Why Venture Capitalists Need Content Marketing Strategy

By Chris Roberts


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Venture Capital has become a crucial element of the US economy in the past several decades and has supported numerous entrepreneurs in transforming innovative ideas into successful commercial projects. Nowadays, more than 630 VC firms are competing to make risky investments in bright ideas and help entrepreneurs raise capital for their startup businesses. Although there is no shortage of beautiful and well-developed business plans, as you are making high investments in a few businesses, you need to find the ones that have exceptional growth potential. To find financing opportunities and projects that will have a high return on investment, you need to become discoverable by those who need a sponsor. With so many venture capitalists firms, startups and businesses now have more funding options than ever. More than 49 thousand Americans search for “venture capitalists” online, and the competition to rank for it is incredibly high. Having a website and money to invest in projects is not enough to appear in relevant search queries. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases your website’s online visibility and brings more users to your site, so entrepreneurs who need to build up their businesses find you.

Content Is the Foundation of SEO

SEO is the most powerful tool for increasing traffic to a website. Steps you take during the optimization help Google understand the content of your pages better, so when someone is searching for the services you offer, they find you. A quite simple-sounding process like SEO requires time and energy to see the desired results, and without the high-quality content, it’s impossible to achieve top positions on Google. Your venture capitalist firm needs a content marketing strategy, as the content is the foundation of SEO that enables your site to appear in more relevant search queries.

Many users who need investment for their business will start browsing the internet for information such as “what are the alternative sources of funding?”, “How can  I grow my startup business?”, “How do I get funding for a startup in the United States?” etc. Writing content will allow you to target queries your prospects are typing in the search engine. Users want to understand the venture capital concept before choosing it as the method for building up their business. If you don’t offer information on your site regarding the ways venture capital works, hundreds of your competitors will have the content to offer to your audience and your potential clients will land on their websites. On the other hand, producing more content will bring more users to your site, more people will find out about you, and you will get more idea pitches. More project proposals allow you to choose the companies that promise high returns and have high growth potential.

Content Marketing Allows You To Target More Keywords

More than 200 factors determine your positions in search results, and Google algorithm sorts web pages in a query from the most relevant to least relevant ones. You may argue that your website is relevant in many venture capital-related queries, yet your site doesn’t appear at the top of these results. Even if your “About” page perfectly describes your fund goals and past investments, someone searching for “how do I get funding for a startup in America” on Google will see a guide on finding funding for a startup rather than your About page. If you had a separate optimized page, blog article, or a guide on finding investors for a business plan, you would most likely appear in your prospects’ search queries. Users typing “how do I get funding for a startup in America” are at an early stage of searching for funding opportunities, and Google understands searchers’ intention to find a guide on how to fund a business rather than where to get money. If you had content about the steps an entrepreneur should take to find financial solutions, you’d have a much higher chance of appearing in the query. With such content, you would be able to include keywords such as “funding a business,” “funding a startup,” “investment opportunities,” “how to get venture capital investments,” etc. on your site. More keywords enable you to reach a wider audience by appearing in more Google search results.

High-Quality Content Builds Credibility

Startups and companies need to find you credible and reliable so they decide to work with you. Articles, posts, guides, or videos you create, showcase your knowledge in the field, and the passion you have for finding the right investment opportunities. With the content you create, you help your prospects even before they pitch their ideas to you, enabling you to build relationships with them. When young companies need to find investors, they want to partner up with someone who cares and believes in their ideas and not just be a funding source. The commercial potential of a project is crucial, but startups usually want to work with a venture capitalist who understands the value of the product and believes it can benefit customers and solve issues.

Producing Content Allows You to Establish Yourself As an Expert

Producing content allows you to establish yourself as an expert in the field and share your experience with the audience. If someone today, learning about startups, stumbles upon your video “how to launch a startup business,” tomorrow, they may come back for another piece of information. Eventually, people may start coming to your site for the compelling content you create. They start believing in you and see you as an expert in the financial field. When the day comes to choose the right venture capitalist for their ideas, your site visitors – based on the trust they have built around your firm, your company’s reputation, and the expertise you have been demonstrating – will decide to work with you.

High-Quality Content Brings More Links to Your Site

The more you write, the more other websites build links to yours. Backlinks show Google that your content is relevant and helpful, your site is authoritative, and your page deserves a high ranking. More backlinks increase the website visibility in search queries and increase the traffic to your site.

Content Marketing Keeps Your Website Fresh

Google wants to supply users with fresh and up to date web pages. There are more than 2 billion websites, and only 400 million of them are active. If you created a website years ago and briefly wrote about your venture capitalist firm, your group of investors, your team, and the way you evaluate potential portfolio companies to work with, that’s great information to look at for the users who land on your site. The question is, how many users will see your site in their search results? If, after launching your site, you ranked well in relevant queries, as the time passes, your ranking may drop. Google likes fresh information and so do users searching for funding options online. If you don’t update your site, search engines may see your pages as outdated and so your rankings will drop.

Without a content marketing strategy, it’s challenging to keep the site fresh. Perhaps your team hasn’t changed in the past few years, and we assume you haven’t changed the ways you evaluate the companies either. Usually, there is no reason to update or add sections of content to your homepage, about page, or your contact page. With content marketing, you create valuable and relevant articles, case studies, how-to guides, and blog posts that address the venture capital industry or entrepreneurship news and trends. By regularly uploading new pieces of content to your site, you signal to Google that the website is fresh, and as it will start looking at your site regularly, you will have more chances to rank well in desired queries. Besides, users coming to your site will see you have kept operating, your site is fresh, and you are up to date, so they will trust your firm and decide to pitch their ideas to you.

If you are still debating if your venture capitalist firm needs a content marketing strategy, consider that 90% of all organizations use content in their marketing efforts. If you don’t benefit from high-quality content, your competitors will. The competition for finding worthwhile projects for investing is fierce, and without increasing the trust of your prospects, establishing yourself as an expert in the field, or increasing your website visibility, you will automatically surrender and direct your audience to other venture capitalists. To keep your business going, you need to help entrepreneurs develop their innovative projects while generating a significant return on investment. A marketing strategy will help you stand out from the competition, increase exposure to your site, and receive more ideas, so you can choose the one you believe in and think is the best for investing.

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