Top Social Media Platforms for Law Firms in 2019

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How to Better Reach Your Clients by Taking Full Advantage of Social Media

As we start the new year, every law firm should be asking themselves one important question: How can we better reach clients? And, whether or not it’s existing clients, new clients, or simply promoting your firm within your larger community, beating your competition to the punch and servicing your clients to the fullest should always be objective number one. But, this objective also begs the question: What’s one of the best, demonstrable ways of reaching your audience first? Here’s our answer: Social media for law firms.

Your Clients and Social Media: What’s the Relevance?

Some attorneys, law firms, and businesses still may not be fully convinced on the relevance of social media.

And sure, we get it. Marketing was once a bit simpler in terms of the methods and platforms that were used. Perhaps you’d buy an ad in the newspaper, purchase space on a billboard, or promote yourself via the airwaves on the radio.

While these may still be options for promoting your law firm, there’s no denying that the greatest bang for your advertising buck is online promotion.

So, what can a law firm like yours do in the 21st century?

An online presence for just about any business is no longer optional – it’s now essentially an expectation that your clientele will have. And, if they can’t find you online, they’ll most certainly find your service competitor.

In this modern era of client-targeted advertising, here are three ways in which your law firm should be online:

  • Law Firm Website

    A website is essential for conveying your services, sharing helpful information, and introducing your firm to the world. If your law firm does not have a website – or if you have a severely underdeveloped one – then it isn’t too far a stretch to say that, to the online world, your law firm does not exist. It’s extremely important to have a website, first and foremost, to even begin promoting yourself among current and prospective clients.

  • Legal Blog

    Once you have a website, hosting a legal blog is also a great idea. A blog can serve many purposes, depending on which direction your firm chooses to highlight. In general, though, a blog can be used to provide a steady stream of evergreen content for better search engine rankings. It can also be used to update your clients on firm happenings, relevant legal changes, and community news.

    Here’s the bottom-line: Hosting and updating your legal blog is a top way to attract traffic to your website, which can lead to successful client conversion.

  • Social Media

    Finally, your law firm should be using social media platforms for promotion, as well.

    When paired with your firm’s website and law blog, utilizing social media can mean the difference between a successful online presence and one that’s simply okay. Your social media accounts can be used to promote your website, blog posts, and other firm updates. You can also use different social media platforms to share articles and relevant happenings in the legal world. Ultimately, you can use it as a tool with which to engage your clients online in a very direct way.

    As many of our own clients have discovered, using a website, law blog, and social media platforms in tandem together can further your objectives of law firm promotion much more successfully and widely than when using only one of these methods in isolation.

Top Social Media for Law Firms

Now that the significance of social media’s role in your law firm’s marketing strategy has been established, you may find yourself asking which platforms are the best to use.

This is an important question to ask since, in the world of social media, not all platforms are created equally.

How you use each social media platform is an important factor to keep in mind.

You’ll want to ensure that your firm’s marketing agenda is taking full advantage of the tools available to you on every platform by choosing the right one for each of your objectives.

And, as with any other aspect of marketing, the importance of flexibility can’t be understated. If you find that your marketing isn’t going over well on one specific platform, don’t be afraid to be flexible, adjust your strategy, or adapt it toward another social media platform altogether.

Overall, here are the top social media platforms that we think law firms should be using in 2019:


To say that Facebook has changed the game in terms of social media promotion and online marketing is truly not an exaggeration. In fact, Facebook is one of the most influential companies and advertisers of all time.

With an estimated 1.49 billion people using Facebook daily (as of September 2018), its reach across the globe alone makes it quite a tour de force in the online world. What better platform is there, then, for business promotion online?

When using Facebook for your firm’s promotion, be sure to take advantage of Facebook’s business page features, as well as other helpful aspects like Facebook Ads to specifically advertise to your audience based on age, location, and other demographics.

Facebook is also a great place to share news and links to your firm’s blog updates, as well as connecting with clients of the firm online.


Twitter, having its unique stance as a social media platform with the historic character limit for “tweets” (which has since been changed from the original limit), is legendary in its ability to provide users with extremely small and palatable bits of information.

Of course, tweets can go viral just like posts from any other platform, and using tweets to hit a specific niche audience can be quite successful.

In general, Twitter can be used to share news and blog links, convey firm updates, and engage with clients online.

By labeling content using hashtags, your firm can connect with clients in a way that other social media platforms don’t allow as easily. It’s also a great way to show clients your firm’s work, attorneys’ profiles, and other relevant information without the commitment of reading a larger article or webpage.

Finally, if it suits your law firm, Twitter is a way to show off the more humanistic, less professionalized side of attorneys’ personalities. Obviously, this method does not work for everyone, but some law-related twitter handles have experienced a lot of success by showing off their humor and relatability on Twitter.


While LinkedIn should be used more pointedly as a professional social media platform, creating a profile for your firm and attorneys to engage with peers, clients, and other LinkedIn users is just one more great way of getting your firm’s name out into the online world.

Furthermore, because LinkedIn is so widely used by other professionals, engaging with this platform simply to gain access to online legal circles (which host discussion groups and a wide network of connections to legal professionals across the planet) is a reason itself to join.


Though YouTube is specific to video content, your firm should consider the benefits of creating this type of content and of utilizing the shear volume of YouTube users to your marketing advantage.

Engaging users on YouTube can increase prospective clients’ feelings of relatability and trust with your firm’s attorneys – even before sitting down for the initial consultation – as well as promote your website and firm blog along the way.

Other Platforms

Of course, there are many other platforms that can be used (and, we add, quite successfully) by law firms for marketing promotion.

  • Instagram has quickly become a popular social media platform for businesses, making it well worth the time investment.
  • Discussion forums, such as Reddit and Quora, can also be great for answering prospective clients’ queries in a more casual manner, while also widening online promotion of your legal services.
  • Lawyer-specific platforms, such as Avvo and UpCounsel, are also worth-while investments to specifically boost your firm’s services profiles and engage in more targeted promotion toward an audience who is already seeking specific legal services.
  • Finally, being present on sites that feature products and services from the vantage point of consumer reviews, like those of Yelp or Consumer Affairs, can also be helpful for promoting your firm and reaching more prospective clients.

How to Use Social Media to Your Law Firm’s Advantage

Now that your firm appears on several social media platforms, in what ways can your firm benefit from them? Typically, there are three methods by which law firms can take advantage of a strong social media presence for the betterment of their business:

1. Client Development

As we’ve discussed at length, social media can be an effective gateway toward meeting your client development goals. Because prospective clients are using social media to search for information and service providers in ways and volumes like never before, investing time and other resources into developing your firm’s social media can produce high returns.

2. Networking

Certain social media platforms may be better designed for professional networking than others, but there’s really no denying the near-endless possibilities that one has when using social media to network. Whether it’s seeking out other attorneys and firms in your community or expert opinions for a case, networking is alive and well due to social media. Specifically, platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook can be essential for professional networking online.

3. Industry Updates

Staying abreast to current events and legislative updates is of the highest importance within the legal community. One of the best ways to quickly and easily do this is by using social media.

Because governments and officials, police departments, and many other community entities have social media accounts these days, obtaining important news in a flash is more possible than ever through social media. Whether you choose to share these updates on your own firm’s social media pages or not, staying current within the legal industry is made substantially easier by social media platform usage, which in turn helps both your attorneys and your clients.

Interested in Adapting Social Media into Your Marketing Strategy? Contact Us Today

Does your firm struggle to reach prospective clients or is your firm’s website not reaching the conversion figures you’d hoped? If you’re in need of further engagement with your clients online, consider these top social media platforms in your strategic marketing plan for 2019.

Whether your social media presence doesn’t yet exist, is in need of a serious facelift, or just isn’t yielding the results that your firm requires, reach out to us with all your social media needs.

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