How to Start Taking Advantage of YouTube for Your Firm’s Marketing

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If you’re familiar with our blog, then you already know that we spend a lot of time discussing all the various ways in which you can use digital platforms to your marketing advantage. We talk a lot about the usual suspects: Websites and web design, blogging and general content creation, social media, and other special advertising techniques.

Of course, your firm is probably already employing these marketing vehicles in your plan, especially if we’re working alongside you.

But, an oft-overlooked marketing medium is video marketing.

Yep – you read that right. Video marketing for lawyers. Video marketing on your website, blog, and social media pages can be a fantastic way to both convey information and engage with audiences in ways that traditional print copy can’t achieve.

Here, we’ll not only discuss the benefits of video marketing within your overall firm marketing plan, but we’ll also focus specifically on how to start taking advantage of one increasingly important social platform: YouTube.

What Exactly Is YouTube?

If you aren’t familiar with YouTube, it’s a video-sharing site that allows anyone around the globe to both watch and upload content for viewing and sharing. Via the platform, it’s possible to like, comment, and share videos, which creates a communal atmosphere, much like other popular social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter).

YouTube’s Popularity

The web capacity of YouTube is extensive, and even more impressive is its audience. It’s estimated that, every minute, about 500 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube, which can be viewed by its nearly 30 million visitors each day.

Not only is YouTube’s business growth expanding each year, but so is its audience, average hours of viewing for users (i.e., “watch sessions”), revenue growth, and the number of countries worldwide with localized platform versions.

Even so, it’s purported that less than 10 percent of American small businesses are using YouTube within their branding and marketing plans. While numerically that’s a large number of small businesses around the country, there’s no denying that YouTube is a platform that is not being taken advantage of fully by this business demographic.

The Power of YouTube for Your Law Firm

Clearly, YouTube is a powerhouse platform that will only continue to grow into the future. With that being said, the more your law firm begins to take advantage of YouTube’s sheer audience width, the more your firm can tap into:

  • Wider online traffic;
  • Versatile, evergreen content creation;
  • More subscribers, which can help strengthen your email marketing campaigns;
  • Robust marketing optics that can help promote your firm on Google searches; and
  • Much more.

How to Start Taking Advantage of YouTube in Your Law Firm’s Marketing Plan

Post Content Regularly

One of the most important steps toward beginning to use YouTube to your marketing advantage effectively is by posting content consistently. Because your number one aim is to establish a solid audience with regular viewing that leads to online promotion – and ultimately more click conversions to your site – it’s important to create a content calendar for your firm and stick to it.

In accordance with this calendar, your firm should create and upload content on your channel that engages and informs viewers about your firm’s services, latest legal updates, case victories, and more.

Spend Time on Your Page

The more thought you pour into your YouTube profile, the more informative and successful your page can be for both your viewers and your firm’s marketing ROI.

Because YouTube audiences are spending more time on the platform, they are developing higher gauges for good and bad channels. Furthermore, with the proliferation of so much content online and on YouTube, don’t give your viewers any more reason to click off your video and return to the results page simply because of poor or boring content quality.

Spend time completely filling out your profile, leaving nothing out.

Spend time crafting your video material as well as in the video editing process.

Spend time creating and uploading your content in a fashion that makes logical sense for viewers with limited legal knowledge.

Since so much of gaining traction on YouTube is all about the details, be sure that you’ve properly covered all of yours.

Look into Collaborations

As your YouTube page grows in viewing popularity, you may consider hosting collaborative videos that extend beyond just your firm’s regular video spokespeople. Maybe you can collaborate internally by hosting videos with other firm attorneys and staff support, which can offer a look at the legal process from a different angle. Perhaps you can collaborate with law enforcement officials, other professional experts whom your firm uses often in cases and, of course, past clients.

These types of collaborations make your content more engaging and more informative for potential clients, who are looking to use your legal service, but who may know nothing about the legal process (and, therefore, may be very intimidated by it).

How to Take Your YouTube Content to the Next Level

Since we’ve already touched on how to start taking advantage of YouTube in your firm’s general marketing plan, let’s talk about how to up the ante and take your YouTube game to the next level.

Obviously, you’ll first want to establish an online presence using the points we mentioned above. But, what else can you do to really pack a punch on your YouTube channel?

Remember That Titles Are Important

Titles are always important online, since they should not only describe the content they’re assigned to, but they should also properly use keywords (which are highly significant during the search process on sites like Google and YouTube). The more boring, run-of-the-mill, and description-lacking your YouTube content titles are, the less they’ll be viewed and shared.

So, when it comes to titles, take the time to really invest in accurate and descriptive options that encapsulate what viewers should expect to see when they search for, as well as view, legal questions.

…So Are Descriptions

Similarly to titles, the descriptions that your firm assigns to video content are also important, not only for viewers but for search engines as well.

With descriptions, less is more, so it’s important to keep them short and to-the-point. But, they should also include the top content keywords that you’re promoting in the video as well as links to your website or corresponding blog articles.

Including this in your description is highly beneficial, since it offers viewers an easy opportunity to follow up with more information about your practice and consultations via your firm website. This follow up may, in turn, lead to client conversion, which is the whole point of your marketing efforts.

Pay Special Attention to Categories and Tags

YouTube is unique from other sites – even from other social media platforms – in that it offers preset categories with which to label your video uploads. By assigning your video one of YouTube’s 15 categories, it helps organize the impossibly large amount of content available on the site to make it more deliverable for viewer searches.

On the other hand, YouTube also provides the option to assign tags to your content, beyond just a category. While you can create tags to assign to your videos, we also strongly recommend that you use some or all of the tags suggested by YouTube (provided that they’re accurate and relevant), since the site suggests tags based on the most popular searches by users.

Be Engaging

Not only should your videos be engaging – that is, command the attention of viewers with lively delivery and quality information – but your firm should also take advantage of the comments section of your content and engage with viewers’ feedback and questions.

Just as with your firm’s social media profiles, it’s important to capitalize on the interest that viewers are showing your pages and engage with these comments. This engagement shows your firm’s commitment to follow up, however small and unimportant the question or comment may seem.

Always Include Calls to Action in the Video

Your firm’s contact information should be included in your description. Your follow-up responses to viewer questions and comments will provide added engagement. But, one of the most important things you can do is include a call to action (CTA) for your viewers within your video content.

Perhaps you invite your audience to visit your website or blog for more information. Maybe you suggest that clients call or submit a contact form to your offices directly. Even simply suggesting viewers subscribe to your channel for video updates can be enough of a CTA to encourage conversion.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re interested in learning more about how to take advantage of YouTube – or any other digital platform – within your law firm’s overall marketing plan, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

At Black Fin, we’ve been working alongside our clients for years in an effort to deliver the very best digital marketing results, whether it be in comprehensive web design, expert content, consistent social media management, PPC ads, and much more. Our philosophy, experience and client results speak for themselves. If you’re ready to put your online marketing in the hands of trusted professionals, we’re ready to work with you. Reach out to us today.

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