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If you aren’t marketing your law firm website with the Millennial generation in mind, you are advertising without thinking of the legal needs of almost 90 million Americans. Not only are Millennials getting older (currently, they are between 18 and 38) but they are also becoming more stable: they have cars, homes, families, and jobs. This means they also have a growing need for legal help, from family law to estate planning to bankruptcy help to personal injury to business needs. In addition to that, younger Millennials who are still at home or in school are increasingly likely to help their parents and grandparents find legal representation online when there’s a need.

But who exactly are Millennials, how are they different, and what do they want? Most importantly, how can your law office successfully market to them? In this blog post, we will take a closer look.

Who Are Millennials? What Are They Like?

Millennials are the largest living generation, and many are the children of the Baby Boomer generation. Born roughly between the years 1980 and 2000, they grew up at the same time that technology boomed around us, from the first PC being released in 1981 to the development of the internet in the mid-90s, to the current social media boom.

Generally, what are Millennials like?

  • They are extremely plugged into the world.
  • They expect things to happen quickly and easily.
  • They are deeply socially conscious.
  • They enjoy collaboration and communication.
  • They love unique experiences and living life.
  • They don’t go anywhere without their smartphones.
  • They spend their money carefully and are frugal.
  • They expect businesses to have a social conscious.
  • They expect businesses to be personable.
  • They love one-on-one connections.
  • They don’t respond to traditional advertising.
  • They text, but they don’t often check their email.
  • They love being in the moment and being authentic.

While these are stereotypes and generalizations, many Millennials share these tendencies and values because of the era when they grew up and their shared experiences.

Why You Should Market To Millennials

We hear a lot of attorneys say that they don’t want to waste their time on marketing to Millennials. The reasons? They are too young, they don’t have much money, and they are too difficult to work with. We think this is a very negative stance to take–and one that doesn’t see the many bright sides of connecting with the younger generation.

Why should you put dollars toward attracting Millennial clients?

    • There are simply a lot of them: almost one out of three people in the United States is a Millennial, and many other attorneys are just ignoring them!
    • They are going through major life changes: Millennials are making big purchases, starting businesses, getting married, having families, and navigating the world. That also means they are running into legal issues that require professional assistance.
    • They are loyal customers: Millennials, in many ways, treat the business they frequent like people. In that sense, once they find a business they like, they will follow them on social media, recommend them to friends, and return loyally each time they need something new.
    • They help their relatives online. Millennials are so plugged in that other relatives, especially their parents and grandparents, turn to them for help online. This includes finding an attorney if one is needed.

10 Millennial Marketing Tips For Law Firms

Because of their younger age, the vast majority of attorneys are not Millennials. So, how can you better understand them and how can you take steps to market to them correctly? Here are ten tips to get you started.

  1. Be mobile friendly. Most Millennials don’t have a desktop computer, and a growing number don’t own a laptop, either. But a huge majority of them have mobile phones and take them everywhere. While older generations use their phones throughout the day for tasks, Millennials are more likely to make actual purchasing decisions using their phones. What does this mean for you? You should absolutely make certain that you have a responsive, mobile-friendly website and that potential clients can easily navigate your homepage and call you in a small number of clicks.
  2. Be present on social media. Millennials spend much of their social time virtually, on websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat. Go to where they are, and make sure you are using social media in a way that appeals to them. Instead of buying ads on social media, focus your time and attention on posting high-value, original content and interacting with others (liking posts, making comments, etc.).
  3. Create original content that matters. Millennials don’t want to see taglines and traditional advertising. Instead, they want to see short videos, read original stories, and really connect with the businesses they interact with on a personal level. Many Millennials know how to block ads on their phones or else mentally block out advertising–offer them content that really matters to them, like instructional videos or FAQs.
  4. Be aware many traditional advertising tactics won’t work. Older potential clients may still read hard copies of magazines and newspapers–or at least they read their mail and email. But Millennials simply will never see advertising that you purchase for these publications, direct mail pieces, or email campaigns. Most Millennials even automatically scroll past Google Ads in search engine results, knowing that they are paid spots. Take some of your money invested in old advertising strategies and use it to make original content, hire social media help, and organize live local events.
  5. Invest in thought leadership and educational advertising. Millennials love to learn and educate themselves. They also love to associate businesses with the personalities who run them. With this knowledge in mind, creating legal resources online is a great way to connect, such as a YouTube channel that answers common legal questions. Also, consider writing articles for online publications that establish yourself as an authority in your practice area.
  6. Be socially conscious. Millennials care, plain and simple. They care about the earth, they care about their community, and they care about helping people. It is absolutely worth it to invest marketing dollars into running community events, sponsoring fundraisers, or other good causes. Associating your brand with local causes will get you noticed by MIllennials all over your town or city. Try to be socially conscious in all aspects of your business; for example, consider using reusable or recyclable office products, talk about community programs on your social media feeds, and regularly donate to one or two local non-profits of your choice.
  7. Involve your clients. Millennials are collaborative and they love to be involved in everything they do. This includes both when you advertise and when they are your clients. Consider in-person marketing events or marketing campaigns that ask for help from readers. Also, consider marketing the fact that you partner with your clients instead of simply taking complete control of your cases. The more hands-on you can be, the better.
  8. Promote one-on-one communication. Millennials deeply appreciate one-on-one open communication, and they show it through their love of messaging apps as well as through their love of real-life shared experiences. Offer chat options on your website and be open to communicating over text during cases in order to speak to their preference for direct connection. Also realize that they like to connect with people, not things. Be sure your face (and the faces of your team) are prominent on your website and that your personal story is clear in your website bio.
  9. Make connection easy. Millennials did not grow up in a world where letters took days to get across the country or where you had to wait to see a movie when a hardcopy was finally shipped to the local Blockbuster. For better or worse, they want things to happen quickly and easily. For this reason, make sure that they can access your phone number in just a few clicks, and that it is extremely simple to request a free consultation online (hint: don’t make people fill out more than three fields).
  10. Be authentic. More than the generations that came before, Millennials are good at sniffing out worn-out advertising tricks and hollow calls to action. What they are really looking for is an authentic, honest, and personal voice. They grew up watching 30-second personal injury attorney ads on television, and they want no part of that. Instead, they are looking to connect, collaborate, and learn.

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