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Black Fin 2018 Law Firm Marketing Trends Report

By: blackfin | December 11, 2017

With 2018 sure to be another interesting year – both in terms of the legal marketing world and the world at large – we’re thrilled to present our annual law firm marketing trends report. Each year we prepare this report as a touchstone for the state of the industry and where we see it headed….

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Why Law Firms Should Use WordPress Instead of Wix for SEO

By: blackfin | November 23, 2017

An attorney called our office the other day and asked about building a law firm website using Squarespace or Wix. Would he get anywhere with those services in terms of SEO? He’s not the first to ask. So we’re following some of our own advice: if multiple clients have asked you the same question, blog…

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50+ Awesome Law Firm Logos

50+ Awesome Logos for Law Firms

By: blackfin | July 6, 2017

Welcome to The Law Offices of Last Name, Last Name, and Last Name. That’s what most clients see and hear when they encounter your law firm’s name for the first time… and maybe even for the fifth. In fact, we’ve heard plenty of stories about clients who know their individual attorneys but couldn’t recall the…

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10 Inspiring Law Firm Website Designs (And What Makes Them So Good)

By: blackfin | April 4, 2017

We’ve all heard the age old adage. “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” And since that adage creeps into every aspect of internet marketing, we wanted to talk about where attorneys make their first impressions on the web: website design. Sure, leads may find your site through search engines or social…

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How to Take Pictures for Your Website

By: blackfin | December 28, 2016

When getting new professional photos taken for your website, it’s easy to assume that taking pictures for the internet is no different than getting pictures taken for anything else. Or that your photographer will understand the difference. Nevertheless, while there are plenty of general photography best practices to keep in mind for your photoshoot –…

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Mid-Year Marketing Trends for Law Firms: Are You Keeping Up?

By: blackfin | August 23, 2016

At the start of each year, everyone is looking to plan for – and incorporate – the latest marketing trends. We help law firms who are searching for ways to increase their ROI quickly, and stay ahead of these trends to ensure long-term success. (Hence, our 2016 law firm trends report, ahem.) But we are…

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Fundamental Components of Effective Law Firm Web Design

10 Fundamental Components of Effective Law Firm Web Design

By: blackfin | June 28, 2016

When writing about website design for lawyers, it’s knee-jerk for us to say that the most important thing is staying focused on the purpose of the site — which is to convert visitors into clients. But, at the same time, that goal can only be carried out to its fullest when you understand the possibilities…

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website launch

Why Isn’t My New Website Showing Up? Was None of it Real?

By: blackfin | May 3, 2016

You just put a significant amount of time, effort, and money into developing a new website for your law office – working with the design team for a great new look, working with the content team to make sure the copy was perfect, and working with your office to collect photos, bios, and mission statements. Now…

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website speed

The Need For Speed: Site Speed, User Experience & Conversion Rates

By: blackfin | March 8, 2016

When designing an attorney website, you must take a number of details into consideration: the layout of the page, where to place videos and images, and which pieces of written content to include. How fast a site loads, however, is oftentimes not on the radar – a huge mistake that can make the rest of your…

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16 Top Attorney Marketing Trends for 2016

By: blackfin | December 22, 2015

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do pay very close attention to everything that happens in the marketing world, especially law firm marketing. Below, we’ve listed the top 16 attorney marketing trends for 2016, from optimizing for voice search to paying closer attention to how your receptionist answers the phone. Make 2016 the…

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Black Fin - Law Firm Web Design, Internet Marketing & SEO

10 User Experience Facts That Attorneys Need To Know

By: blackfin | December 12, 2015

User experience (UX) is a vitally important consideration for attorneys and law firms, both when they are initially designing their website and when they are testing, improving, and tweaking an already-established site. Poor UX can be why a reader clicks away from your site just seconds after arriving, or why a reader carefully considers your…

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Law Firm Website Conversions

How to Increase your Law Firm’s Website Conversions

By: blackfin | September 27, 2015

Are you looking to increase conversions? Are you ranking well, but not converting well? Do you want to see more of your online leads turn into real clients? There are a sea of law firm digital marketers who claim that they do conversion work and that your firm will see increased conversions. Take it from…

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Black Fin - Law Firm Web Design, Internet Marketing & SEO

The 3 Important Things Your Law Firm’s Website Isn’t Doing

By: blackfin | September 16, 2015

The majority of law firm websites you can find on the internet today are missing something. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that 65% of law firms have not updated their web designs in the past three years. Relative to the speed with which marketing tactics change on the Internet, that is an…

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Black Fin - Law Firm Web Design, Internet Marketing & SEO

The Right Approach to Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

By: blackfin | June 23, 2015

Our job is to focus on business. Customers will come if we do our jobs really well. Well, this is the sort of wishful thinking that leads the majority of small businesses to remain just that – small. Yes, all you lawyers, doctors, professional service providers; I am talking to you. Growth and eventually, success;…

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Black Fin - Law Firm Web Design, Internet Marketing & SEO

Three Things to Know About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Ranking Algorithm

By: blackfin | April 18, 2015

The mobile-friendly algorithm that Google has been dropping hints about for months has now been officially announced. It’s become a big deal; it’s even on the news. As the update nears, you should probably be asking yourself some important questions. For starters: When exactly is Google’s mobile algorithm update happening? What exactly makes a website mobile friendly?…

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