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One thing that we want to get straight right up front: PPC advertising is a MASSIVE industry.

Google makes upwards of $68 billion per year on paid advertising alone.

Facebook’s advertising revenue is on an astonishing upward pace, as they now make around $13 per year / per user from advertising. (Which is a lot, considering they have over 1.3 billion users!)

Pinterest, even, is expecting to make $15 billion a year from ad buys alone by 2018.

And that’s just the revenue.

With that increase in growth comes an increase in sophistication and depth to the market. The paid search platforms, display options, and traffic targeting continue to become increasingly granular and sophisticated.

Which is why, these days, it really isn’t enough just to know how to run PPC ads on this or that platform.

Sure, a necessary part of running paid traffic campaigns is platform-specific knowledge that will make the process efficient and tight. It’s 100 percent necessary to know Adwords. It’s required to be dynamite at implementing Facebook ads.

However, if you don’t understand the bigger picture, then you’re a long ways off from running a truly effective and cost-efficient PPC campaign.

The Bigger Picture, you say?

Yep, the bigger picture.

The bigger picture is simply this: Understanding how the numerous, sophisticated PPC programs available to your law firm can work together — yet separately — to effectively target traffic that is likely to convert.

Here’s a very general example to show you what we mean:

Say you’re a business attorney trying to reach out to prospective clientele through social channels. Now, we know that LinkedIn is a very popular platform with the professional, business-minded crowd, making it a platform to start with right off the bat. On the other hand, LinkedIn wouldn’t make sense for most divorce attorneys, because it wouldn’t be an efficient means of targeting a specific audience – after all, business professionals aren’t the only ones getting divorced! Instead, there are many other platforms (such as Facebook) that could target your audience more efficiently and at lower cost.

The point being — Different PPC platforms perform different functions by appealing to disparate audiences (with quite a bit of overlap in some cases, of course) in different ways. And so, for you to effectively leverage PPC ad space, you’re required to understand not only how to actually implement and run ads, but also how to design an effective campaign in the first place, targeting potential clients where they actually spend their time online.

What PPC for Lawyers Looks Like

Being that Black Fin is so focused on law firm marketing, we’ve already done most of that work for you. We already know who to target and how. Whether you’re an attorney practicing in Personal Injury, Family Law, Business Law or other area, we’ve probably run a campaign nearly identical to what you need.

Here’s a rundown of some of the platforms that we use for law firms and why.

Google Adwords

Just to let you know before we get in too deep – a lot of the PPC ads that work for law firms are provided by Google.


Mostly, it comes down to the nature of how, why and when the majority of people retain the services of a law firm — which is when they need them. Not a minute before, not a minute after. So, what’s important for targeting these individuals is to understand where they are going to look when they need you. More often than not, that’s Google.

Hence, one of the most effective tools is also one of the most classic: CPC (cost per click) ads at the top of Google’s search results page. If it ain’t broken…

Google Call Only

At the same time, Google has created many more options for their PPC ads, designed to meet more individualized needs. One of those being their Call Only ads.

The greatest benefit of Call Only ads is that they work immensely well for mobile, which is becoming an increasingly popular medium for searches. Last year, in fact, Google confirmed that more searches now take place on mobile than on desktop, a huge increase over previous data.

With Call Only ads, you are able to provide mobile users with an immediate, actionable step to get in touch with your firm.

Google Targeted Display

Like Adwords, the Google Display Network allows you to access a tremendous amount of data and targeting (and retargeting) options. You can have ads displayed based on keywords, topics, or manually. You can even target users based on sites that they’ve visited in the past. The possibilities really are endless.

But of course, with that comes a need to really understand how to manage the platform properly, and how to use it in conjunction with other platforms to promote a campaign. Because, as we mentioned above, prospective clients for law firms don’t need them until they need them (we have yet to hear about someone making a splurge purchase on an attorney), it’s important that the right targeting options are chosen to reach the right audience at the right time.

Facebook Ads

One of the most important factors for law firm PPC marketing is defining your audience. For many of the firms that we work with, that means targeting very specific locales. If you’re an attorney in Albany, NY, you aren’t going to want to pay for PPC ad space for all of New York. Not only would it be very expensive, but it almost certainly wouldn’t yield results.

This is why Facebook ads work so well for many attorneys. Facebook has an enormous amount of data available about their users (just like Google), which gives their advertising platform the versatility needed to target very specific locales and regions, along with a lot of other factors. In addition, Facebook advertising tends to be cheaper than other platforms, and can work well in conjunction with a strong social media presence.

And — you got it — More!

On top of Google’s and Facebook’s incredibly useful platforms, our PPC team at Black Fin utilizes a number of other effective platforms, most notably including YouTube video ads and Bing ads.

YouTube video ads are a great option for attorneys looking to develop a marketing presence in what many claim to be the second largest search engine online. While we don’t produce YouTube videos (yet!), our team can ensure that, as with Google, you optimize your content and listings to help bolster your videos’ rankings.

And Bing ads — while discounted by many as not being worth the time — can be helpful in some situations. As with all other platforms, Bing users are generally of a different variety than Google users, which means that you have some targeting decisions to make. At the same time, if you’re looking to market yourself heavily across many platforms, it may make sense to pursue Bing ad space. It’s hard to discount the fact that, according to a report from last year, Bing has reached 20 percent or more of search volume, and up to one-third if you factor in their deal with Yahoo.

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