Black Fin can amplify the impact of your law firm’s videos by using our Internet marketing and SEO expertise to improve your video’s ranking on YouTube (2nd most popular search engine) and Google (#1 most popular) to generate more views and more business.

Online video has become one of the most powerful marketing tools online. YouTube— the second most popular search engine on the web—attracts over 800 million unique visitors every month and 1 billion views per day. One survey showed that more than three-quarters of the world watches online videos at least once a week, and more than half watches them every single day.

Internet video clips are even starting to outshine television commercials: TV ads usually have a run life of a few weeks or months, but online videos stay online at no extra cost until you decide to take them down.

We can promise you that online video will help your firm outshine text-only competitors.

Only a small segment of the legal sector has clued in to how online video can magnify the effectiveness of their Internet presence. This power is twofold:

  • Video greatly increases traffic to your site.

Research shows that webpages including video are fifty-three times more likely to achieve a listing on Google page 1 than text-only pages.

  • Video has a remarkable capacity to convert clicks into new clients.

Viewers who click on a video link are taking a tiny, nearly passive leap of faith and giving your firm a chance. Passive commitments very often turn into active ones: that first step, no matter how small, primes your viewers’ psychologically to accept your message. Online retailers, for instance, have documented increases in their conversion rate of up to 400% among site visitors who viewed videos.

For law firms, since the biggest component of winning new business is establishing credibility with potential clients, the “psychological prime” of online video presents an opportunity for you to show viewers what you can do for them.

What Black Fin’s law firm video marketing can do for you

Our video marketing can greatly improve your Internet presence:

  • It increases your firm’s search engine exposure.
  • It positions your attorneys as trusted experts for viewers.
  • It starts building trust with viewers even before potential clients ever meet your lawyers.
  • It allows you to discuss legal issues in greater detail and with a much greater range of expressiveness than text only.
  • It allows you to reach potential clients who may be put off by reading long chunks of text, or who comprehend spoken English better than written English—for instance, many speakers of English as a second language. Videos can also easily be subtitled, allowing you to optimize your videos for viewing in large multilingual markets (including most of the largest cities in the United States).
  • Adds visual interest to your firm’s website.

Why should you trust Black Fin with your video SEO instead of one of the many other firms out there?

The SEO methodology we use to promote your firm’s online videos is exactly the same as the one we use to improve law firms’ website rankings—and in this pursuit we are industry superstars. We have 7 years of experience working only on law firm SEO, and we know exactly what your firm needs to increase traffic:

  • A guaranteed, long-term boost to your site’s search-engine ranking, traffic, and conversion rate; and,
  • A commitment to us based not on contracts, but on your happiness with the results you see from our service.

Yes, just to remind you, there are NO CONTRACTS for Black Fin’s video promotion services.

Or any of our other Internet marketing services, for that matter.
You can combine video marketing with any of Black Fin’s web design, SEO, or content writing services as needed, and retain them on a rolling month-to-month basis for only as long as you are getting the results you want.

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We at Black Fin are now offering video marketing because we firmly believe it will put you miles ahead of your competitor firms who haven’t yet grasped the enormous potential of online video. We want to be your partner, because your success is our success.

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