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Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed quite a bit in recent years with Google’s increased focus on usability, quality, and accessibility. It’s no longer just a matter of spamming keywords and compiling a load of low-quality backlinks.

In order to achieve success with any search campaign, and to avoid having to compete with penalties or devaluation due to algorithm insanity, your website has to be built –and maintained – on sound, strategic principles.

There simply can’t be any barriers or mistakes preventing smooth integration with search engines, especially Google.

Our experienced Cincinnati SEO experts at Black Fin will ensure that your website is completely compliant with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, which will, in turn, ensure the potential for growth in the big three aspects that truly matter – keyword rankings, user engagement, and traffic.

This is done via advanced technical audits which spot various design flaws, inefficiencies, and non-compliance issues that prevent your website from being properly crawled, processed, and indexed by search engines.

Our Cincinnati SEO Technical Team

Cincinnati SEO expertsOur team is composed of some of the most seasoned and experienced Cincinnati SEO experts that money can buy.

Our years of SEO experience, along with our in-depth knowledge of the technology and logistics involved in the process of ranking websites, means nothing gets past us. An audit from our team will provide tremendous value, while we also provide ongoing support and further recommendations for improvement in the future.

Our goal is to leave no stone unturned.

Upon delivering our findings, we’ll help your IT staff and/or development team with the implementation of all the fixes, both large and small. Our skilled Cincinnati SEO experts make this process as quick and painless as possible. If you prefer, we can also have our in-house developers to handle it all for you.

Content Audit

With the increasing demand for high-quality online content, our audits analyze both your marketing strategy and your website content, markup/code, and layout. SEO isn’t all about H-tags and data structure, despite the industry making it seem this way.

Content matters! If your content and presentation aren’t relevant to your audience, search result rankings won’t accomplish much.

We go the extra step and make sure that the length, tone, and type of your content is unique and fresh. We also focus on image and video optimization as well as any other assets or content elements that may be used. Auditing content is actually one of – if not the most – important steps of an SEO project.

This is your chance to best ensure you connect with your audience and stand apart from your competitors in the right ways.

What is content optimization?

Content optimization is the mark of true SEO skill.

Instead of simply focusing on primary keywords and being satisfied with their distribution and density in content, optimization ensures further visibility – up to double the exposure, in theory.

This is done by finding secondary sets of related keywords which can also be integrated into the content, allowing for “search-related” queries to also index your website. This also accounts for variations in wording, synonyms, and other human language elements the algorithms just can’t quite account for. Proper content optimization marks the difference between very specific queries being successful, and the whole of contextually or linguistically related searches also working.

How can Black Fin’s SEO services optimize my content?

With search engines becoming more dynamic and focused on aggregation, we’ve got strategies and the technical know-how to design schema and microdata which will allow this information to appear in results, which results in a much click-through rate.

Backlink analysis

One of the dangerously overlooked aspects of SEO ranking is the backlink profile. Strong backlink profiles will result in an extremely strong performance, where conversely, weak ones will result in failure regardless of how well-handled the other aspects of your site are. Our knowledgeable Cincinnati SEO experts will spot where you’re strong and weak in this department.

The importance of knowing how healthy your backlink profile is cannot be overstated.

Our backlink analyses show where you’re strong and where you’re weak. This means we can:

  • Formulate a winning strategy that earns the right types of links relevant to your campaign.
  • Weed out various bad links that may not be natural or could be toxic by way of content or design.
  • See to it that you avoid penalties by the algorithm or by administration by ensuring your website meets best practice guidelines.

Ideal Metrics for Your Backlink Analysis

We take a wide array of factors and metrics into consideration when we audit your backlink profile.

Performance trends

When Google rolled out Penguin, a massive update to their algorithms, did your SEO visibility, keyword performance, or traffic decline drastically? This might be indicative of a penalty.

Manual actions within Google Webmaster Tools

Did Google message you within your Search Console, informing you of manual actions being placed on your website as a result of bad or unnatural backlinks?

Linking metrics

An in-depth analysis of these factors can make or break an organic search campaign and is crucial to formulating the right content and link earning strategy going forward.

Competitor backlink audits

We truly want to understand the type of landscape you’re working in. SEO is, by definition, competitive. Analyzing competitor backlink profiles will help us to see their link earning strategies and, as a result, find such strategies you maybe haven’t yet exploited. A lot of instant win opportunities arise from this method as well, which can bolster your campaign right away.

Website migration

If you want to make several changes to your website without traffic or organic visibility loss, you need a strong plan for your website migration.

Technical optimization

Technical optimization ensures that any harmful factors won’t prevent your website from being found through organic searches. Your platform is your life, and if you’re encountering problems hurting your visibility, you need to know about them and resolve them right away. Our technical optimizations will find these problems and deal with them promptly.

Why is technical optimization important?

Having an attractive design that’s functional and provides a positive user experience is all well and good, but a highly detailed design could actually be damaging the performance of your SEO. Google and other search engines don’t see websites the way users do. As with accommodating different types of users and cultures, search engines need to be considered in this way, as well.

Search engines are sophisticated automatons powered by complicated algorithms that, when looking at websites, evaluate hundreds of different aspects, all of which ultimately determine rankings. Technical optimization will find any artifacts from your design work that prevent these engines from properly evaluating and crawling your site.

What’s covered in technical optimization?

This optimization phase focuses on the technical aspects of your site that may be preventing proper crawling. A byproduct of this optimization is that your interface and overall design will almost certainly be faster and more usable.

Examining crawl data

We start with an aggregate query derived from a crawl of your website, not unlike how search engines do it. We then extract data from this crawl using webmaster tool platforms and analyze it to determine how your website appears to search engines. This also shows us any problems that may exist.

Technical server configuration

Server configuration is also very important. That’s why we look at your configuration and your sub-domains’ backlink profile to make sure that various set-up errors aren’t present. A prime example of such an error would be duplicate versions of your website. We also factor in the physical location of your server in relation to your demographics, as this affects speed, which can have snowballing effects on other aspects of your site’s success rate.

Crawl optimization

You need to take control of the crawl of your website, especially if it has a lot of pages. We want to ensure that your website is easy for a search engine to crawl without burning through their crawl budget.

Internal linking

A good step to achieve optimized crawling is a well-thought-out structure for internal linking. This serves to build a good hierarchy for your site, resulting in the proper organization of link authority flow throughout your entire site.

Dynamic content

While interactive, responsive, and dynamic content provides for fantastic user experiences, search engines can sometimes be stumped by these elements if they’re not configured just right. Search engines just can’t distinguish these things. We help you to solve this problem by seeing to it that your website follows the right indexing protocols and complies with contemporary web standards.

Multi-device serving

This is an era where it seems like there are more types of devices than there are types of customers. Search engines have separate crawls and algorithms tuned to mobile and smart devices, and our Cincinnati SEO experts are here to ensure that your website’s crawl and indexing are optimized for all of these non-PC devices.

Structured data

One of the best ways to deal with how search engines see your site is to speak their language. Using JSON or similar structures allows your site to encapsulate your website in a way that doesn’t confuse search engines and makes a lot of the vital data they seek easily obtainable. This also tells the search engine that your site is modernly compliant, which is one of the myriads of variables that they use to determine your ranking.

Speed and render optimization

Despite broadband being ubiquitous, even on cell phones, the size of a website does matter quite a bit. If the design of a site requires a lot of components to be loaded, resulting in the user having to wait for crucial content or elements to be visible, a lot of click-throughs will be lost.

A technical audit will spot this, and allow us to help you configure your assets, code, and other components in such a way that the site renders and responds at a speedy pace, increasing your conversions. The internet has not made people more patient.

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