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What We Do

Less than a decade ago, ranking websites was as simple as repeating a keyword over and over again. Those days are a thing of the past. 

Technical SEO Audits 

Technical SEO refers to pretty much anything that affects your rankings outside of content and link building. Largely, it has to do with how well your site functions, particularly how fast it is. With our technical SEO audits, we look at it all thoroughly to ensure that your site it performing to its maximum.  

On-Page Optimization

Every specific page counts when it comes to SEO. If a page isn’t ranking well, it could be something as simple as keyword placement and/or density. Or, it could be something more complicated. Either way, our experienced on-page team will make sure that every page is set up to rank its best.  

Site Structure Improvements

Google isn’t the only one that likes a user-friendly website. First and foremost, real people do, which is why user experience is a key for ranking in 2018. We take care to make this a priority for our clients.  

Penalty Analysis

Google can be temperamental in certain places, penalizing you if your site is out of line. It might be related to something a marketer did on your site five years ago or something you’re completely unaware of. Nevertheless, these penalties hurt your rankings and, ultimately, your business. We know what to look out for here, and we'll make your site a penalty free zone.  

Link Building

Link building is one of the most integral parts of SEO. For your site to rank well, you want other people and businesses linking to important pages, improving your own site’s reputation online. We employ a number of safe link building tactics, which ultimately improves your rankings by showing search engines that you’re credible and authoritative in your field.  

Citation Management

Another SEO tactic closely related to link building is citation management. You should have as many relevant citations across the web pointing to your firm’s site as possible, but there is a catch – if there are any inconsistencies among your listings, it can confuse Google as to your actual location.  

Maps Optimization

In the past couple of years, Google has made a number of changes to their search engine results pages (SERPs) which have significant ramifications for SEO. One of which is their placement of Maps listings (the “snack pack”) directly beneath paid ads. It’s nearly as important to rank well here as it to rank well in the organic results below. However, it does require different tactics and strategies than regular organic SEO work.  

Content Marketing

You want to establish yourself as the go-to lawyer in your area, which means you need to establish authority. This is achieved by creating content that helps and answers questions for your leads. A blog is a great example of how to utilize this strategy, and our Content department is well-equipped to create something truly unique, authoritative, and engaging for you and your firm.  


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

We have had the privilege of working with some incredible individuals and law firms over the past ten years. Here’s what a few of them have had to say about working with us.

“We have been using Black Fin more than a year for both SEO and web design. We appreciate their responsiveness to our requests and questions. They have been a pleasure to work with.”

Douglas N. Kiger | Blado Kiger Bolan, P.C.

“I have been in the internet advertising game for over 15 years. During that time, I have hired and fired at least 6 SEO/SEM companies. Luckily, my search is over. Black Fin is by far the BEST company I have used. Every single person I have dealt with from Day 1 has been super-knowledgeable, as well as professional, courteous and friendly. I cannot say enough about this company, other than that I am happy I need look no further.”  

Jeffrey H. Penneys, Esquire | Law Offices of Jeffrey H. Penneys, P.C.

“I cannot express how much Gerrid Smith and Black Fin have impressed me, and improved my website’s ranking… Gerrid also responds to questions very quickly. What is even more impressive is that Gerrid checks my analytics every day, not just at month’s end. Additionally, Gerrid and Black Fin provide other suggestions to improve my firm’s business, not just the website. I cannot be happier with Gerrid Smith and Black Fin, and highly recommend their services.”

Seth Gladstein | Gladstein Law Firm

All About Results

We've been serving Canalawyers for the past ten years. At first, our focus was solely SEO. The internet brought with it an amazing new way for local service providers, in particular law firms, to find and capture quality leads that were looking for their services online. Since then, the internet space has become more diverse and nuanced, encouraging us to help our clients fill a variety of other needs.  

Although we have a lot of love for SEO, one of our principles is that we – like you – must be strategy- and tactic-agnostic. In other words, it doesn't matter what strategy or tactic you use, it matters what gets results. That might be one thing today, and another tomorrow. That's why we remain committed to providing flexible, innovative, and quality services that focus primarily on getting a high ROI for our clients (just ask them, we're pretty sure we get on their nerves trying to crunch the numbers). It's also what got us named in 2017's Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest growing independent companies in America.  


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With ten years in the law firm SEO space, Gerrid is as well equipped as anyone in the industry to help law firms know what they need to accomplish to succeed. 

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