The Rockefeller Method

By Lisa


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What is the Rockefeller Method?

The Rockefeller Method is an IMG original where you collect listings that rank for your website and purchase affordable link building services to promote those listings so they rank better in Google providing you with:

  1. Improved rankings for your site
  2. Improved reputation in the search results by promoting positive listings (i.e. negative listings may drop in rank as positive listings are promoted)
  3. These listings may wind up ranking for keywords important to your business (this will only happen after “Round 2” in 60 days when you promote with a PBN link.

I named this method after John Rockefeller because of the monopoly he created in the oil industry and it’s my goal that you’re also able to create a mini monopoly in your local market.

Here’s an example of how it helps your reputation-

Rockefeller Method

If someone searches for our brand name, they will see great/positive results for our company. Part of this reason is because we have built links into many of the listings and videos above.

If you’re in a smaller town, you can have multiple listings ranking for your primary keywords. Here’s an example of a client who has their Yelp page ranking in Google for their primary keyword:

Rockefeller Method

Generally speaking, Yelp listings, Facebook pages and YouTube videos are the easiest to rank.

Why it’s important:

  1. Your reputation is important and you should take measures now to enhance your reputation even if it’s completely positive. One bad review that ranks well can have damaging effects on your business.
  2. Building links into listings that link back to your website can provide a great boost to your own website in about 60-90 days.

Getting started:

  1. Find about 10-20 listings that rank for your law firm’s name and enter those into a Google spreadsheet.
    • If your firm is brand new, wait about 60 days and then perform this method.
    • Go to Google and search for your firm’s name (e.g. Smith Law Firm)
    • Of the listings that rank, only select those that directly link to your website.
    • DO NOT pick your own website. This is ONLY for the promotion of listings and pages that link to your website.

If possible, include your listings on the following sites (these tend to perform well): Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Yelp, FindLaw,,, YouTube videos

Note– If you have a newly created law firm, you may not have a listing on the above sites. If at all possible, create a listing or have a page created.

  1. Buy one Fiverr gig to promote each listing
    • It is not necessary to promote a listing with more than one Fiverr gig

Here’s a list of the Fiverr gigs we recommend:

  2. (requires a tweet – use a tagline from information obtained on the client’s website)
  3. (requires a tweet)

If you have more than 9 listings you’re looking to promote, just start back over at the top of this list when you reach the 10th listing.

Getting Geeky – Advanced Tip:

Have unique descriptions written (100-500 words) for all of your listings from TextBroker. Simply provide TextBroker (only hire level 4 writers) with a link to your about page and ask that it be written. This will help your listings rank better in Google because more content generally means more authority. A standard listing with just your name, address and phone number isn’t very much unique information on your law firm.

Common Mistakes

  • Believing you need to buy multiple Fiverr gigs to promote a single listing (e.g. Yelp, FindLaw)
  • Not verifying your unclaimed listings (see below)
  • Not creating a simple video for your firm (even if it’s just you on your iPhone sharing a little about yourself)

Additional Notes

  • If you come across a listing in Google that ranks well for your brand name, but it’s not verified (e.g. Yelp), we recommend you take time to verify your high-ranking listings. Verifying your listing gives you control to edit your listing (and perform the “Getting Geeky” tip above, respond to positive/negative comments (in most cases) and more!
  • If the Fiverr gig asks for “keywords,” use variations of your firm name (e.g. Smith Law Firm, Smith Law Firm LLP)

Client Review


"I cannot be happier with Gerrid Smith and Black Fin, and highly recommend their services."

- Seth Gladstein, Gladstein Law Firm