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Importance of optimization

  • Google My Business is one of the best marketing resources for local businesses. If well-executed, they can give you a major business boost to your marketing efforts.
  • Google My Business gives local businesses the opportunity to show their customers what their business is all about. It’s more important than ever to make sure that their business stands out among others in search results.

How to optimize GMB page?

  • Make sure that your page follows GOOGLE’S BASIC GUIDELINES
  1. BUSINESS NAME should reflect your business’ real-world name, as used consistently on website, stationery, and as known to customers. Adding unnecessary information to your name is not permitted. Format consistency is critical!
  2. ADDRESS should be precise, accurate address to describe your business location. Suite numbers should be on address line two. Format consistency is critical!
    optimize GMB
  3. PHONE NUMBER should connect to the individual business location directly. Should be specific to a business location.
  4. WEBSITE should represent your individual business location. One URL per location.
  5. Business hours should be set as the regular customer-facing hours of operation.
    Boost your local SEO by choosing the most accurate categories for your business as possible. By doing so, you are clearly communicating to customers (and Google) what kinds of services your business provides. Instead of picking a broad, loosely focused category that describes your business, go for the narrow, specific category. The more specific, the better. This will greatly enhance user experience.

Example Categories (Don’t just select “law firm” unless you have many practice areas:

  • Personal Injury Attorney
  • Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Criminal Justice Attorney
  • Family Law Attorney
  • Estate Planning Attorney

For Businesses with MULTIPLE LOCATIONS

  • There should only be one listing per business location.
  • Each location must have a unique phone number.
  • Locations need to be staffed during business hours. There is a possibility of random Google verification. Staff should provide Google with data that matches with their GMB page.
  • All business listings must have the same name and the same category if they provide the same service. Avoid adding the city on the business name.
    optimize GMB
  • Manage and add high quality photos

Business owners need to upload photos to clearly indicate their brand to consumers. Not only will customers use those photos as a reference when trying to locate a business for the first time, but it also provides Google with more definitive proof that they are in fact a legitimate business. The Manage Photos section of Google My Business includes Identity Photos, Interior Photos, Exterior Photos, Photos at work, Team photos and Additional photos

optimize GMB

    The most important section. Business owner should upload a Profile Photo, a Logo Photo, and a Cover Photo. Once you have all 3 different photos uploaded, you can then select your preferred photo that will show up in similar search results above by doing clicking the 3 vertical dots next to the words.

optimize GMB

The selected photo will be shown in search results and on maps.

optimize GMB

    For owners that would like their customers to understand what it’s like inside their business, make sure to put quality interior photos.
    For owners that would like their customers to know what their place of business looks like from the outside, this would be the place to put recognizable photos so they can find it.
    Let your audience know what you do. Photos capturing the work atmosphere of your business is a good idea.
    The need to be able to put a face to a name is equally important for anybody in the business. This section would help you put pictures of your employees and team members and letting your audience know who they are!

optimize GMB

    Feel free to add any other photos that you think would communicate well with your customers. Photos can help increase your SEO rankings and online authority.

optimize GMB

Additional info:

  • If possible, owners should try refreshing images or uploading higher res versions.
  • At least 5 photos should be uploaded to each business page
  • Photos should show well in the limited 64 x 64 pixel display that Google provides on the front page.
  • Geotagging images can also be done
    • Name the image with long string of custom keywords.
    • Latitude and Longitude should be added. You can use Windows Photo Gallery to Geo-tag and rename images
  • Work on your reviews
  1. There should be at least 5 reviews per business page.

The more reviews you have and the more positive they are, the more people will feel comfortable doing business with you.

  1. Respond to both negative and positive reviews.

It shows that the owner remains abreast of his/her reviews and listing, and also forms the basis of keeping the profile fresh and updated. Replying to reviews can help you establish trust to your customers.

Additional Resources:

Getting Geeky: Advanced Tip

  • Double check Mapmaker – Check map marker location on Mapmaker. If you have a listing already, zoom way in and note where the marker is. Now copy your address without suite into Classic maps and see if it’s correct.


  • You can use Windows Photo Gallery tool to Geotag your images.
  • Name the image with long string of custom keywords.
  • Latitude and Longitude should be added.

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