Don't Sabotage Your Success by Trying to do Everything Yourself

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Take yourself back in time and imagine when you first had the idea to start your business. At that point in time, you had a long-term vision of what you wanted to create. You may not have been sure how you would reach the point where your vision became reality, but you had an overall idea of what you wanted to do.

Is it Time for a Change?

It is the space of time from the first point a business goal is identified to when the goal has been accomplished that a business owner must change and grow to become a leader and not just a worker within the company. Just as the business can only grow through thoughtful, well-planned execution, so must its leader evolve into someone who can comfortably direct those who work for the enterprise to do what is necessary to make it run smoothly. The business owner can only expect the company to flourish if he or she can gradually but relentlessly release day-to-day responsibilities to the employees so that the owner can stay focused on the long term strategic goals he or she first set out to achieve. In other words, the only obstacle to your success in 2015 will be your own inability to delegate.

Master the Fine Art of Delegation

After all, if you are focused on leading the business, you can’t also be working on the day-to-day minutia that should be left to the employees. To be a leader, you must master to art of delegating responsibilities to your employees. To be sure, this is a skill that must be learned and developed over time. Someone who loves their business often finds it exceedingly difficult not to dive into solving the little problems that might arise. When your business grows, you hire employees to help cover all of the tasks that need to be done to deliver your product or service to the client. Increasingly, as employees begin to prove themselves to be competent, you find that you can entrust them with greater responsibilities and larger projects. At some point in time, your role as the leader of the business will eventually develop away from worker responsibilities to leader responsibilities; you will delegate more and more so that you can remain mindful of your long-term business goals.

How Do You Delegate?

It takes time to learn how to delegate. During this process, two factors come into play that are critical. First, you need to hire employees you can trust to competently perform their job duties. Secondly, you should develop excellent work processes and put them in place. Communication is key to making sure employees are up to speed and that the work processes in place are sufficient. As a leader, your task is to guide your employees to understand their work responsibilities and their top priorities.

Work with Your Employees

Employees want you to help them understand how they should do their job. This is part of the process of delegating work tasks to them. Identify their tasks and responsibilities, describe what a job well done would look like and emphasize the limits of their authority (budgets, resources). Tell them when and how often they should touch base with you. Should they file a report once a week? Should that be done informally or in writing? Lastly, they need to know how they are doing. Give them feedback so they can improve their performance. No matter what size the company, communication to employees is key.

Are Your Employees the Best for Your Company?

You cannot delegate work to employees you don’t trust. Sometimes achieving long term business goals might be hindered by employees who are not performing well even when they are moved around to find a good job match for the person. Additional training can be helpful to improve job performance. Unfortunately, business leaders must learn when it is time to replace such an employee for the good of the business.

Work ON Your Business, Not IN Your Business

To recap, the only thing that can sabotage you in 2015 is your own inability to delegate responsibilities. The company you lead will run smoothly when you have the right work processes, employees, and programs established. Once you are able to build a team you can trust, that performs the work you delegate to them, you will then be able to return to your vision of the company’s long term health and growth. Remember, as a leader it is your duty to delegate. By doing so, you are working on your business, not in it. The best business leaders can do this while keeping their eyes on the future. As billionaire investor and company creator Peter Thiel stated recently in an interview regarding business vision, “[what] people like Zuckerberg, or Musk or Jeff Bezos at Amazon have in common is they are relentless. They don’t stop.”

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