Black Fin is a full-service digital marketing firm that works exclusively with law firms and attorneys

Successfully growing a law firm using the internet requires a multi-pronged approach. Too often, to get any traction, attorneys are forced to tap a different service provider for each prong. It’s an inefficient and time-consuming task.

That’s why we’ve assembled a team of true experts in every area of online marketing for lawyers. You’ll find our full suite of services below. Whether you need help in one area or all of them, Black Fin is ready to get you results.

Looking to dominate your market?

Black Fin is serious about your winrate, and ours. We’ve dominated “Law Firm SEO” on Google for years and are looking for serious law firms who are seeking a similar degree of competitive advantage. Since law firm digital marketing is literally the only thing we do, we’re able to invest all of our focus on commanding — and maintaining — expertise in the latest strategies, practices, and tricks of the trade.

We believe that an aggressive, SEO-first marketing campaign is the best way to get your law firm its competitive advantage online. Our marketing team combines a vast array of expert internet marketing skills, knowledge, and experience to ensure that your law firm’s website aggressively ranks and converts.

It ain’t easy being the best

Law firm internet marketing is tricky because:

  • It’s competitive. There are more law firms now than ever, and they’re increasingly catching on to the power and importance of internet marketing, increasing the amount of work needed to remain competitive
  • The ethics rules on attorney advertising are strict and must be minded.
  • Google’s algorithms are forever in flux, and attorneys don’t have time to keep up with them on their own.
  • The general public is deeply skeptical about lawyers, so your website must not only perform but also persuade.

Even in the face of those challenges, we consistently get real results for our clients. In fact, we expect you to expect ROI from us. We’ll deliver, or we won’t ask you to keep using us. It’s that simple.

Just as importantly, we are totally committed to healthy and reliable communication. We’ll let you know how your site is performing, we’ll be honest about what’s working and what isn’t, and when you have questions, ideas or concerns, we’ll be here to talk it through.

In other words, Black Fin offers a different kind of attorney marketing experience than you might have encountered before, and it’s the reason our clients keep working with us.

A full-service team is the only kind of team that makes sense in the legal marketing field. Success online is a big-picture project, and we’re big-picture people.

Take a moment to browse the legal marketing services we offer on this page, and if you’d like to learn more about how we can grow your firm, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You are looking to dominate your niche, and you understand it will take some time to get there.
  • You understand how important the first page of Google is, and you realize you don’t have enough web pages showing up there.
  • You know the value of a lead, especially with regards to the average profit per case.
  • You want to work with smart marketers who will fight hard to make your firm as successful as possible.
  • You’re willing to test new things, tweak your website, and create new competitive advantages.

If that sounds like you and your firm, we might be a match made in heaven. Only a scheduled phone call will tell for sure. It’s a chance for you to get a sense of who we are and what we can do.

SEO-first marketing philosophy

Gain more exposure, beat your competition

Law firm internet marketing services
As much as we’re excited by search engine trends that point toward a future in which search engine results consider all aspects of a business, today’s search results are still more heavily influenced by SEO practices compared to any other part of the internet marketing mix.

Lucky for the law firms we work with, Black Fin’s origins were based on providing the most sustainable, growth-oriented white hat SEO principles. Further, we’re routinely adjusting our own definition of SEO to stay in line with where the future of search is headed.

See our SEO Services.


Law firm SEO web designs

Improve branding + conversions

Yup, we’ve definitely created a wordy term for “web design,” but we don’t just borrow design patterns from other professional service industries and slap on law firm themes. Our law firm websites are custom built for speed, branding and conversions.

Depending on your industry, the design process addresses the specific emotional impact your target market needs to convert. In a world where more and more mechanical processes are being designed to reflect humanistic impressions, the way a law firm’s website feels matters more than ever.

See our web designs.

User & SEO focused content

Improve branding + conversions

Your conversion audience/target market arrive at your site seeking two things: information about their legal situation and the solutions your firm provides.

Your written content needs to consider what information search engines consider authoritative, trustworthy, and useful, but not to the extent where your users are discouraged to funnel down your conversion path(s).

As with design, writing for conversion is dependant on your niche — a car accident victim is in an utterly different mindset compared to a shareholder seeking private representation.

Writing for conversions.

Social media management services

Targeting + Branding + Conversions

social media services for law firms
@thelawyerslunchbox [instagram] bridges the human connection lacking in public perception of lawyers.

In April 2014, Princeton’s Fiske and Dupree wrote this scientific study showing that while the public considers lawyers as being more competent than doctors, the public also ranks the attorney class as offering less warmth than taxi drivers. In short, lawyers and law firms have a tough time shaking the cold and untrustworthy stigma that seems to come attached with the profession.

Whether or not your firm is preparing for the next generation of social advertising, social media is a priceless tool that can simultaneously turn around this “ruthless” impression and give your firm a distinct competitive advantage.

Not Sure Exactly What You Need? Or Maybe It’s Something Custom?

We can help you figure that out. Let us take a look at your website (and your current marketing efforts) so we can pinpoint the right approach.

Our business model isn’t built on churning out every possible service to every potential client, so we’re going to give you honest advice about the best strategies for your firm.

Ultimately, we’re about three main things: maintaining great client service, delivering ROI for your law firm, and getting you bigger and better cases using the internet. If that’s what you’re looking for, get in touch with Black Fin today.

Client Review


"I cannot be happier with Gerrid Smith and Black Fin, and highly recommend their services."

- Seth Gladstein, Gladstein Law Firm

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