact You

Some sites choose to give potential clients “one final push” on the contact page to contact their firm or business, and we think this can be effective and unique when done well.

Using the page’s space not only as a contact springboard but also as a vehicle to continue pushing your firm brand – through a brief history lesson of your firm, a reaffirmation of your philosophy, past client reviews, or simply a friendly invitation that welcomes your audience – can be exactly what some potential clients need to finally feel comfortable enough to reach out and engage in contact.

Ready to Excel Your Contact Page Game?

If your firm is ready to advance your contact page from basic functionality to sharper client appeal, it’s necessary to include some key elements to help set you apart while also ensuring that viewers feel comfortable and confident reaching out to your firm. Apart from your website’s home page and your firm blog, the contact page is easily one of the most important pages of your site in terms of the overall function it accomplishes.

If you’re in doubt about your current contact page, or even if you would simply like us to take a look at it and analyze the ways in which it could be improved, click on our very own contact page and reach out to us today.

At Black Fin, we have been servicing our clients for years in all areas of digital marketing – including search engine optimization, content writing, social media management, web design, pay-per-click advertising, and more. If your firm is ready to up your online marketing game, we’re the ones to call. Let’s get started today.

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