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Algorithm updates implemented recently by Google mean that your website’s usability and technical SEO optimization are more important than ever. In recent years, popular search engines have implemented numerous highly technical changes to the way websites are crawled and ranked. Great SEO is now a lot more complex than targeting keywords and achieving results.

Our SEO auditing services

In order to be found in the results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s search engines, your website needs to be built upon an SEO-friendly foundation. Your site cannot afford to have any barriers preventing search engines to crawl and index your site. In order to maximize your website’s perceived value (to Google and the others) and improve your search rankings, you will have to have specific measures in place to demonstrate to search engines that your site displays high-quality content.

What does this mean for my site?

Our comprehensive SEO audit will highlight issues on your website that make it more difficult for search engines to crawl and index your site. By working with you directly to resolve these critical issues, your website will be aligned perfectly with what search engines are looking for. Once these problems are fixed, you will be many times more likely to successfully execute organic search campaigns and receive an upward trend in traffic and user engagement.

Our team of SEO professionals

Our team has worked on numerous complex websites and we pride ourselves on our ability to take a project of any size from origin to destination. We’ll optimize your website from the ground up, forming an entirely new, Google-compliant foundation to build upon. Then, we’ll implement today’s top SEO strategies to deliver the game-changing results you’re looking for.

What can I expect?

An SEO audit begins at the technical roots of your website and expands outward. We’ll deliver our recommendations as a clear and concise, data-supported roadmap that will take your website to the next level. Upon completion of the roadmap, we’ll assist your development team in implementing the necessary changes. If you don’t have developers on-staff, we can provide this service for you as well.

What’s included?

  • Crawl analysis, data, and errors
  • Domain age and authority
  • Mobile optimization (responsive design)
  • Duplicate content and technical duplication
  • Page attributes
  • Content serving, structured data, and rich snippets
  • Internal link structure
  • Error pages
  • Image and render optimization
  • Sitemaps: HTML and XML
  • URL structures
  • Page load speed
  • Index status
  • External elements
  • Social media integration

Content SEO audit and content optimization

High-quality content will get you far. Our content audit will ensure that your marketing strategy and content are working together cohesively and that your content is structured and optimized for the web.

The combination of correctly-targeted content and proper use of structured data is central to how well your site will perform. During the content audit, we’ll make sure that the finished SEO roadmap will direct how your site’s content is structured and marked. We’ll review the length of your content and check that the type, positioning, and tone of voice is relevant to your user base or target market. We will also review your site for missed opportunities to place new assets or media. Lastly, we’ll ensure that the various kinds of content on your site are optimized efficiently for faster page load speed.

Our content audit provides your website with a direct set of actions that are custom made for your site and designed to allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level a well as to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Content optimization is crucial to ranking organically in search engines. It’s about maximizing your visibility on the web and requires much more than ranking for specific keywords. By including other related words and phrases within your content, it will return as a search result for people who may need your content but use a different search than the keywords you’re targeting.

Link Acquisition

Improving your site’s authority and trust flow through link building.

We’ll analyze your website’s backlink profile and identify critical issues and areas for improvement. There are multiple types of backlinks and not all of them are created equal. Some can actually damage your search rankings! The correct backlinks can greatly improve your rankings, while bad ones can cause your position in the search results to tank.

We’ll use a variety of performance metrics to check the status of any backlinks you’ve gained purposely and make sure your site is following the current best practices. Then, we’ll remove any bad links that may have been the result of a malicious attack or a poor backlink campaign. After that, we’ll design a plan for your website to continue to receive strategic backlinks. This is an essential Akron SEO strategy to achieving the best rankings in Google.

Understanding your competitor’s backlinks

By analyzing your competitor’s backlinks, we’ll be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. A lot of the time, an audit of a competitor’s backlinks will reveal several quick opportunities for your site. First, we’ll find your competitor’s backlink profile and analyze it. We can identify the strengths and weaknesses of their profile and strategies. Using this data, we’ll replicate strategies that were uncovered as well as analyze their profile for more complex strategies that could result in longer-term benefits.

After careful analysis of you and your competitor’s backlinks, we’ll create a link earning and outreach strategy plan for your website.

Site Migration

Having a website migration plan in place will greatly reduce the risk of losing traffic or visibility. If you’re considering doing a complete website overhaul, changing your domain name, switching to a new e-commerce platform, or doing any major work on your website, you need to know about the risks being taken and how to avoid them.

There are several negative things that can happen upon completion of a site migration:

  • Loss of authority, traffic, and user engagement
  • Reduction in keyword rankings and search visibility
  • Technical issues
  • Penalties
  • Breaching webmaster guidelines

We can create a plan for your website migration project that will minimize these risks and ensure that your migration is completed using best practices. Any of these problems can be difficult to recover from and there’s no point in risking it all if you don’t have to.

Technical Optimization

There are many on-site factors that could harm your search rankings and traffic. Our technical optimization process removes barriers on your website that make it difficult for search engines and users to find the content they’re looking for. In addition, technical optimization allows for further optimization of your site for search engines specifically.

Many popular solutions exist that can make your site look great and provide a sleek user experience. A large number of these solutions may harm your website’s SEO, however. Search engines don’t view your site in the same way that humans do. While high-quality content is important for your website’s users and can be SEO-optimized, it’s equally important to make sure that your site is technically optimized. Technical optimization takes search engines’ ever-changing and complex algorithms into consideration. This process allows us to see where your website is falling flat and failing to allow search engines to favor your site.

There are many key elements of technical optimization for SEO. We cover all of them in our process. Here’s what you can expect us to analyze, report on, and fix:

  • Crawl data analysis
  • Crawl optimization
  • Internal links
  • Technical server configuration
  • Use of dynamic content
  • Accessibility for a wide range of devices
  • Structured data
  • Page speed and render optimization

SEO Gap Analysis

Once the entire SEO roadmap is drawn up and laid out, we can conduct a gap analysis to identify opportunities that aren’t within the scope of your current marketing strategy. This valuable service will highlight future opportunities for your site to capitalize on high-potential search demand. The results of this analysis will be exclusive to areas you are not currently targeting, but would likely benefit from doing so.

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