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Finding the right Law Firm Marketing Agency

So Your Boss Tasked You with Hiring a Law Firm Marketing Agency…

By: blackfin | September 27, 2018

A Complete Overview of Digital Marketing for Lawyers, Just for Junior Associates In law firms of almost any size, a young / new associate’s desk tends to sit downstream, where only the cases that no one else fetched from the water end up. And then there are the non-cases… all those menial housekeeping tasks that…

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Should Attorneys Be Using Facebook Ads?

By: blackfin | September 20, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising for Law Firms and PPC Spoiler Alert: the answer is an emphatic yes. Ads on Facebook work. That’s true in general, and it’s certainly true for law firms in particular. But how should you be using Facebook Ads? What’s the difference between a regular Facebook post and…

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Overwhelmed paralegals

5 Reasons Law Firms Shouldn’t Leave Social Media to Paralegals

By: blackfin | March 26, 2018

There’s a word for people who manage social media for a living… and it isn’t “paralegal.” Nevertheless, a lot of law firms have tried to fully vest the responsibilities of social media in their paralegal team. The temptation makes sense. After all, most paralegals are veritable wizards. They perform so many functions — from the legal…

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2018 Social Media Trends Report

Black Fin 2018 Law Firm Social Media Trends Report

By: blackfin | January 22, 2018

Like all facets of marketing for law firms, the world of social media is ever-changing. While some basic tenets of how to effectively use social media will always stay the same, the tools you use to engage with your audience are regularly updated or changed out for new and improved methods. For example, instead of…

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Black Fin 2018 Law Firm Marketing Trends Report

By: blackfin | December 11, 2017

With 2018 sure to be another interesting year – both in terms of the legal marketing world and the world at large – we’re thrilled to present our annual law firm marketing trends report. Each year we prepare this report as a touchstone for the state of the industry and where we see it headed….

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3 Powerful Hacks for Massive Engagement on LinkedIn

By: blackfin | November 21, 2017

Lately LinkedIn has turned into a hub of activity. People are truly starting to open up to the personal side of business and it’s increasing engagement levels across the platform significantly. This has created a lot of opportunity for anyone trying to increase their network, build a personal brand, or even generate leads for their…

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Social Media SEO

What Social Media Accounts Are Worth Your Time (from an SEO Perspective)?

By: blackfin | November 16, 2017

“You should be using social media!” is the new “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Good advice, and you know it’s probably true, but you’ve heard it so many times that you’re used to tuning it out. Besides, if you’re not naturally inclined toward social media, it probably doesn’t sound like a lot…

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Business professional with phone and laptop

How Your Law Firm Can Get The Most Out of LinkedIn

By: blackfin | September 8, 2016

Of all the social media and networking platforms we’re consistently told are essential to success in our professional lives, LinkedIn may be the most daunting. (If you’re not on LinkedIn, by the way, you should be, and this blog post should help you get started with everything you need to know to optimize your profile…

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Mid-Year Marketing Trends for Law Firms: Are You Keeping Up?

By: blackfin | August 23, 2016

At the start of each year, everyone is looking to plan for – and incorporate – the latest marketing trends. We help law firms who are searching for ways to increase their ROI quickly, and stay ahead of these trends to ensure long-term success. (Hence, our 2016 law firm trends report, ahem.) But we are…

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attorney and law firm social media ideas

101 Social Media Posts to Boost Engagement

By: blackfin | August 18, 2016

By this day and age, most attorneys know that having an active social media presence is a must in order to stay competitive and connect with past, present, and future clients. However, fewer attorneys understand how to develop and sustain effective social media in the long-term that will result in strong client connections, an expanded…

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Law Firm’s Guide to Using Social Media Following a Tragedy

By: blackfin | August 18, 2016

We see and experience a wide spectrum of human emotion in the wake of tragedies. Many look to leaders, both on the national stage and in their own communities, for comfort, hope, and guidance, as everyone tries to make sense of what’s happened. However, your natural reaction to tragedy as a citizen may not coincide…

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improving online law firm reviews

Maximizing The Benefits Of Online Attorney Reviews

By: blackfin | June 18, 2016

When it comes to managing your online presence, far too many lawyers and law firms make the unfortunate decision to work just on their websites, ignoring the other content on the internet about their businesses. However, it is vital to understand that when users are looking for legal help, your website is only one place…

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Black Fin - Law Firm Web Design, Internet Marketing & SEO

Incorporating Facebook’s Professional Services in a Marketing Plan

By: blackfin | January 20, 2016

In November, Facebook quietly debuted a new page: Facebook Professional Services. The unannounced desktop-only local search directory may be the first step that the social media behemoth is taking toward becoming a serious player in the local search arena, and lawyers and law offices should not only be aware of the move, they should also…

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Black Fin - Law Firm Web Design, Internet Marketing & SEO

Social Media & Facebook Ads For Law Firms

By: blackfin | December 28, 2015

When talking about buying online ad space, many attorneys and law offices have on Google AdWords blinders. Other than advertising on Google, they don’t see the point—or the opportunities. The truth is that while Google ads can be a great way to get web traffic and new clients, it is far from the only way…

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16 Top Attorney Marketing Trends for 2016

By: blackfin | December 22, 2015

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do pay very close attention to everything that happens in the marketing world, especially law firm marketing. Below, we’ve listed the top 16 attorney marketing trends for 2016, from optimizing for voice search to paying closer attention to how your receptionist answers the phone. Make 2016 the…

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