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Why is Black Fin so good at SEO, when so many other companies fail at it?

That's simple. SEO is really hard. There are 200+ factors that Google looks at when they rank your website, but they haven't publicly laid out those factors, or the weight given to each factor. To top it all off, Google makes a change to their algorithm almost every day. Black Fin has stayed in business when many other companies have quit because we're passionate about the industry and innovating where others have not. The turmoil of Google doesn’t scare us. Instead, it forces us to get better and stay one step ahead of the competition and the industry.

Does Black Fin guarantee results?

No, because of point #1. We don't know what Google will do tomorrow.

Why should I host my site with Black Fin, and what does "website maintenance" mean?

We have set up our server to ONLY host Wordpress websites. Because of this, there are certain things we can do to our server to make Wordpress sites run faster and more secure.

Maintenance is offered with hosting and allows for one hour of general website changes (adding content, updating images and other minor tweaks) per month.

What's the difference between a website that is "mobile friendly" and one that's "responsive"?

All responsive websites are mobile friendly, but not all mobile friendly sites are responsive. A responsive website is a solution to how a site will display on mobile devices. Responsive websites dynamically readjust the site layout to fit and work well on any device. The changes happen through code, there is only one website, and one set of content.

Mobile sites are an example of a mobile friendly site that is not responsive, as they use two distinct sets of content that have to be maintained separately. Google recommends responsive sites, and so do we.

How does being active on Social Media help my law firm?

It helps in a few ways. First, being active on social media looks good to Google. At the end of the day, Google wants to promote "brands", and "brands" are active on social media.

Second, can you imagine what a prospective client would think if they visited your Facebook page and it hadn't been updated since 2012? Would you be considered relevant?

Lastly, it gives your potential clients another place to find out about you, build their trust in you, and learn about the legal matters they are facing.

Why does Black Fin recommend that I add content to my website every week?

This is important for SEO, to show Google that you're attempting to be a thought leader in your industry.

Building an "authority" site is the goal; leaving your site a static, unchanging "online brochure" about you and your firm will not reap the high-ranking reward you are looking for. The search engines will always promote larger, more authoritative sites better than small ones. You can also address many of the questions your potential clients are typing into Google with content that answers those questions. Content is King, and always has been.

What's the best application / strategy for a PPC campaign?

PPC is great in a few scenarios:

When you need to generate leads/cases quickly.
When you need to generate a higher volume of cases than what is possible or realistic with only SEO.
When you want to capture national or very generic search traffic (tax info, bankruptcy info, divorce info...etc)

The best PPC strategy is to remain very specific and very focused in your campaign. Carefully crafted ad text and landing pages that are as specific as possible to the keyword that was searched are the keys to an effective and efficient campaign.

What is "retargeting"?

Retargeting (or Remarketing as Google calls it) is a form of online display advertising that targets past visitors to your site. It can be a very effective tool to capture a potential lead that left your website because they got distracted, weren't ready to commit or did not convert for some other reason.

Remarketing campaigns center around a cookie that gets placed on the visitor's computer when a certain condition is met (i.e. they browsed the site for a certain length of time, or visited a specific page). Then, as they browse the web over the next few weeks, they will see display ads for your firm on other websites they visit, reminding them of the interaction they had on your site.

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