Top 6 Marketing Strategies for Spine Surgeons

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The healthcare and medical industries have become highly competitive. This includes significant competition between medical specialists of different types, including spine surgeons. With this understood, there are six key marketing strategies that spine surgeons seriously should consider utilizing to enhance their practices.

A spine surgeon is wise to take a hard look at potential marketing strategies that may enhance a surgery practice. These six strategic suggestions represent a solid foundation upon which an effective, enduring marketing campaign can be developed to serve the needs of a spine surgeon in the ever more competitive marketplace of the 21st century.

Educational Activities

A primary strategy a spine surgeon should consider utilizing as a means to market effectively his or her professional services involves educational activities. By this it is meant that a spine surgeon can market his or her professional services effectively by providing educational information and participating in educational activities.

As part of an overall marketing effort, a spine surgeon can provide written educational materials and make educational presentations to the public at large. Although the vast majority of members of the public fortunately will not have an immediate need for assistance from a spine surgeon, the day may come when they do need this type of professional medical assistance. Effective presentations made by a spine surgeon tend to resonate with program participants, not only immediately but into the future as well.

Having a prior connection through an educational effort undertaken by a spine surgeon establishes a link that may prove useful to a patient at a later point in time, even at a juncture quite distant in the future. In addition, members of the public who access educational materials and presentations provided by a spine surgeon will be able to identify such a professional if a family member, friend, or colleague ever needs medical care from this type of professional.

Educational activities undertaken by a spine surgeon as part of a marketing strategy should not be confined to the public at large alone. Rather, because a spine surgeon is working in a highly specialized part of the medical profession, educational programming can be valuable to other healthcare and medical professionals.

By developing written educational materials, and making presentations, for the benefit of other healthcare and medical providers, a spine surgeon takes invaluable steps it setting his or her self up as a true expert in the field in which he or she practices. This represents a keen marketing tactic due to the fact that referrals will more readily come from these other healthcare professionals.

Patient and Surgery Success Stories

A spine surgeon does not want to turn his or her medical practice into a dog and pony show. With that noted, there are ways in which a spine surgeon can convey stories of successful surgeries, to convey patient success stories to other healthcare professionals and to the public at large. This type of activity can be undertaken in a tasteful and compelling manner that serves both to educate others and as a means of marketing a spinal surgery practice.

Due to the nature of spine surgeries, a doctor that practice in this area is likely to come across interesting, inspiring, and ever heart-warming stories with some regularity. Not all patients will want to be involved in sharing their stories, but a good many will be willing to do so. In the final analysis, when a spine surgeon is able to present stories about positive outcomes together with the patients involved, the message becomes even more compelling and interesting.

There are a number of ways in which a spine surgeon can effectively communicate patient success stories. These can include written pieces about a particular patient’s experiences. These stories can also be conveyed via interviews on television and via new media on the internet. Local morning talking shows broadcast on virtually all traditional television channels are excellent examples of where these patient stories can be shared with the public as part of an overall marketing effort by a spine surgeon.


Another positive strategy that spine surgeons can include in an overall marketing effort are what best can be categorized as sponsorships. Sponsorships that prove to be effective marketing tools can come in a variety of different forms.

Obvious types of sponsorships that can be part and parcel of a marketing campaign for a spine surgeon include those associated with medical and healthcare conferences, conventions, and other gatherings. Sponsorships at professional functions of this nature can take many forms.

Conference and convention sponsorships can include underwriting the costs of forums and presentations as well as other events at a confab. In addition, conference and convention sponsorship can also be of a lighter variety, including the sponsorship of a hospitality suite.

Sponsorships, as part of a marketing strategy for a spine surgeon, need not be limited to professional events and gatherings. They can extend to functions and activities that attract a broader spectrum of the community. For example, a spine surgeon could elect to be a sponsor of a charitable event. Of course, these could be events related to spinal disease and injury, but also many other things.

Effective sponsorships can include golf and other recreational sporting tournaments and events. They can include programs for youth or seniors. In the grand scheme of things, sponsorships as part of a marketing effort are really only confined as far as creativity and good taste extend.

Presentations by Spine Surgeon

Related to the educational component of a marketing campaign for a spine surgeon are presentations. The reality is that if a spine surgeon, or a spinal surgery practice, is proactive, a considerable array of presentation and speaking events can be booked with relative ease. Professionals of all types, and the public more broadly, typically have a keen interest in nearly all things medical. This most definitely includes the workings of the spine, spine disease and injury, and associated surgery and treatment.

When considering making presentations, a spine surgeon should think broadly as far as possible audiences are concerned. Civic organizations are always on the lookout for program speakers. These are oftentimes breakfast and lunch meetings of these groups. Churches and other religious and spiritual organizations many times welcome presentations on more secular issues. Retirement communities, community centers, and schools of different types are also oftentimes eager to book presenters on an array of different types of topics, including those associated with healthcare and medical matters.

Comprehensive Marketing

When a spine surgeon seriously contemplates potential marketing strategy, understanding that it should be multifaceted, coordinated, interrelated, and comprehensive is crucial. Simply, for a spine surgeon marketing strategy to be truly effective, it cannot consist of just one element. For example, speaking at conferences and conventions is tremendous, but that is only one step on the way to initiating and running an effective marketing strategy.

Selecting several different types of marketing efforts, including from the list of suggestions contained in this article, is a starting point. The next step is to coordinate these elements and try make them as interrelated as possible.

Interrelationship can be achieved by threading common themes or information through different marketing efforts during a set period of time. By way of example, during a particular calendar year, a spine surgeon might want to focus on traumatic injuries and spine surgery in educational efforts, public presentations, patient success stories, and even in public relations materials associated with sponsorships.

Seek Professional Assistance

There can be no doubt that there are some aspects of a marketing strategy associated with a spine surgeon or spinal surgery practice that can be undertaken internally. By that it is meant that there are some marketing tactics that a spine surgeon, together with his or her internal team, can undertake directly. For example, a spine surgeon and associated staff can schedule speaking engagements. However, even with that noted, finding potential venues for speaking engagements can be better undertaken with at least some degree of experienced professional assistance. Spine Surgeon SEO and web design projects should also only be tackled by a pro. 

In the final analysis, an effective marketing strategy for a spine surgeon can best be developed, implemented, and maintained with professional assistance. There are marketing and public relations professionals in business today who are adept at assisting a medical professional like a spine surgeon in perfecting a useful marketing strategy. Thus, part of a marketing effort by a spine surgeon needs to be consulting, and engaging the services of, a qualified marketing and public relations expert.


Healthcare industry analysts suggest that the providers of medical care and treatment services, including surgeons of different types, will face growing competition in the marketplace. Moreover, as consumers become savvier in regard to managing their own healthcare, they will start to treat selecting healthcare service providers in a manner similar to the way the engage other types of service providers outside of the medical arena.

Because of these significant trends, a solid marketing strategy is becoming vital for healthcare providers, including spine surgeons. Indeed, a spine surgeon will need a solid marketing strategy to sustain, let alone enhance and advance, his or her surgery practice.

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