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Black Fin 2018 Law Firm Marketing Trends Report

By: blackfin | December 11, 2017

With 2018 sure to be another interesting year – both in terms of the legal marketing world and the world at large – we’re thrilled to present our annual law firm marketing trends report. Each year we prepare this report as a touchstone for the state of the industry and where we see it headed….

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Does Your Law Firm Need a Client Portal? What’s the Best One?

By: blackfin | August 8, 2018

How to Find the Right Client Portal (and Why You Want One in the First Place) It took a while, but email ultimately revolutionized the way attorneys practice law, especially when it comes to communication — with one another, with opposing counsel, and with their clients. But despite its dominance as the default way of…

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The Biggest PPC Mistake You’re Making And How To Fix It

By: blackfin | July 25, 2018

The Biggest PPC Mistake You’re Making And How To Fix It There’s no getting around it: unless you’re an industry veteran, understanding digital marketing strategy can be a pretty overwhelming process. Is digital marketing one of the most powerful marketing tools at your law firm’s disposal? Of course, there’s no question. But the tricky part…

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Things Law Firms Should Be Blogging About (But Aren’t)

By: blackfin | July 12, 2018

12 Ways for Law Firm Marketing Managers to Take Topics to the Next Level Spinning your wheels in the muddy embankment of blogging? You aren’t alone. If there’s one reason that law firm blogs don’t get updated often, it’s time (especially when lawyers try to write blog articles on their own). But if there’s a…

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Black Fin Interviews: Dr. Nick Oberheiden

By: blackfin | June 14, 2018

Black Fin’s Marketing Director, Jon Gimpel, sits down with Dr. Oberheiden to discuss how he’s found success with internet marketing, what he still has questions about, and whether new attorneys can find success using the internet to drive leads in 2018. While we like writing about best practices, industry trends, and case studies, one of…

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virtual receptionists for law firms

How to Use Virtual Receptionists to Convert More Leads

By: blackfin | June 6, 2018

This post was written by Maddy Martin from our partner, who provide a fantastic virtual receptionist solution for law firms.  Running a law firm is not like running just any business. When you’re operating a dry cleaning business or grocery store, customers have minimal criteria, a low barrier to entry and persistent lifetime value….

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how to leave your law firm

How to Leave Your Law Firm (and Take Your Clients with You)

By: blackfin | May 30, 2018

“Life is made up of meetings and partings. That is the way of things.” It’s sage advice… never mind that it comes from Kermit the Frog. Loyal as you may be to your law firm, nothing lasts forever. Perhaps you find yourself on the cusp of change and ready to open a new chapter in…

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How to prepare for the GDPR

Law Practice Management: Is Your Law Firm Ready for the GDPR?

By: blackfin | May 23, 2018

Although law firms in the United States have always had an ethical obligation to maintain the confidentiality of their clients’ information (and have increasingly been subject to state-specific data privacy laws in recent years), the legal requirements for managing a law firm have traditionally been somewhat limited. For law firms that have clients in the…

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The Ultimate Guide to Writing Guest Posts as an Attorney

By: blackfin | May 18, 2018

As an accomplished attorney, you’ve acquired more than just a successful business and an impressive degree. You also have real expertise in an area that most people are curious about, and that lends you some publishing credibility. Accordingly, you might consider getting into the attorney guest post game — not as a hobby or an…

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Can You Reuse Old Blog Articles on Your Law Firm’s Website?

By: blackfin | May 14, 2018

“There is nothing new under the sun.” It’s an ancient pearl of wisdom, dating back to the book of Ecclesiastes and repeated by millions in the generations since. But if you’re a marketing manager at a law firm, you might wonder whether the maxim ever made its way to the guys at Google. The search…

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Why You Need a Payment Portal on Your Website

By: blackfin | May 11, 2018

This post was written by our partners over at LawPay, who provide a fantastic online payment solution for law firms. Check out their service at There was a time once when some lawyers considered it tacky, or even taboo, to accept a credit card as payment. To these individuals, credit cards were used for…

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Law Firm Marketing: What’s Worth Spending Money on in 2018?

By: blackfin | April 26, 2018

There’s a question we hear from partners, managing partners, and marketing managers at law firms all the time: what’s worth spending money on? The menu of marketing expenditures available to partners at small-to-midsize firms is extensive. But what’s a good investment? Below, we consider the most popular options and offer a frank assessment of their…

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The Clio Question: Is the #1 Legal Management Software Right for Your Firm?

By: blackfin | April 23, 2018

For most lawyers, choosing a new case management software is a catch-22. On the one hand, picking the right program should (in theory) make your life easier. On the other, the process of picking isn’t easy at all… rather, it’s tedious, boring, frustrating, and a huge time sucker. Earlier this year, we presented our Top…

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How Law Firms Can Do Content Marketing & Get Results

By: blackfin | April 11, 2018

Our headline presents two different inquiries: How can law firms do content marketing? and How can they get results with content marketing? We’re going to answer those questions in two separate sections below. But first, let’s define what we mean by “content marketing” and “results.” Content marketing is the art of creating and publishing original…

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Why Are Your Law Firm’s Google Reviews Disappearing?

By: blackfin | April 2, 2018

Getting your clients to sit down and write a review isn’t easy, so when one of those glorious, glowing, 5-star Google reviews rolls in, you want to hold onto it. Google reviews disappear from time to time, however, leaving business owners and marketing managers scratching their heads (or screaming out loud). Seeing an especially positive…

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Overwhelmed paralegals

5 Reasons Law Firms Shouldn’t Leave Social Media to Paralegals

By: blackfin | March 26, 2018

There’s a word for people who manage social media for a living… and it isn’t “paralegal.” Nevertheless, a lot of law firms have tried to fully vest the responsibilities of social media in their paralegal team. The temptation makes sense. After all, most paralegals are veritable wizards. They perform so many functions — from the legal…

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