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Google’s persistent focus on quality, usability, and accessibility emphasizes the importance of technology in the SEO. A successful website, one that wishes to attract organic traffic and mitigate algorithmic penalties and devaluation, is the one which is built on solid foundations. Furthermore, such site is free of barriers and has the necessary qualities to showcase its value and integrity to most important search engines, such as Google or Yahoo.

What Does This Mean for You?

SEO for family lawyers can be a complicated process, and Black Fin audits will explore and identify the problems and act according to the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. The audits will ensure that search engines correctly recognize your website and that your website is better at generating traffic, better keyword ranking, and the overall user engagement.

Our Team of Divorce & Family Law SEO Experts

Technical SEOs worked with the world largest brands and on some of the world’s most complicated websites. The team has an immense amount of knowledge and expertise, allowing them to optimize website framework and structure from start to finish. Because of their expertise and work ethic, the team delivers excellent results according to various analysis and recommendations.

What’s Included?

The audits will jump to the bottom of the problem to evaluate the severity of the technical issues. After the evaluation, the team will present recommendations in an easy to understand format, backed up by data. After the specific actions have been determined, the team will work alongside your development team and implement the fixes efficiently and rapidly. If you don’t have a developer team, the Black Fin will offer its developers to assist the work.

List of Services

Here is the list of included services Black Fin team provides:

Crawl analysis, Mobile optimization, Content indexation, Duplicate content, Page attributes and Content Serving, HTML sitemaps, Error pages, External elements, Frame Usage, Page Speed. These are just some of the services.

Content Checking

Quality content is essential. Black Fin team will make sure that the structure and the content of your site are top quality and align with your marketing strategy.

Naturally, your content is the deciding factor when it comes to generating organic traffic. Your content and the use of fitting on page technical components (like structured data) will help determine your website visibility.

The team will focus on structuring the content, making sure that the length, size, positioning and the tone of voice suite your best interests. Furthermore, proper marketing of your pages will be adjusted accordingly during the research and development stages of the work.

Our team will pay close attention while performing a content audit since it is one of the crucial elements of proper SEO. The team will help you communicate your ideas more accurately and firmly, allowing you to separate yourself from your competition.

Content Optimization

If you want to harvest more organic traffic and make sure that your site pops up in search-related inquiries, you need to make sure that your content is optimized properly.

Content optimization will help you implement your content on the web pages for the sake of maximizing your website visibility once search related inquiry is conducted.

The focus is put on the wordiness, that is, on the words and language people use while searching things online; content optimization just make sure these people find what they are looking.

How will Black Fin optimize the content?

Moreover, the team will experiment and research the use of different keywords and phrases to improve your search performance and ultimately drive more traffic and progress to your site.

Black Fin can also optimize content according to different kind of search results. For instance, Google search results show that reviews, opening times and business information are increasing. Black Fin can implement a well-structured plan and microdata to get the necessary information into the search results, boosting your click-through numbers.

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks can help you understand your weakness and strengths. If done correctly, your backlink profile can help you rank higher in the organic SERPs. On the other hand, if you backlink is weak, manipulated or corrupted by malicious software will perform poorly or even earn you engine penalties. For this reason, a thorough backlink analysis will be conducted by our team:

  1. find and remove unnecessary and toxic links
  2. make sure that your backlink profile is organized according to the best possible up to date guidelines, assuring that it avoids algorithmic and manual penalties
  3. develop an approach to implementing the right kind of links, ones that fit your SEO campaign.

Metrics used for backlink analysis

Relevant metrics will be used during the evaluation of your backlink profile:

Performance trends: assessment of your SEO visibility keywords (and their performance), and assessment of your organic traffic in response to significant algorithmic updates (like Google Penguin). For instance, if your organic traffic declined after the Google Penguin update, it could indicate a penalty. Consequently, the team will inquire and research the possible correlation.

Manual actions: dealing with “manual action” notifications, backchecking backlinks that manually interfere with your website

Linking metrics

These are some of the linking metrics evaluating methods:

  • Deep link ratio
  • Referring domains
  • Link types
  • Anchor Texts
  • Follow vs. NoFollow
  • Link velocity

In essence, a thorough backlink analysis is needed for successful organic search campaign and content marketing strategy.

Competitor backlink evaluation

Measuring and evaluation your competition can help you. Evaluation your competitor’s backlink earning strategy might help you. Moreover, a team might discover an unexplored area, one that you could utilize and exploit. competitor

Backlink audit will go through these steps:

  1. a team will download competition’s backlink profiles
  2. analyze the backlinks (manual analysis)
  3. compare with your profile (benchmark)
  4. recognize advantages and disadvantages
  5. utilize quick-win opportunities (via link replication)
  6. plan and strategize according to your long-term goals
  7. develop your link earning, outreach and marketing strategy while taking the research data into account

Site Migration

A well thought out migration plan is necessary if you want to change key components of your website without sacrificing the traffic or search visibility.

Site migration is more common today than it was a few years ago due to the changes in the digital environment. Whether you are changing your service offering, a product catalog or domain name, you have to think about the migration plan to minimize the traffic loss and organic visibility.Understand the opportunity vs. risks, as seen in the lists below:

  • Opportunities: uplifting (nature of change), improvements in searchability, gains in SEO visibility, cross-sell opportunities, consolidation of traffic, etc.
  • Risks: potential technical problems, loss of traffic, reduced organic visibility, violation of webmaster guidelines (can result in penalties) etc.

Technical Optimization

Techincal optimization resolves on-site issues that might cause you damage, specifically your website organic visibility. Well designed technical platform ensures that your audience and other search engines access your website and its content without issues.

Technical optimization is the work behind the scenes, one your audience doesn’t see (but bots do). Your website has to pass the search engine bot evaluations, but reach your audience at the same time.

Your website is evaluated by sophisticated search engine algorithms, and the algorithms take a lot of factors into account when determining which keywords should rank higher than others.

Black Fin Technical Search Optimization

Technical optimization includes various factors, such as server configuration, optimizing crawl and implementing a crawl error solutions, improving usability, deleting duplicated content, etc.

The process usually goes like this:

1. Examination of crawl data

Our team will firstly examine the results accumulated from crawling your site. Data is then analyzed (with the usage of tools and other extracted data) to see how search engines perceive your websites. Search engines often spot errors you didn’t notice.

2. Technical server configuration

The team will evaluate your server configuration and your website host environment. Furthermore, the team will check backlink profiles of your sub-domains to prevent the duplication of your website. The team will also take server’s geographical proximity to your targeted audience into account during server evaluation.

3. Crawl Optimization

Managing crawl of your site is vital, especially if your website has many pages. Proper crawl optimization will ensure that the search engines can efficiently crawl your website without draining the crawl budget is crucial.

4. Internal Linking

A proper linking structure will help the search engines efficiently and rapidly crawl your website. It may also help with website hierarchy (important when determining the flow of link authority through the site).

5. Dynamic and Interactive Content

Dynamic and interactive content may be appealing to the eye, but it can cause problems for search engines. For this very reason, our team will find the balance, make sure that the content doesn’t lose quality, but also ensure that your site obeys the correct order for indexing and that it uses latest web norms.

6. Multi-device serving

Your audience uses various devices to reach and see your website, and meeting your audience’s wishes should be your priority. Our team will make sure that your website is achieved via any device.

Structured Data

Encapsulating your website’s details and components with structured data give away the signals of a decent and well-tended site, which can result in better listings in search results.

Speed and Rendering Optimization

The size of your site is essential, and optimizing the rendering of the website ensures that the content is explicit and fluid, allowing users to review it without technical issues.

If your site is slowed by technical issues, the Black Fin tech inquiry will help detect and, hopefully, fix the problem.

Gap Analysis

Alas, you arrive at the point when our team will present yours with the opportunities you can utilize, opportunities that are outside of your web offering or central marketing strategy.

Gap analysis is being conducted through the whole process, highlighting demands and needs you can take advantage of by expanding your marketing strategy or by incorporating the potential into your web offering.

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