Why You May Not See Your New Web Site Immediately - Where it May be Hiding

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You just put a significant amount of time, effort, and money into developing a new website for your law office – working with the design team for a great new look, working with the content team to make sure the copy was perfect, and working with your office to collect photos, bios, and mission statements. Now you are ready to finally see the final product, live and on the web.

You type in the address.

You hit Enter.

But wait!

Nothing happens!

Your new website isn’t there!

In fact, when you visit your new website online, all you see is your old site: drab, outdated, and ugly, like a terrifying vision into your past. Where is your shiny new website? Was all for naught?

No, the designing and creating of your new website was not a dream. Chances are that it’s there and other people can see it – or it will appear very soon. Here are a few steps you can take so that you can see it, too.

Troubleshooting: Why Won’t My New Law Firm Website Load?

If you are seeing your old website, or if you aren’t seeing anything at all, you may be having one of the following issues:

  • You are experiencing domain propagation delays. Each time a new website is created, it must go through an internet-wide caching process called propagation. This process usually doesn’t take more than a day but can sometimes take up to 48 hours. During the propagation process, only some people around the world may be able to see your new website.
  • You are looking at a cached copy. To load pages quickly and to save bandwidth, computers may show you a cached version of a website. Usually, this doesn’t make any difference, but if you’ve just updated your entire site, you’ll see your old web page instead of your new one. This can often be fixed by pressing the refresh button or the F5 button. If that doesn’t work, try deleting your browsing history.
  • Your computer is using a cached network IP address. Your computer also saves time by remembering the IP address to the sites that you visit. While this is often a handy shortcut, it can be a bother when you’ve launched a new website. To resolve this issue, simply  clear your DNS cache or try rebooting your computer.
  • Your site isn’t up yet! In some cases, your site simply might not have gone live yet. Contact your web design team to check in with them or try typing the address of your website into a computer that you don’t normally use to access your website. If it doesn’t come up on any computers, you probably have a domain propagation issue or your site just isn’t up yet.

It’s important to note that all of these problems have easy fixes and that none of these problems mean that all the work that you’ve put into your new website is lost. In most cases, a single stroke of a button or a quick phone call is all you need to get back on the right path.

Okay, I found My Website, But It Doesn’t Come Up On Google Search!

Even though you may have located your new website and can now easily access it wherever you go, you may find that you have another worrisome problem: when you type your law firm’s name into Google or another search engines like Bing, your new website doesn’t show up. At all. Not even on the last page of results.

What’s happening?

The answer is simple: Google simply doesn’t know that your page exists yet because it hasn’t gotten around to looking for it yet. Sometimes it can take up to three weeks for Google to send its “spiders” out to your digital neck of the woods to find your brand-new pages. Before that happens, you won’t be indexed and you won’t be listed as a result. The only solution in this case is to wait.

If you have waited, and your site has been indexed by Google but still has a dismal ranking, you may have to be patient a little longer. New websites, especially new websites with new web addresses, can take weeks, months, and years to climb the ranks, depending on your industry and keyword competition. But remember: if you continue to put time and effort into making your website great, you will see amazing results over time.

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