Improving Conversion Rates and the User Experience on Attorney Websites

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When designing an attorney website, you must take a number of details into consideration: the layout of the page, where to place videos and images, and which pieces of written content to include. How fast a site loads, however, is oftentimes not on the radar – a huge mistake that can make the rest of your website design choices irrelevant.

Here are the hard facts:

  • A one-second delay decreases customer satisfaction by 16 percent.
  • 52 percent of online users say that site speed affects their site loyalty.
  • 47 percent of users expect a website to load in two seconds or less.
  • 40 percent of web users abandon a website after waiting three seconds for it to load.
  • A one-second delay in page loading can cut conversions by seven percent.
  • 64 percent of mobile phone users expect their site to load in less than four seconds.

Why Is Site Loading Speed Important?

There are two big reasons that loading speed is vital to your online marketing success: user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO).

UX : the Key to Conversions

First and foremost, users expect and require that your site load quickly, both on their personal computer and on their mobile devices. Even the delay of a single second can cause a user to abandon your site and return to their search results. In the competitive sphere of attorney marketing, a user has absolutely no problem leaving your slow-loading site and choosing another of dozens or hundreds of other attorney websites in your area.

Website speed not only affects your traffic and bounce rate, but also your conversion rate. Even if a visitor does stay on your slow site, they are still less likely to take action and contact you than if your site had loaded more quickly. They are also less likely to utilize your business, projecting your slow site onto the rest of your brand: they assume you will be slow to respond, unaware of their needs, and poor at customer service.

Google Takes Site Speed into Account, too

In addition to harming your UX, slow websites also harm your SEO. Google has clearly come out and said that load time is a factor in how they analyze and rank websites. The reason being that, if your site is very slow, Google doesn’t want to offer it as an option to their users. Just like sites with poor content or sites with poor design are penalized, so are sites with super-slow loading times.

How Can You Make Your Attorney Website Faster?

Now that you know that every single second counts when it comes to website loading speed, what can you do to speed up your attorney site? The answer lies in understanding your current site speed and then taking several deliberate steps to improve that speed. Here are four to get you started:

  • Use PageSpeed Insights. This free tool developed by Google helps you understand how you can make changes to your website to optimize it for speed on both desktops/laptops and mobile devices. It provides you with an overall speed score and breaks down exactly how you can make it faster.
  • Streamline your number of components. It’s simple: the more components you have, the slower your page will load. Take a serious look at each of your components and ask yourself what your users truly need upon entering your site. Having tons of components on your front page can not only slow down your site, but overwhelm your potential clients.
  • Compress your components.  Even after eliminating some components, you will still want some great images, videos, and content on your page. You can speed up how these components load by up to 70 percent simply by compressing them. Compressing an element “zips” it up before sending it to a user’s device.
  • Consider your host. The company hosting your website makes a difference. Paying a few more dollars per month for a better host can boost your loading speed (which can also boost your web traffic and your conversion rate).

Black Fin Attorney Marketing Services

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