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It’s not enough to throw up content and expect an audience to find you. Google prioritizes accessibility, usability, and above all quality. You need technical optimization within your SEO strategy.

To have a successful organic search campaign, you must demonstrate to major search engines like Google that your website provides value and integrity. It needs to have a solid foundation and be barrier-free.

Search engines penalize content they deem valueless or deceiving, so having proper groundwork is vital to your search rankings and helps you avoid those penalties and devaluation.

What do I get?

Our Columbus, OH SEO audits make an in-depth inquiry into the technical aspects of your website so that we can make recommendations. They are actionable and easy to understand even if you have no experience with SEO. Every proposal is supported by crawl data, information retrieved from your website from major search engines.

When we finish our inquiry, our support services provide technical support to ensure that you’re able to fix mistakes and implement changes efficiently. If that’s too much, we also have an in-house set of experts that can make those changes for you.

Content Optimization

What’s a content audit?

In the early days of the internet, any piece of content with a bunch of keywords could rank number one in searches.

Now, the environment has changed. Now, search engines prioritize valuable content over key-word stuffing. Our inquiry checks that your content provides value, and that the structure and markup of your website are in line with your target marketing strategy.

Your content must match what your audience needs. Obvious, right? You’d be surprised how many websites miss that mark. We help you correctly position your content, which translates to the quickest win in an organic strategy.

We also check technical aspects such as H-tagging and structured data so that web crawlers can quickly identify your website’s purpose and value.

We have research and development stages to identify this purpose, your brand, and then use that data to inform the structure and markup of your content. The entire website will be in line with your mission, your target audience, and let search engines know that your content provides value.

And it’s not just the keywords themselves. We also provide direction for a tone of voice, positioning, ideal content length, and even the use of media. Everything you get better positions your website to rank consistently and highly.

A content audit is a crucial part of developing a relationship with your customers and making sure they understand exactly what sets you apart from the competition.

What is content optimization?

Again, stuffing keywords isn’t enough. Content optimization ensures that your customers find your search through relevant keywords and then stay because the body of information is valuable to them.

If search engines believe your content provides value, it maximizes the chances your content will appear at the top of the search listings. You need an implementation strategy.

Implementation strategies help you maximize your visibility with related search queries. SEO means understanding what people are searching for. It is a deep understanding of words and phrases people are using to find content like yours.

It’s not just about the target keyword, either. You also need to consider related search terms and proof terms, such as those used in query searches, i.e., “What is content optimization?”

Content optimization uses that data to align all your content closely with what your target audience needs. As they search, your content appears prominently.

How does the Columbus SEO company, Black Fin, optimize my content?

We use tools like Searchmetrics to identify opportunities to improve your optimization. We find out how your competitors are using keywords, and how variations of those keywords affect your rankings. We can suggest keyword combinations that increase your visibility and drive traffic to your site.

Once there, we can:

-structure the site to ensure conversions
-optimize different pieces of content to accomplish different goals.

We can also manipulate something called micro-data, information like business hours, reviews, and other business information. Our strategies also improve these rankings, so more of your customers see your business’s relevant information.

Backlink Analysis

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the most essential pieces of SEO rankings. Backlinks link to your page from another web location. If you have good backlinks, such as those recommending your services from another well-valued webpage, search engines will identify your content as valuable.

If those links are toxic or weak, it can hurt your rankings because search engines will devalue your content, making it less likely that you will appear first in searches even with correct keywords.

What is backlink analysis?

Our analysis identifies strengths and weaknesses in your backlinks. We will:

-create or improve your approach to earning appropriate backlinks
-find and remove toxic or weak links
-ensure your website’s backlink profile follows best practices
-prevent algorithmic penalties

How do you perform backlink analysis?

We use a variety of metrics to assess the health of your backlinks.

Performance trends

We look at whether your traffic has increased or decreased recently with changes to Google algorithms. If we find your traffic has significantly decreased, this could indicate a penalty. We will find what’s harming your rankings and implement strategies to repair it.

Manual actions with GoogleMaster Tools

Sometimes Google deems a backlink unnatural and penalizes your account. If you’ve been sent a notification like this, we investigate it.

Linking Metrics

We make sure that the following links appear healthy:

-Anchor texts
-Follow versus NoFollow
-Referring domains
-Link types
-Link velocity

The analysis is crucial to your organic campaign’s success. It informs your entire strategy for earning backlinks and all of your content marketing from that moment forward.

Competitor backlink audits

You also have to understand the landscape and your competition in Columbus, OH. Analyzing your competitors identifies strengths and weaknesses, plus strategies you may have missed. We can also define areas not exploited by your competition that can provide easy rankings. These are quick-win opportunities for your content strategy.

Our approach:

1. download your competitor’s backlink profiles
2. manually analyze their backlinks
3. compare against your link profile
4. identify strengths and weaknesses
5. build a list of quick win opportunities
6. apply these to your long-term goals and competitive challenges
7. develop your link earning strategy

What is website migration?

You can’t just move your website. You must have a strategy in place to avoid accidental penalties. You don’t want to lose traffic or reduce your organic visibility.

Website migrations are frequent, but you need a plan. We help you formulate a logical, step by step plan to succeed. You need this whether you’re changing domain names or overhauling the entire website.

We explore both opportunity and risk. Below are some of the potential benefits and risks:

What is technical optimization?

Sometimes something about your website hinders search traffic. We audit your site to ensure there are no barriers to your audience finding your content and clicking through.

A sound technical platform allows your audience, as well as search engines, to click through with no difficulty.

Why is technical SEO important?

You want an attractive interface for your user, but you also need to consider how easy it is for a search engine to get pertinent information. Search engines see your website much differently than a user. You have to consider a search engine’s priorities in addition to your user.

Technical SEO repairs issues preventing search engines from crawling your site. Removing these barriers and catering to what search engines need improves your rankings.

What’s included?

Technical SEO covers:

-server configuration
-crawl error resolution
-optimization for search engine crawl
-eradication of duplicate content
-improvements in usability and website speed.

How do you do this?

Examine crawl data

We use a process similar to search engines and query data from your site. We examine what we find from the perspective of a search engine.

We find both strengths and weaknesses that inform how we proceed.

Technical server configuration

We review three things: server configuration, website hosting environment, and subdomain backlink profiles. We also take a look at your geolocation in relation to your target audience to see how that fits into your overall ranking strategy.

Crawl optimization

From there, we create a plan to cater to search engine needs. We ensure that they can quickly crawl your site without exhausting their crawl budget. If your information is easily available, you’ll rank higher.

Internal linking

Logical links between your web pages help search engines crawl efficiently. It also establishes hierarchy essential to the flow of link authority (all of which allows search engines to get the information they need to value your site.)

Dynamic Interactive Content

Dynamic content is essential to your user, but again, search engines don’t behave like your audience. They may encounter issues with dynamic content. We ensure your website follows the most up to date protocols for indexing and uses the latest web standards to prevent search engine hiccups.

Multi-device serving

Your audience needs a website optimized for different types of devices. Search engines use specific bots to crawl mobile sites. We consider this method to ensure that your mobile site also utilizes best practices.

Structured data

Structured data helps webmasters give meaning to what search engine crawls find. Incorporating best practices helps search engines find appropriate data. Adding structured data signals search engines that your website uses up to date practices and is frequently updated to account for changes, making it likely that engines will value your site.

Speed and render optimization

Optimizing your website to consider things like mobile viewing means ensuring your site loads quickly even across different platforms. Optimizing render means your website flows.

A Black Fin audit identifies places where the speed and render are lagging behind and implement a strategy for logical loading.

What is gap analysis?

Gap analysis identifies vital areas left out of your marketing strategy, primarily places where competitors can steal traffic.

Once we complete all analysis above, we can suggest areas in your marketing strategy where you can expand to gain traffic and complement your current marketing strategy. We highlight areas where audience needs aren’t met and present an opportunity for your business to fill the gap.

Have you been penalized?

The final step is identifying penalties that prevent traffic to your site. We have a hub of information that teaches you how to determine if you’ve been hit with a penalty and what to do to fix it.

We have a proven ability to repair these penalties, both manual and algorithmic.

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