Four Ways to Get More Clients through Your Website

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What is the most effective, efficient way of getting more clients?

The process of acquiring new clientele is an age-old part of running any business. Sometimes, client development is a straightforward process that combines name recognition, a strong existing reputation, and a lively market base. Other times, it can be much more daunting.

As we become more digitized and globalized, gaining new clientele can come with even more obstacles. For generations, many communities had a limited number of options which could suffice their legal representation needs. Now, with near infinite information available online at our fingertips, the challenge of emerging above all other law firms and legal sources becomes even more competitive.

With more time and money involved in each possible marketing choice, law firms must now ask themselves the following: What is the most effective, efficient way of getting more clients?

Our Answer: A Website

Far and away the most effective way to gain new clients for most law firms is by having a website. Nowadays, more and more businesses and law firms are turning to websites to reach new demographics and provide information to potential clients who turn to the Internet to seek out services.

In fact, having a website is so important in the 21st century that not having a thorough, accessible, and informative website can actually turn away potential business. For this reason, it’s imperative to consider creating, or improving, your law firm’s website as soon as you can.

4 Ways to Get More Clients through Your Law Firm’s Website

Once you have a website, it can do great things for your client development. Here are four ways you can use your website to gain more clientele:

1. Style Your Web Design toward Your Intended Client Base

Your website should serve as a “landing page” for the outside world to find you and your legal services. Because this may be the first point of contact that a potential client has with your firm, it’s vital to make a stellar first impression.

As such, be sure to format your website in a way that is visually appealing, is easy to read and understand, and flows logically. Avoid outlandish colors or complex brands that clutter your web space and add confusion. Make the very best first impression by hosting a professional website that, in turn, showcases your own firm’s professionalism.

2. Include a Website Blog

We’ve preached about the advantages of having a blog on your law firm’s website before, and we’ll continue to do so until they don’t hold true anymore. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website and, consequently, increase the potential for acquiring new firm clients is by creating and posting to a legal blog. Not only can blog posts show off your firm’s achievements and answer client questions, but they can also be shared on your firm’s social media pages.
Blogs, especially those that contain evergreen content, are also great for boosting your firm’s search engine optimization (SEO) when potential clients turn to search engines for information. If you don’t yet have a firm blog on your website, we highly encourage you to start one.

3. Engage, Engage, Engage

Every inch of your firm’s website should be engaging, informative, and useful for viewers. Make sure that your website contains a “call to action” page that allows potential clients to contact you easily. Use photos of your office, attorneys, and staff to give a more personal touch to your practice. Invite clients to engage with you and pose questions or reviews on your legal blog. Be sure to have social media pages (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) and make these platforms easy to find on your website.

4. Keep Contact Information Up-to-Date

While it may seem like a no-brainer, it’s surprising how many businesses and law firms put the time and energy into creating a great website, then neglect to keep the website updated.

At the very least, always keep your contact information up to date. Even if you feel that you’re not gaining new clients online, your website shouldn’t be abandoned. Always provide the most accurate telephone numbers, email addresses, and brick-and-mortar address (if you have one) for clients to contact you.

Furthermore, every blog post, web page, and press release should contain some mention of how to contact you to learn more information. This information should also be checked for accuracy. By missing these crucial steps, your website ceases to be an effective way to develop new client business.

If Your Firm Already Has a Website…

Great! You’re probably already on track toward solidifying more clientele as we speak. But simply having a website skeleton isn’t going to cut it. It’s important to maximize your website’s potential as much as you can.

If you already have a website, ensure that it’s doing your firm justice. Here’s how:

10 Improvements You Can Make to Your Website Immediately

Change Up the Language

Consider using language that’s more inclusive and directed toward your website viewers. Because potential clients are seeking out legal services, they will want to know why they should contact you, what sets you apart from the rest, and how you can help them solve their problems. At the end of the day, potential clients find comfort in being addressed directly and feeling as if your firm is speaking to them. Include less “we,” “I,” and “the client,” and make use of more “you.”

Ditch the Jargon

Sure, some legal jargon is unavoidable as it’s simply the nature of law. But, if your website reads more like a law review article and less like a user-friendly piece of information that can be understood by the majority, then it may be time to rethink your website’s text. Too much jargon can be confusing, intimidating, and perhaps even downright off-putting toward some clients. Save the jargon for the office consultation.

Use Client Testimonials

What better way to advertise your services than by using real testimonials from previous clients? This may seem simple, but there’s no denying that they have a real impact on potential clients’ perceived levels of trust. If you have satisfied clients, showcase them.

Draw Attention to Your Firm’s Blog

First thing’s first – if you don’t have a firm blog, create one! Second, be sure to include clear subpages, indicators, or internal linking throughout your website that point clients toward your latest blog posts. Not only can it bring traffic to your website, but it can keep it there and may even lead to more click conversions.

Include Internal Linking

Whether you’re linking back to your blog, your Contact Page, your About Us page, your Home Page, or any other page, develop a habit of including internal links within your website. Not only is this better for SEO purposes, but it can help clients navigate your website more easily.

Review and Update Information

As we’ve mentioned, one of the quickest ways of undermining your website’s ability to attract more firm clientele is by having no, or only outdated, contact information. In the online world, this is an unforgivable faux pas, so be sure to update your contact information regularly.

Furthermore, as your firm undergoes staffing changes, shifts in practice areas, or anything else that affects your firm’s overall mission, be sure to reflect those changes online.

Show Off Your Attorneys

You have knowledge, experience, and professionalism – so why not show it off? One of the best ways of boosting your website with minimal effort is by including short biographies about your attorneys, along with photos or videos, that can help to introduce your firm to potential clients. Not only will clients feel more related to, it may even be enough to get them to contact you.

Give Clear Firm Objectives

Along with showing off your firm’s legal talent, be clear about your firm’s practice areas, achievements, and overall legal objectives. Your viewers should always be able to walk away from your website knowing your firm’s core mission, at the very least.

Make the Contact Process Easy

Ensuring that potential clients can contact you with ease should be a top priority of your website. If your Contact Page is hidden, user-unfriendly, or otherwise discourages clients from easily submitting a form or sending an email, then you should develop clear and quick ways for clients to reach out.

Take Advantage of URL Power

Sure, your domain already has a URL, but consider making the URLs to your firm’s website subpages catchy and memorable. While it may not have as much impact as other changes that you can make to your website, it’s a subtle way of optimizing your web pages for better search rankings.

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