What Is the Bare Minimum You Should Be Doing to Market Your Law Firm?

By Lenny Ford


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We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Marketing in the 21st century has changed drastically. From the rise of the internet and social media have come hundreds of different techniques to push your brand online. Among all this internet chatter, it can be difficult to know how to market your firm so that it stands out above the rest.

So, what exactly is the bare minimum you should be doing to market your firm?

While some of the new, up-and-coming marketing techniques are creative and practical, others may be too “extra” to suit the marketing needs of your law firm. At a minimum, your law firm should have an online presence that includes an informative website, firm blog, and social media accounts in order to make your digital marketing as robust as possible.   

Your First Priority: Determine Your Marketing Goals

As we determine what bare minimum threshold your firm’s marketing strategy should be achieving, we also need to emphasize what the key goals of any good marketing plan are in the first place.

To make the most of your marketing plan, you should first determine what your key goals will include. Here are some possibilities:

Generate New Business Leads

Perhaps you have a sizeable existing clientele and want to continue drumming up new business leads now and into the future.

Attract New Clientele

Maybe you’re actively looking for new clientele and new caseloads to work on. As your business expands and develops, be sure your marketing plan matches this objective.

Retain Current Clientele

If your existing clients have given your firm enough business and your sole objective is to retain those clients for ongoing and future cases, your marketing strategy will be slightly different than one that caters toward new business.

Become More Recognized By Peers

If your largest priority is to become a more recognized legal staple in your community and to be more visible to your peers, your marketing approach (and the platforms you use) will differ from a standard business-to-client marketing plan.

Improve Awareness on a Given Issue

If your marketing plan involves legal activism or prioritizes raising awareness about a certain legal issue, your firm’s marketing should follow suit.

Generally speaking, your marketing plan may aim to focus heavily on only one of these possible avenues or it may address two or three of these aspects simultaneously in its branding. Exactly what to prioritize and how best to do it within your marketing scheme is a decision that your law firm must make for itself.

Top 5 Things You Should Be Doing for Your Law Firm Marketing

Regardless of your target marketing audience, there are a few minimal things that you should absolutely be doing in order to best market your law firm. Here are our top five suggestions:

1. Have a Website for Your Law Firm

It may still surprise some to learn that there are businesses out there that still don’t have a website – and maybe you’re one of them!

While not every business may need a website, depending on its industry and community, in this day and age, there are very few disadvantages to having a website. Because more and more customers (especially younger ones who will only increasingly control more of the market’s buying power in the future) are turning almost exclusively to the internet to find information and seek out services, it’s imperative to be online.

Of course, your website doesn’t have to be too fancy or complex. However, it should feature the basics such as your brand, services offered, and ways of contacting your firm. It’s also ideal to include practice area subpages, “about us” pages that showcase your attorneys’ education and professional accomplishments, and perhaps even client reviews.

2. Ensure Your Website Is Mobile Compatible

Imagine you design a great website, launch it off the ground, and wait for new clients to start rolling in – but nothing seems to be happening. This can happen all too often if you aren’t careful to ensure that your website is compatible on mobile devices. Because 52 percent of the total population (again, this is especially high among young users) are mobile internet users, having a website that is compatible and keeps its designed format on both the desktop and the mobile device is necessary.

In so many of these cases, the website itself may be excellently designed and can contain all of the required information to make it marketing-friendly but isn’t nearly as successful at attracting clientele as one would think – if only it were mobile compatible.

3. Have Social Media Accounts for Your Law Firm

Particularly among law firms that may be more resistant toward taking the plunge and making a website, having social media accounts may seem even stranger. In reality, it’s not strange at all anymore. Gone are the days when Facebook and Instagram were only used at the individual level. Nowadays, businesses are getting in on the action, and there’s no indication of that changing anytime soon.

In fact, an increasing number of businesses are opting to use social media platforms as a great way to market their business and services. Not only do social media pages (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more) offer the option of essentially free marketing and engagement, but they also collectively have many great paid advertising options that could work very well within your firm’s marketing model.

And the most important aspect of social media in any marketing scheme: Client engagement. By using social media and using it correctly and to its full potential, your firm has the opportunity to engage with clients and potential clients in ways that simply don’t exist when looking outside the realm of social media.

4. Feature a Blog on Your Firm’s Website

There’s no denying that we’re big proponents of the law firm blog. And, to be fair, we’re big fans because we see how effective it can be for driving up your firm’s web traffic. And when paired with social media, it will lead to more click conversions.

Beyond its obvious marketing benefits on social media, blog posts also give your firm the chance to introduce your work and legal opinions to your clients. By offering simple, interesting bits of information through your blog, you may even encourage prospective clients to reach out in order to learn more about your services. Overall, the cost of a blog is low while the marketing rewards can be high.

5. Develop Solid Email Marketing Campaigns

Still one of the most effective ways of retaining clients, keeping them updated on firm events, and even gaining new clientele is by using email marketing.

Obviously, as with everything in marketing, the trick to any good email campaign is to not overdo it. When giving website visitors, social media page followers, or blog readers the option of opting into receiving your email marketing and news, you’re essentially offering a service to your clients. Without this “opt in” courtesy and the impression of being helped by your firm, your email campaign could easily lead to frustrated unsubscribers. Be sure to strike a healthy balance here when employing email marketing.

Ways to Accomplish These Goals without Breaking Your Budget

While the costs of great marketing can add up quickly – especially when done by professionals – marketing your law firm effectively doesn’t always have to break the bank. While some aspects (such as your firm’s website design and search engine optimization (SEO)) would be best handled professionally so as to glean the best returns, there are other strategies that your firm and attorneys can employ to cut down on costs in other ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • Opt to Create In-House Content for Your Firm Blog

While quality content to fill your blog’s subpages can certainly be outsourced, you can also opt to have your attorneys create content themselves to save on cost. Just be sure to offer helpful information and refer to best practice guidelines when creating content.

  • Use More Client Reviews

Since you’ve already done the work, why not feature it? By asking satisfied clients for their honest reviews to be featured on your website, you can not only employ a cheap and effective marketing strategy among prospective clients, but you can also flatter your current ones.

  • Include Videos on Your “About Us” Pages

One of the easiest ways to build trust before the client even meets your attorneys is by including video introductions on your “about us” subpages. Make sure your videos are short, concise, and professional for optimal impact.

  • Invest in the Right Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Plan for Your Firm

While there are many different PPC ad options available online, consider choosing one that works best for your firm for more targeted marketing outreach. By investing a little on specific ads toward specific audiences, your click conversions can increase.

Ready to Expand Your Firm’s Marketing Strategy?

If you’re ready to take your firm’s marketing plan to the next level and better cater toward your desired audience, reach out to us today.

Here at Black Fin, we’re a team of experts who specialize in digital marketing for the 21st century. We can assist your firm with SEO needs, content marketing strategies, social media development and maintenance, and all aspects of your firm’s web design.

If you’re ready to determine your target audience and start marketing toward them today, we’re ready to begin working with you. We’ve already helped countless law firms before you, so we’re confident that we have the tools and know-how to help your marketing plans succeed. Contact us today.

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