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Finding the right Law Firm Marketing Agency

So Your Boss Tasked You with Hiring a Law Firm Marketing Agency…

By: blackfin | September 27, 2018

A Complete Overview of Digital Marketing for Lawyers, Just for Junior Associates In law firms of almost any size, a young / new associate’s desk tends to sit downstream, where only the cases that no one else fetched from the water end up. And then there are the non-cases… all those menial housekeeping tasks that…

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Should Attorneys Be Using Facebook Ads?

By: blackfin | September 20, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising for Law Firms and PPC Spoiler Alert: the answer is an emphatic yes. Ads on Facebook work. That’s true in general, and it’s certainly true for law firms in particular. But how should you be using Facebook Ads? What’s the difference between a regular Facebook post and…

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PPC Monitoring

The Biggest PPC Mistake You’re Making And How To Fix It

By: blackfin | July 25, 2018

The Biggest PPC Mistake You’re Making And How To Fix It There’s no getting around it: unless you’re an industry veteran, understanding digital marketing strategy, like PPC campaigns, can be a pretty overwhelming process. Is digital marketing one of the most powerful marketing tools at your law firm’s disposal? Of course, there’s no question. But…

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Law Firm Marketing: What’s Worth Spending Money on in 2018?

By: blackfin | April 26, 2018

There’s a question we hear from partners, managing partners, and marketing managers at law firms all the time: what’s worth spending money on? The menu of marketing expenditures available to partners at small-to-midsize firms is extensive. But what’s a good investment? Below, we consider the most popular options and offer a frank assessment of their…

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Black Fin 2018 Law Firm Marketing Trends Report

By: blackfin | December 11, 2017

With 2018 sure to be another interesting year – both in terms of the legal marketing world and the world at large – we’re thrilled to present our annual law firm marketing trends report. Each year we prepare this report as a touchstone for the state of the industry and where we see it headed….

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PPC for Lawyers

The Average Law Firm Conversion Rate? We Beat it Seven Times Over [Case Study]

By: blackfin | September 22, 2017

The PPC Problem and Black Fin’s Approach Pay-Per-Click all comes down to how much you pay per click — and whether it’s getting you what you want. At Black Fin, we’re consistently getting our clients more than double the average PPC conversion rate for law firms without breaking their budgets. In fact, for one of…

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Breaking Down Proximity To Searcher: The Case For PPC

By: blackfin | March 15, 2017

When it comes to SEO, the rules tend to change both quickly and often. What you hear is the most effective way to move up in the rankings may not necessarily be the case the very next week. And quite frankly, that makes both working on SEO and writing about it a bit of a…

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Keys To Increasing Law Firm Website Conversion Rates

By: blackfin | September 30, 2016

So you’ve spruced up your website, you’re dominating social media, and you’re ranking first on the front page of Google search results. (Right?) But you’re not seeing the increase in cases that you’d like. Maybe you’ve seen an increase in traffic on your site, but you’re not actually landing many new clients. What’s the problem?…

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Black Fin - Law Firm Marketing Services

How Will Google’s New Ad Layout Affect Attorney Marketing?

By: blackfin | February 26, 2016

On February 19, a big change took place on Google’s search results page. For desktop and laptop computer users, the layout of the ads and results has been altered, leaving us with a number of important questions to answer about search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and attorney marketing in general: Will Google’s new ad layout…

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Black Fin - Law Firm Web Design, Internet Marketing & SEO

The Right Approach to Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

By: blackfin | June 23, 2015

Our job is to focus on business. Customers will come if we do our jobs really well. Well, this is the sort of wishful thinking that leads the majority of small businesses to remain just that – small. Yes, all you lawyers, doctors, professional service providers; I am talking to you. Growth and eventually, success;…

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New Study on Click-Through Rates in 2014

By: blackfin | October 30, 2014

Sure, you know all the buzzwords, but they won’t do you an ounce of good if you lack the contextualized knowledge to apply them effectively. When it comes to click-through rates in the search results, you can’t get so wrapped up in the potential for improved marketing results that you forget to do the analytic…

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