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An overview of content and its role in aggressive law firm internet marketing

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Black Fin's content writing advantage

Content for your law firm's website touches and affects every part of your internet presence, from your rankings in search engines to how well you convert site visitors into clients. There are also the ethical issues in play, and it's of the utmost importance that those writing your content understand what they can and cannot say on your website. That's why you need to work with seasoned experts (a word we would never use on your site) who both understand the law and how to market to your leads.

With Black Fin’s Content Services You Get More Than a Writer – You Get a Team of Content Experts

Beth Allen
Content Coordinator
Daniel Navarro
Maps Specialist / SEO Citation Coordinator / Content Assistant

More than with most industries, law firm marketing content is its own space, filled with unique nuances and challenges. Which is why you need a unique set of legal writers, editors, and strategists.

Really, it starts with the importance of the right writers. Law firm content writers that can get your state’s laws correct are hard enough to find. Writers who can do so while managing to infuse your firm’s personality, speak directly to your internet leads’ pain points, and help to convert those leads into actual clients – those are few and far between.

That’s why we’ve brought together a team of writers who are, quite simply, the best in the business. Combine our writing prowess with our strategic insight and planning, our editorial process, our close integration with our SEO team, and our true passion for quality, and there’s simply no question.

“Visitors to your firm’s site come looking for two things: information about their particular legal situation and the solutions you provide.”

Not SEO keywords or search strings stacked up by the dozen.

In the eyes of your potential clients, credibility is everything. But credibility can be tricky to establish and fragile to maintain, particularly in the legal industry.

To give you an example:

A visitor to your personal injury firm’s website may have been injured in an auto accident while driving a car model that has since been recalled. She comes to your site seeking information about whether her situation offers the possibility of compensation. Imagine this visitor coming upon an incoherent, keyword-stuffed blog post clearly written for consumption by Google web crawlers rather than human readers. By clicking on your site, she has not made any commitment. A simple backspace takes her back to the next law firm listing in her search results. Here’s the point. Increasing traffic to your website is pointless unless the site’s content is actively compelling your potential clients into calling your firm.

No matter how high a search engine ranks your website, those clicks will never become leads if your content fails to focus on your target audience and speak directly to their immediate needs.

How Black Fin can help with law firm blog and web page content

We at Black Fin specialize not only in internet marketing, but in law firm Internet marketing. We understand this industry, and we know that converting clicks into new business depends almost entirely on establishing trust with your site visitors.

So we keep an unswerving focus on people, not Google’s web bots. We keep the focus of our original legal content, for both web pages and blog posts, on anticipating the information needs of your site visitors, and then supplying them with that information in a way that builds your firm’s credibility. We use every opportunity possible to show readers how your attorneys can offer them the knowledge and experience that they need for their unique situation.

With this in mind, our content writing team is made up only of talented writers trained in conversion optimization and SEO – not SEO hacks who string words together with no regard for elegance or informational content. Our writers will create web pages or blog posts related to your areas of practice, organically building in keywords to attract visitors who need that information.

Whether you have no content yet or are looking to refresh or expand upon existing content, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re not certain about your existing content and want to know our thoughts, just ask by clicking on the banner below!

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What our clients have to say

A lot of agencies like to claim that nothing matters more to them than client satisfaction. While we think doing objectively good work is more important, it’s definitely true that happy clients always bring a smile to our faces. Here are what a few of them have had to say about our work…

Seth Gladstein

Seth Gladstein, Attorney | Gladstein Law Firm, PLLC

“Black Fin’s Content Team is top notch. The writing on my site’s individual pages is original and informative. What impresses me most about Black Fin’s Content Team, however, is the engaging, informative, and topical blog posts they create for my site. The blog posts don’t simply rehash stories, which may somehow relate to my practice, that have recently been in the news. Instead, the Content Team writes posts that actually help our potential clients, such as ones concerning how insurance policy limits affect injured people’s recoveries, and what to do when researching an elder care facility for a loved one. Simply stated, the Black Fin Content Team produces great work, and I highly recommend them.”

Jiah Kim

Jiah Kim, Attorney | Jiah Kim Law

“Black Fin has been my favorite marketing company to work with. The quality of work is extremely high and the staff is always helpful and professional. Having worked with other companies, I have been used to being less than satisfied. Black Fin was so different. It always takes extra steps to meet my needs to create great work. I am its very happy client. I give my highest recommendations for this company.”

Mark S. Rubinstein

Mark S. Rubinstein, Attorney | Rubinstein Law Offices

“I am extraordinarily satisfied with Black Fin’s content services. The writing is always engaging, and their quality and attention to detail is on-point. It’s also legally accurate, informative, interesting, and – most importantly – useful to my site’s visitors. Keep up the great work!”

Jack Mkhitarian

Jack Mkhitarian, Attorney | New Mexico Criminal Law Offices

“I’ve worked with several internet Marketing Companies and Blackfin has been on point more than any other. They are proactive in their approach to getting you the best results and constantly look for new ways to improve your ranking and increase traffic. They have a stellar team that will communicate with you on a regular basis on the needs of your firm and ways to improve. I’m very satisfied and happy to recommend them to anybody……except for people in my own market because I want them all to myself.”

What you can expect from Black Fin’s law firm copywriting services

  1. One-hundred percent original content
  2. In SEO terms, it does your firm almost no good whatsoever to publish chunks of text copy-pasted from other webpages, and we hate plagiarism as much as you do. We guarantee original, value-added content with all sources attributed, every time.
  3. Artful but effective keyword use. No keyword stuffing. Ever.
  4. Our SEO strategists will help determine the target keyword density and publication frequency needed to boost your site’s search engine ranking. Our talented writers will structure your content to embed your search strings naturally in frequent blog posts that will interest your site visitors and keep them coming back for updates.
  5. Readable and accessible content for your target market
  6. Our writers aim to produce content that is always accessible for a general readership, and/or for readers of English as a second language.
  7. A carefully measured tone
  8. Our writers understand that legal content must always be cautious and restrained in tone. They provide information and analysis without editorializing or sensationalizing. They will emphasize your firm’s experience and reputation and then let that speak for itself, without up-selling or making compromising promissory statements.
  9. A comprehensive, turnkey content management solution for your site
  10. All you have to do is hire us, specify your desired target markets, and then watch the new content start to appear after it’s been approved by you. Black Fin’s Content Manager will oversee the content publication process from start to finish, freeing you up to give your current clients top-notch service while we attract new ones for you.
  11. Speedy attention to all editorial requests
  12. You, of course, have the final word on all of your site’s content. We guarantee that all requested edits and revisions will be made quickly and before publishing to your site.

Good questions (FAQs)

It’s not that you shouldn’t. We have some clients who write much – or all – of their content, and we have no problem at all (in theory) with firms that want to handle it themselves. But there are a couple of common problems that we run into when attorneys try to tackle writing their own content.

  1. It’s a lot of work
  2. If you need ten pages of content for your site, and it takes you a couple of hours to write each page, we’re talking about half a week’s work to finish your content, which just isn’t realistic for most attorneys out there. If you’re getting new content in conjunction with a new site, in particular, getting held up on the content side of things can hold up your website project.
  3. Great lawyers are great at practicing law — not necessarily writing website content
  4. Sure, we’ve worked with some attorneys who can write really good content and know how to speak non-legalese, but it can be hard to know how to talk to prospective clients through your site content and keeping it down to earth. There’s nothing more painful than trying to read highly technical content when you just need a clear answer/explanation of a problem and solution.

So again, it’s not that you can’t or even shouldn’t write your content. It’s just that, in our experience, 90% of the time a client says they plan to write their own content, they end up asking us to handle it at some point… after getting caught behind on projects, wasting their time, and needing a larger trash can to contain their wads of discarded drafts.

Like most things with website content, quality has to do with both SEO and conversions. It needs to be high quality on the SEO side of things (meaning original, lengthy, and authoritative) to help you rank for your keywords. But it also needs to be high quality on the conversion side of things, meaning it speaks to site visitors and builds trust. If your content is sloppy, poorly formatted, and littered with typos, users aren’t going to view you as professional and are likely to choose another law firm – that is, if you even manage to rank with low quality, “thin” content in the first place (not likely).

Most — though not quite all — of our writers have their JDs. We have a few former paralegals among us, as well. Regardless of their legal experience, they all have loads of experience writing website legal content for law firms. Each of our writers has a unique set of talents and skills, and part of the job of our management team is pairing clients up with a writer who has the best experience with the practice area(s) you’re focusing on. Chances are, if you’re happy, you’ll only ever work with that writer, ensuring consistency in tone and structure across your site.

While we prefer not to provide prices on this page (it’s a competitive market, what can we say), we’d be happy to discuss cost with you on a free consultation call. We can tell you that our prices are competitive and our typical pages run you less than a billable hour of your time.

Content works on two fronts when it comes to helping you land more clients. One is the help to your SEO efforts, allowing you to occupy a more prominent position in search engines. But it’s not just about the SEO, it’s just as much about converting those leads once they land on a page. Even if you have loads of content that helps you rank in search engines, if it doesn’t speak to leads once they actually land on your site, your content hasn’t done its full job. Content, like every other part of your internet marketing, requires a savvy, broadminded approach.

Law firm blog content works by keeping your site fresh and updated and by providing visitors to your site with authoritative information. It also helps you rank for long-term key phrases (which are becoming more important as voice search becomes more prominent), shows that you’re interested in helping clients before they contact you (which is at the heart of content marketing), and gives you lots of stuff to share on social media.

There are plenty of people out there who say that law firm blog post content is pointless anymore, but that’s usually because they take a limited view of what good content can do. Will it get you ranking tomorrow? No. Will it convert new leads like magic? Doubtful. But the amount and diversity of benefits provided by consistent blog post content is still a no-brainer in our point of view.

There’s no hard and fast rule here, but we think that having a few posts a week is a good rule of thumb. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, the size of your market, and your budget. We are certainly finding that fewer long-form posts are better than more short-form posts. Quality definitely trumps quantity.

It’s also important to note that, beyond volume, consistency is extremely important. There are few things that look worse for your site than a blog that hasn’t been updated in years. People see your site, including your content, as an extension of your firm. Inconsistency is a bad look, and long gaps in posting may even have site visitors wondering if you’re still in business.

Absolutely. Each of our clients has an opportunity to provide any amount of input and preference to how we approach their content. Beyond that, we also encourage our clients to continue to provide us with feedback on everything from tone to subject matter (for blog posts), since no one knows you and your clientele as well as you do. We really do like to view it as a partnership, though we also have plenty of clients who trust us entirely to be creative and make all the key decisions. Your level of involvement is ultimately up to you.

Number one factor for this is the size of your market, as well as your practice area. If you’re targeting a specific niche in a small market, you don’t need nearly the content you do if you’re targeting a broad range of areas in a large market. To be more helpful than that wishy-washy stuff, a good rule of thumb is, in small markets, you should aspire to have at least a couple dozen pages of solid, “cornerstone” content on your site. If you’re in a larger market, however, you might be wise to create hundreds or even thousands of pages. Beyond your marketing and niche focus, it’s also important to look at what your competitors are doing. If Google sees them as more authoritative than you, there’s a good chance you’re going to lose in the rankings.

Based on studies, lengthier content has a positive correlation with better rankings. When people are searching for info online, they typically are looking for thorough sources that provide all the info they’re looking for on a topic. Hence, Google favors longer content. People often say that people don’t reach much online, but that’s clearly not the case. People do like to skim (which is why good formatting is also really important), but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t looking for authoritative, fleshed-out information. While length is certainly not the only indication of quality (and 500 words of great content is better than 1,500 words of crap content), it’s a significant part of displaying your topical expertise to search engines.

There’s no hard and fast rule here, but we think that having a few posts a week is a good rule of thumb. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, the size of your market, and your budget. We are certainly finding that fewer long-form posts are better than more short-form posts. Quality definitely trumps quantity.

It’s also important to note that, beyond volume, consistency is extremely important. There are few things that look worse for your site than a blog that hasn’t been updated in years. People see your site, including your content, as an extension of your firm. Inconsistency is a bad look, and long gaps in posting may even have site visitors wondering if you’re still in business.

It’s pretty important. With Google’s recent Panda updates, where they’ve put a lot more emphasis on the length and quality of content, they’ve made it clear that one of the key ways they recognize and measure the legitimacy of a website is the amount – and quality of – content on the site and its individual pages. So even if you don’t expect your site visitors to do much reading (especially if you’re in a niche such as personal injury) just having lots of great content can do a lot to help them find you in the first place by helping you rank organically.

To wax a little bit philosophical about the matter, Google largely understands and categorizes the web via content. Things like backlinks matter, of course, but a huge part of ranking well in Google is just by communicating clearly with search engines, which is primarily done with – you guessed it – content.