The Latest and Greatest of Internet Marketing for Law Firms (part 1)

By Lisa


Category: Industry News

A short round-up of the latest stories and news in the Internet marketing world that is pertinent to the legal community.

1) Creative Link Building Ideas For Really Boring Websites
The best way to build exciting links is to think outside of the box. Start with a category map and with the help of your team, create a diagram of the entire system revolving around your business. This should include competitors, non-competitors, similar businesses, topics, etc. – all of which are connected to your business in one way or another. List every possible community, and as you do this, examine each one to determine potential links that you may have missed. There is no easy way to do this if you want to get links that will be productive and above-board. By stepping outside of the box, however, you may find new and interesting ways to build your business on a new level.

2) Why Are My Online Reviews Disappearing?
There are some reasons that your Google+ and Yelp online reviews may be disappearing. 1) You cannot have the exact same review on more than one website. 2) Reviews should be on more than one company (not just yours).  3) You cannot have permission to manage the page or the reviews. 4) The reviews must be from different IP addresses. 5) Reviews should not all be done at one time, but should be scattered across time and companies. Some of these things will be have to be done on a trial and error basis. Once you see the reviews, if you find that they are disappearing, you can begin to investigate why. You can let your clients know the best way to write reviews in order to boost your company’s reputation.

3) 76% of Content Marketers are Using Blogs
Just a few years ago, those in the business and marketing industries laughed at the idea of blogs being effective ways to grow business, communicate, and link to others. Today, however, over three-fourths of content marketing is done with blogs. Law firms are doing even better with blogs, reaching up to 78%. Here are some of the reasons why: 1) Blogs are easy to use and they save time. 2) Blogs are considered to be news-worthy content that is frequently cited by the media and read by people all the way up to Supreme Court clerks. 3) Blogs are easy to share. 4) Lawyers and their firms are seeing results from blogging. 5) Blogs are readable on mobile devices and the news from blogs goes viral very easily.

4) Be the Result that Google Wants to Rank
Google’s goal is for readers to find what they are looking for when they search. If sites serve the needs of the visitors, businesses have nothing to fear when Google makes algorithm updates. Rather than look at Google as the adversary, it may be better to get on board with Google so that both parties can benefit. Here are things that Google has taught us: 1) Key phrases are more applicable and appealing to readers. 2) Having a good design for your website is no longer an option (if you want to see results); it’s a requirement. 2)  Look for blogs and websites with which you can build a relationship in order to benefit both parties – and only go for those that have interests and topics that are compatible with your own. Through them, you can share links and both parties can grow. 3) Last, pay attention to branding. Don’t be afraid to build relationships with people. That way, if and when Google changes things again, you will barely feel the effects.

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