Is Your Law Firm Website Missing Something? Filling in the Gaps is Important for Users and Search Engines

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The majority of law firm websites you can find on the internet today are missing something. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that 65% of law firms have not updated their web designs in the past three years. Relative to the speed with which marketing tactics change on the Internet, that is an eternity.

The more web design changes, the more it changes… really fast

Three years ago, flat design wasn’t even a thing. Now it has taken over mobile, as well as many websites, with the advent of iOS 6 and Google’s Material Design paradigm. In 2012, most designers were praising responsive design as the next big thing because it was predicted that a whopping 10% of visitors to websites would be on mobile devices. Fast forward to today, and an average of half of all website visitors browse via a mobile device.

In the age of reduced attention span,  where the average visitor will only spend between 20 to 50 seconds on your homepage, you have to deliver your message fast. Unfortunately, most law firms fail at this task. A 1,500 word introduction to your law firm’s website that reads like a collegiate dissertation isn’t going to excite anyone.

The three things your Law Firm Web Design must do

Your Law Firm’s web design should accomplish three things, and it should do them in a very limited amount of time without making the visitor think. Visitors need to know the following:

  1. Who You Are

This isn’t just your logo — it is also the overall look and feel of your site. Your website is an extension of your firm, as such, and everything should scream at visitors about who you are. From the colors, to the tone of voice in the copy, to the images — all of these should add up to a unique and consistent brand that your visitors will remember.

  1. What You Do

Do you only take on personal injury cases involving hit and run accidents? Maybe you are the leading corporate tax attorney in Sweet Lips, Tennessee (yes, this is a real place). Whatever you specialize in, let the visitor know in no uncertain terms. You have 20 seconds to get all this across; ambiguity is not your friend here.

  1. What Is The Next Step

Provide your website visitors with a strong call to action. If the user has to think about what to do next, you have already lost. It should be painfully obvious what you want from them. Give them your phone number, provide a very simple contact form, or ask them to sign up for something. Above all, make it easy! Have you ever tried to fill out a long complicated contact form on a mobile device? Your visitors have, and they really don’t want to go through that again.

It Seems So Simple

If you cannot look at your law firm website and know that all three of these objectives are met (without scrolling the site), it’s time for an update. Your website is one of the most important marketing tools your Law Firm has — do not let it go forgotten.

It may seem like these three things are common sense, but take look at some of the law firm and attorney web designs out there and ask yourself the three questions above as you do.

Now, take a look at your website and do the same. If you can truthfully say you nailed these three points, kudos to you. Most law firms will not be able to.

We’re Here to Help

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Written by Lenny Ford, Technology Director

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