Why You Need a Payment Portal on Your Website

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This post was written by our partners over at LawPay, who provide a fantastic online payment solution for law firms. Check out their service at LawPay.com.

There was a time once when some lawyers considered it tacky, or even taboo, to accept a credit card as payment. To these individuals, credit cards were used for purchasing groceries or dinner on a Friday night, not paying for professional services.

Today, however, that notion has been shattered, largely thanks to the Digital Revolution that has ushered in an age of dominance for credit cards and online shopping. For the modern client, convenience is king—they expect every business, big or small, to let them pay online with a credit card, including law firms.

At LawPay, we’ve seen firsthand how offering an online payment solution to clients can effectively increase a law firm’s cash flow, giving them a way to offer exceptional customer service and collect more of what they’ve earned.

Below, we’ve listed our top three reasons why you need to install an online payment portal on your website today.

Offer a better client experience

These days, people want their payment experience to be as frictionless as possible.

With e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay dominating the market, it’s become the norm for customers to purchase just about anything they want online in a matter of seconds.

According to a recent survey, 65 percent of customers expect to be able to pay with a debit or credit card from a business’s app or mobile website.

Most people today prefer to pay with credit cards, as they consider them to be the easiest method available. In fact, when a merchant refuses to accept credit cards, or places restrictions on paying with them such as fees or minimums, many customers will take their business elsewhere.

Simply put, today’s businesses can’t afford not to accept credit cards, and professional services firms like yours are no exception.

By adding a payment portal to your website, you’ll make paying your bill as simple as clicking a button. This will help to foster goodwill from your clients, who’ll appreciate your extra efforts in making their payment experience easy.

Additionally, happy clients are much more likely to pay on time, recommend your services to other potential clients, or even provide a testimonial adulating your work.

Significantly increase your cash flow

It’s a story we hear far too often from lawyers—when it comes to billing, many of them consistently receive late payments from their clients or, worse yet, no payment at all.

Whenever we hear stories like these, one question immediately comes to our minds: what payment options are these lawyers offering?

Surveys have shown that as much as 55 percent of today’s customers rarely—or never—carry a checkbook. Even so, most people who do use checks only write them a few times a year. Despite that fact, in 2016, 29 percent of law firms were still exclusively relying on checks for their income.

If so few people are using checks these days, why ask your clients to pay with them?

When you offer an easy online option to pay your bill, your clients will be much more inclined to pay as soon as they receive it, instead of sitting on it for weeks until it becomes late or forgotten. You can then reap the reward of getting paid immediately rather than waiting for that check to arrive.

Drive more traffic to your site

Any business that’s running a website has an invested interest in driving traffic to it. Of course, accomplishing this isn’t always an easy task. It often takes a combination of focused marketing efforts, from high-quality blogs to strong SEO, web design, and social media campaigns, among others.

A payment portal can serve as another powerful tool in your marketing kit. By sending your clients to your site every time they have a bill to pay, you’ll increase visibility on all of your other content efforts.

For example, after one of your clients completes their payment, they could easily click on your blog, watch an embedded video, or view any of the latest updates you’ve made. All in all, a payment portal only serves to reinforce the value of both your site and your business as a whole.

With LawPay, you can easily create secure, custom payment pages, complete with your logo, business information, and a form that suits the precise payment needs of your firm. You can then easily link the page in your header, footer, or any prominent area of your website to make getting paid as easy as possible.

For more information about LawPay’s online payment solution, visit lawpay.com.

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