7 Steps for Debt Resolution Companies to Drive Leads and Revenue

By Lenny Ford


Category: Debt Resolution Companies

Like any other business, as a debt resolution company, you need more clients to increase revenue and keep your business growing. According to the New York Federal Reserve, the consumer debt was approaching $14 trillion after the second quarter of 2019. The average debt per person in the US is $29,800. Your potential clients owe more money in debt than they have, so they need you to negotiate with creditors and offer a payment plan. Individuals who become interested in your services are your leads. To drive leads and convert them to your clients, you need a marketing plan and channels such as a website, blog, or one of the social media accounts where prospective customers can discover your company.

You need to increase the exposure of your company and improve your online visibility to increase your revenue, and to do so, you need to craft a successful marketing plan. Digital marketing is crucial for your business, as it will help you target more prospective clients and reach a wider audience than traditional marketing would allow, with fewer costs involved.

1.   Increase Your Online Presence by Optimizing Your Site and Writing a Blog

Your digital marketing starts with your website because, most of the time, that’s the first place your potential clients visit to interact with your debt resolution company. To get more traffic to your site so that you can drive more leads, you need to optimize your website and appear in more Google search queries. More than 18k users search for “debt relief” on Google per month, and if you optimize your site, you will have more chances of appearing in your clients’ search results.

Your site visitors need to trust you; otherwise, they will not decide to use your services. There are many risks associated with the debt settlement, and users need to believe you are the perfect choice for them to pay what they owe. Trust is crucial for debt resolution companies, as your clients are going to share sensitive information with you regarding their finances and you’ll be negotiating with their creditors. SEO will help improve the quality of a site, and by delivering a better user experience, your company will be more credible for users.

A blog is where you can create content that will help your prospective clients find information related to their debt obligations. Many users who need your service will search for queries such as “how to get out of debt.” You can offer helpful articles about how to deal with paying off the money they owe to creditors. The ways you describe in your article don’t need to be only about the debt resolution services but simple steps such as shopping less for unnecessary things and steps to handle finances better. By addressing the topics of your clients’ interests, you help them solve their problems. Readers who find your content helpful will trust you more and may become your clients. Additionally, having a blog enables you to appear in more search queries and target more keywords your prospective clients may use in search engines.

Each article you write related to debt resolution services should have a call-to-action at the end, such as “call us now,”’ “read more,” “leave us an email and we will contact you,” etc., so readers know what to do if they want to use your services.

2.   Target Long-Tail Keywords

You need more traffic to your site, so more prospective clients get to know about your business. However, many make the mistake of only targeting such generic keywords as “debt,” which has more than 40k searches per month and is incredibly competitive to rank for. The trick behind selecting the proper keywords to target is that, usually, the more general a keyword is, the more competition it has. Moreover, people who type in long sentences into search engines are more likely to convert as your clients. Searchers who are specific in their search queries are usually more determined to contact a company for consultation. Someone searching for “debt” might have the intention of finding a definition for the word, finding a way to take a loan, or discovering a debt settlement company – who knows? A user searching for “how to pay off debt fast” is much more likely to convert to a lead. This is because they intend to find a way to pay the debt. Keywords consisting of 3 or more words are called long-tail keywords, and you can target them in your blog articles to drive more leads. While the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%, the average conversion rate for long-tail keywords is 36%.

3.   Invest in Your Website Design

Even if you create high-quality content and bring traffic to your site, if your web design doesn’t allow users to have a pleasant interaction with your web pages, they probably will not convert to your clients. For 48% of people, website design is the primary factor in deciding the credibility of a business, and 94% of people mistrust or reject a site because of its design. Creating a website design for better user experience is an integral part of your Search Engine Optimization, so it’s essential to create the one that promises a good user experience.

A good design is not the one stuffed with graphics and images, but the one that is simple and allows visitors to find information rapidly. Your design should work well on all devices your prospects may be using. A responsive design will boost your SEO and user experience, which is essential to increase revenue and drive more leads.

4.   Pay-Per-Click Advertising

While we believe SEO is the most powerful tool to bring traffic to your site, it takes time to see its effects. While you are waiting for the results of your optimization, investing in Pay-per-click advertising can help you generate more leads for your debt resolution company. With PPC, you have more control over which queries you appear in and usually pay only when users click your ad. However, with an ad sign next to your page, searchers know the result is a paid advertisement. Some people trust organic search results more than ads. PPC should never be a replacement for an SEO strategy, but an additional tool you can use to get more clients to use your services.

5.   Offer a Free Consultation

One of the most powerful marketing tools is a free consultation that allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and show prospective clients you can solve their problems. If you offer a free consultation on your website, visitors may decide to take action and contact you, which will help you establish a relationship with them and build their trust towards your company. Counsel your future clients on their debts. If they find the session useful, they may use your services. You can put together a case study to give an idea of what you can do for your clients so that they can get out of the debt faster. During your free consultation, prospects should see you have a solution for them, and by becoming your customers, they can pay their creditors.

6.   Email Marketing

Email marketing is another powerful tool to help your business grow. There are different ways you can create a list of email addresses to use for marketing purposes. You can ask your website visitors to sign up for more if they like your blog articles. You can also offer free downloadable content in exchange for an email address. This can be something as simple as a PDF guide to managing finances. Return on investment from email marketing is massive, and for each dollar you spend, you can get a return of $44.

To drive more leads through email marketing, you need an email campaign. The emails you send should be helpful for your prospects. Create a subject line that is compelling and sparks the interest of the receiver. The subject line should be relevant to the text or content in the email and shouldn’t be misleading. To convert more leads to customers, you should customize each email you send to your leads. You can greet receivers by their name, craft an email that addresses their specific issue, or create something related to the content they have already read before signing up. You can use email marketing to promote your services, keep your audience informed about the news in your company, and keep them up to date about the news in your field of expertise.  Incorporating email marketing into your marketing strategy will help you convert more leads to customers so that you can increase your debt-resolution revenue.

7.   Social Media Marketing

Social media is another way to increase exposure to your company and reach more potential clients. In 2020, there are more than 3.8 billion social media users, and if you don’t have a social page, you will lose a chance to reach an even wider audience. Facebook is the most popular social media platform, and many of your potential clients may be on this platform. As we have already discussed above, you need to gain trust to convert your website visitors to your clients. Many of the internet users will check your social media profile to see how credible your company is. The best way to get benefits from being on social media is by sharing your debt resolution related content on your page, sharing debt statistics with the audience, and asking questions to your prospects regarding their issues. Engagement with the audience will help you to create even more relevant content for them.

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