Video Marketing: Is It Worth it?

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In today’s bustling world of marketing, there are a whole lot of things being promised. A quick Google search can reveal hundreds, if not thousands, of supposed ways to market yourself and your law firm to maximize conversion rates, broaden your clientele, and increase your online presence sufficiently to increase your financial earnings. And after all, isn’t that the goal of marketing?

The only problem is that, often, there’s a trademark attached to those promises. Results that make a monetizable, and sustainable, impact on your firm can only be achieved if you reach out to this or that company, buy this or that product, or invest in this or that technology.

Here at Black Fin, we don’t promise outlandish results within too short a timeframe, nor are we going to trick our clients into investing in things that harm – or, at best, do nothing for – their businesses. We’re always up-to-date on the most successful, innovative, trending ways to promote your law firm. And, we always want to be transparent when it comes to putting those best marketing strategies into practice.

That’s why we’re happy to share the latest marketing strategy that we’re backing wholeheartedly: Video marketing for lawyers.

What Is Video Marketing? 

While this question is quite broad, video marketing for lawyers is exactly as it sounds: using video as a means to push firm branding and messaging to consumers. Though it’s more complex in practice, video marketing is simply another medium by which you can reach potential clients the same way a web page, blog post, or email campaign can.

When used in tandem with your website and social media platforms, video marketing can become the cherry on top of a truly beautiful marketing campaign. And, we aren’t just saying that because we love marketing.  

What Does Video Marketing Involve?

Video marketing for lawyers can involve as much or as little as you, the lawyer, wants. It can be a great way to quickly share firm updates and special events, or it can be used along with your existing web pages and blog posts on a regular basis. Generally speaking, here is what it takes to develop a successful video marketing campaign:

1. First, You’ll Need Some Resources and a Strategy

Just like any other aspect of your law firm’s marketing, you’ll need to designate some financial resources toward your video marketing. Creating a manageable budget for video creation and technology is the best way to determine cost in the short and long term. Video marketing for lawyers doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, either; the most important thing is that you choose a message to convey, and then convey it well.

2. Perfecting the Art of the Video

The most important aspect that you want to keep in mind as you develop your video is that, first and foremost, it needs to be engaging and useful to your audience. By engagement, we’re not necessarily talking about flashy graphics or intense video editing. We mean engaging your audience in a way that hooks them to your video and keeps them watching. Video usefulness, on the other hand, is also important for your audience to justify investing their valuable time in watching your product. If they can’t do that, it’s time for you to go back to the drawing board.

3. Next, Release Your Video into the World

After you’ve budgeted, strategized, and created your video, it’s time to publish it online. Post it to your firm’s site, your social media pages, and on YouTube. Include tags that direct your target audience to your video when they search online. And, don’t forget to promote the video!

4. Finally, Track the Metrics

One great aspect of video marketing for lawyers is its trackability – that’s to say, you have data galore available when using videos. By tracking the performance and conversion rates of your videos and heeding those results, you can continue perfecting your marketing.

Simply Put: Video Marketing Works for Lawyers

There’s a major reason why video is trending now and only going to grow in subsequent years: it simply works. Video marketing is the way of the future for law firm marketing, so we can expect to see more of it among lawyers worldwide. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Video marketing is a versatile way of reaching your audience.
  • Viewers are more likely to watch a video for longer than they engage with other mediums.
  • Some estimates suggest that having a video on your firm site’s landing page can boost conversions by upward of 80 percent.
  • Video marketing has a strong reputation for increasing a company’s return on investment (ROI).
  • Embedding videos on your website dramatically improves your Google ranking. One source claims a 53 times higher likelihood of appearing on Google when you employ video.
  • Consumers simply respond better to websites with video marketing. They generally express feeling more trust in a company or product after viewing a video, and 44 percent say they spend more time on websites with video.
  • The metrics are highly trackable, which is great news for lawyers who use video marketing.

But, Is Video Marketing Right for My Firm? FAQs

Is Video Marketing Relevant to my Clientele?

We don’t mean to be bias, but we think that any lawyer or firm can take advantage of the benefits of video marketing efficiently. Here are three reasons (though there are many more) why we think that video marketing among lawyers is completely relevant for your client base.

1. Video Marketing Is Everywhere

Video marketing is the way of the future. According to statistics by Wyzowl, about 63 percent of businesses are now using some form of video marketing, with 83 percent believing that content marketing via video gives them better ROI. In reality, that’s a whole lot of businesses out there turning to video marketing to reach their audience. If all of these businesses are finding such success, why wouldn’t it work for lawyers?

2. We Know Mobile Users Respond to Videos

With more and more smartphone users in the world today, the prevalence of video marketing will only increase as trends tell us that mobile users love watching videos. In fact, about 90 percent of users say they’ve watched videos on their mobile devices.

No matter who your audience is, if you’re seeking to be viewed as a reliable source and to give information about your legal services to onlookers (and those onlookers happen to own a smartphone), video marketing is extremely beneficial for lawyers.

3. Video Marketing Boosts Trust, Which Is Invaluable in the Legal Field

Your clients or potential clients reach out because they’re in need of legal services – something that can be very intimidating for many. Because video allows your clients to “meet” you even before they work with you, some of that anxiety is curtailed. If there’s something available out there that can instill calm and trust in your clients, why not use it?

My Firm Already Engages Our Clients through a Blog. Why Should We Use Video Marketing?

Where do we begin? While there’s much evidence to suggest that blogs are golden marketing tools (and we’re big fans of blogs, as you can see from our own), video marketing offers its own excellent benefits for lawyers. Here are just a few of the many:

Videos can reach a wide audience, quickly. Since Google loves videos, and even owns YouTube for that matter, we know that video marketing is being encouraged in the online world. The more professional, informative, and shareable the video, the more expansive your marketing reach can become.

Videos can spread faster through a higher likelihood of social sharing. If a consumer found your video particularly useful, sharing is simple and takes less than a second. Video marketing among lawyers works by encouraging potential clients to convert themselves into clientele through the power of a compelling piece of media.

Videos work amongst even the most passive consumer bases. Even though we know that blogs are great on so many levels, it’s not easy to get readers to click and keep reading. Video marketing bypasses some of this problem by delivering small morsels of information that people can ingest as they continue going about their day. So, even the most inactive consumers can be reeled into engagement (pun intended!).

Videos can boost trust and feelings of relatability with an audience. Seeing someone’s face and hearing his or her voice can seem a lot more “real” and relatable than reading words on a website. That’s not to say those words aren’t important. But, when it comes to encouraging your potential clients to trust you as a viable source of legal information, getting your face out there and speaking directly to your audience can help break down barriers.

Videos are a great way to express complex information. Sometimes, expressing something verbally is much easier than in written format. If you’re trying to explain something complex to a client, why not try using video? If a concept is clearly and simply explained in a video that lasts but a few minutes or less, your audience might find it much less daunting to grasp. For this reason, video marketing for lawyers can be incredibly useful as a learning tool for clients.

Can Video Marketing Possibly Hurt my Firm?

If you’re nervous that video marketing could possibly hurt your practice, fear not. As mentioned, statistics tell us that videos have a very positive effect on users. Here’s the bottom line: people love videos.

People love video marketing for lawyers

Of course, you want to keep in mind that the higher and more professionalized your video quality is, the higher your perceived credibility will be among your audience. But, there’s something to be said about the wild successes of platforms like Facebook or Instagram for perfecting low-quality videoing among the masses. What’s more important, after all, is the content and quality of what you do within your videos.

How Can Video Marketing Be Incorporated into My Existing Marketing Campaign?

If you’re looking to diversify your existing marketing model, video marketing can be a great (and relatively easy) way to do so. Consider whether you want to treat your video marketing with some degree of regularity – such as regular updates to a video blog (vlog) – or if you prefer to use video marketing for important firm announcements, for example. Will each of your practice area pages have explanatory videos? What about your About Us or Contact Us pages?

These are all important aspects of video marketing for lawyers to consider. The best strategy is to analyze your existing marketing scheme, find its strengths and weaknesses, and use that information to craft how and when video marketing will best work for your firm’s needs. And don’t feel like you have to bite off more than you can chew. It’s better to start slowly and work your way to an integrative marketing model over the long term.

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Is video marketing right for your law firm?

We feel that video marketing is the way of the future for lawyers – as all marketing trends are suggesting. We’re here to advise you on how to put video marketing to work for you as it already does for so many lawyers.

Do we think video marketing for lawyers is worth it? Absolutely. If you do too, or if you’re still not sure, please reach out to us. We’d love to speak with you about your ideas, take a hard look at your firm’s metrics, and assist you with your overall marketing strategy. Contact us today.

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