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What is it?

This is one of the most powerful, fast working, SEO tactics you can use in 2017. It’s also highly controversial. Unlike most other tactics referenced in our training program, this would be in a “grey” category in terms of overall acceptance by most SEO experts. Reason being, a number of years ago Google specifically targeted expired domains (also referred to as PBNs) in one of their algorithm updates. The difference between what we’re doing and what others were doing is simple. With our training program, you are building a diverse set of links for your website. You are not dependent on any single tactic. The webmasters and SEOs affected had the following traits in common:

  1. They were dependent on this tactic. They didn’t diversify their links with many different kinds of tactics, like you will with our program.
  2. The sites they obtained links from had links going to many other sites, often they were completely unrelated. For example a law website linking to a diet website, an insurance website, a porn website…etc

If you acquire one or two expired domains (which is what I’m suggesting), I don’t see how you will be negatively affected as this isn’t a footprint big enough for Google to track.

I’m suggesting this tactic because it’s powerful and the risks are relatively small if you are smart and follow my instructions. That being said, I feel it’s important to let you know there is some risk with this tactic.

What makes this important?

It’s important because you’re acquiring links directly on pages that already have high trust and authority in Google. If you create a directory listing on YellowPages.com, the page where your link is placed will have no authority for about 6-8 months. When you acquire an expired domain name, the page already has a lot of authority. When you place your link on the page, you are passing a significant amount of link juice directly to your website.

Who is this tactic best for?

If you have an older site with strong rankings, this tactic won’t likely help you very much. However, if you have a newer website (less than a year old) or poor rankings, it’s likely that this tactic (when mixed with all the others discussed in our training program) will be the difference between first page and second page of Google. Or bottom of first page and and top 5 in Google.

This tactic is a game changer as it relates to building authority.

How to acquire domains

Acquire 1-2 expired domains (Tip I don’t recommend buying more than two expired domains from the same source for any one site. In other words, if you’re only buying two domains, buy one from Source A (e.g. SEMjar) and another from Source B (e.g. SERP Champion).

Here are the services we recommend (we have to recommend a few services as some run out of expired domains):

  • http://www.lightningrank.com/private-blog-network-building-service/ (If you buy his 5-site service, don’t link more than one site to your main site. Link one site to your main site and link the other sites to Facebook or Yelp listings.)
  • http://www.semjar.com/
  • https://www.pbnfox.com/
  • https://www.serpchampion.com/ (Setup and Premium Domain for $160)

Tips for Ordering:

  • When you link to your site from an expired domain, link to a sub page on your website like a practice area page or blog post that is somewhat to the expired domain.
  • Don’t use keyword rich anchor text/link text (e.g. Cleveland injury lawyer) and don’t allow the domain provider to place the link for you. Use link text that seems natural for the page. Here are some examples:
    • Check out this page on car accident stats
    • Resource for dog bite victims
    • Information on construction accidents
    • Common causes of medical malpractice
      • You would make one of those a link back to your web page or blog post.
  • During the checkout process, the provider will ask for information about your business so he can acquire a related domain name. Don’t just say “law/lawyer.” It’s very hard to find high quality law domains. Instead, give him many related topics to your firm. If you’re a personal injury lawyer, you could provide him with: law, lawyer, dogs (for dog bite), medical/health (for medical malpractice), home/construction (for construction accidents)…etc

Getting Geeky: Advanced Tip

If you can afford to buy more than two domains, I would suggest the following:
Buy two to three domains and link to your Facebook page using keyword rich anchor text (i.e. one of your main keywords).

If you can still afford more domains, buy two to three domains and link to your Yelp page using keyword rich anchor text (i.e. one of your main keywords).
Never link to your site more than once on a single domain. One link is all that’s needed.

Additional Notes:

  • If you decide not to use this tactic for your main website, at the very least buy it to promote your Facebook and Yelp pages.

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"I cannot be happier with Gerrid Smith and Black Fin, and highly recommend their services."

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