Marketing Ideas, Strategies, and Tips for Healthcare Practitioners

By Lenny Ford


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Marketing is crucial for healthcare practitioners to keep their business growing and stand out from competitors. Regardless of the medical services you offer, marketing is how you can build trust and brand awareness and spread the word about your services. A successful marketing plan will increase the credibility of your company, which is crucial for any business.

Bring Potential Patients to Your Website

Before you bring anyone to your doors, you must bring visitors to your website. Your site isn’t ultimately the only place people get to know about your services, and you may argue a banner you put next to the gym for your chiropractor services will be an effective way to get more patients. While you can still use traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing allows you to reach more people who are looking for healthcare practitioners online. Digital marketing is usually cheaper, more cost-effective, and will enable you to interact with your audience. Nowadays, 60% of marketers in different industries have already shifted towards digital marketing, which we suggest you do, too.

Your website is the hub for your business, and you need to direct traffic to it. 63% of internet users do health-related searches online. People search for healthcare tips, issues, and practitioners daily, and thousands of pages may be beneficial to them. Your website should be relevant to users’ needs, so you have a chance to appear in their search queries. Unfortunately, relevance isn’t the only element Google is looking for when organizing pages in search results. To bring more traffic to your website, you need to optimize it so search engines understand its context. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can target better positions on Google, which is the primary source of internet traffic. SEO is an essential part of digital marketing and will help you increase your site’s visibility in search engines, so more potential clients land on your pages.

Share Healthcare Tips with Your Audience

Most of the users who search for health-related topics on Google are trying to solve an issue or find information about the problems they face in regards to their health. A blog is where you can share helpful tips with your audience and build relationships with them. If you write a post on how to fight gingivitis at home, it doesn’t mean people aren’t going to come to your clinic. It means you help people now, so once they can’t independently fight the disease or any other problem occurs, they trust you enough to use your services. A blog also improves your positions in search engines, as it allows your site to appear in more queries. It also keeps your website fresh and credible to both in the eyes of Google and internet users.

Design Your Site for a Better User Experience

Having more users to your site doesn’t necessarily mean more clients to your doors. To convert more website visitors into patients, your website visitors must have a pleasant interaction with your website. A professional website design that makes a site easy-to-use will help you deliver a better experience to your visitors. Don’t use too many colors or graphics, as it will be overwhelming for users to find the information they need.

We recommend you have a responsive design that changes according to the device visitors use to view your site, so they have no issue viewing pages from their mobile devices. A mobile-friendly website has a higher chance of ranking well in search queries. Good web design will enable users to navigate your site quickly and find the information they need, which will increase their chances of becoming your patients.

Offer Free Consultations

We often underestimate the power of free consultation, but it may convert your website visitors to your patients. Think about that. Users may trust your website, but they need to know if you can offer a unique solution to their problems. If you are a dentist, prospective patients may come to see if you have a treatment plan specifically for them. People also want to know how much the dental procedure will cost and if there are any financing options. All these are difficult to determine by only looking at your website. Besides, a free consultation is another opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge and help your visitors.

One might argue, free consultations require an investment of time you could use for paying patients, which is true. However, if a person is willing to schedule a consultation, travel to your office, and find out about the dental solutions you can offer to them, they will perhaps become your patient. If you don’t want to invest too much time in free visits, create a form users can fill out online where they describe the issue so you, in advance, can prepare to answer their questions and limit the consultation time.

You can also offer a free online consultation where users can discuss their issues by using a chat or one of the video conferencing tools. Your website visitors can fill out the form in advance, after which you can plan each online interaction. The problem with this kind of consultation is that, by making it accessible online, users don’t need to invest their energy into coming to your office. It’s easier to go online and discuss healthcare concerns, but when people don’t spend their time and energy to travel to your clinic and they don’t have to pay for services, the chances of them becoming your patients are lower. It’s always best to offer in-person consultations, especially if you have them for free. Besides, some cases are difficult to examine online and may require an x-ray or use of special equipment.

Use Lead Magnets

Another way to convert website visitors to your patients is by having a lead magnet. It can be a free downloadable PDF file such as “dental hygiene tips for smokers” in exchange for users’ email addresses. People don’t want to share their email addresses unless they get something in exchange. Think of what you can offer to your website visitors: A discount? An eBook? It can be anything that is helpful and solves the issues of your potential patients. Lead magnets help your page visitors better and allow you to build a mailing list, which is essential for email marketing. Besides, people love free stuff, and if the content you provide is helpful and addresses their issues, they will trust you more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool to use to market your healthcare services. The average open rate for healthcare emails is 23.46%, one of the highest among all industries.

Emails help you send out direct and personalized messages to your prospective patients to offer promotions, services, or even new pieces of content; it’s a great way to stay in touch with potential and existing patients. By sending out emails, you remind them about your services or keep them updated about your business or news in the field. It shows you care about your patients, which is essential for your success in healthcare.

Besides a lead magnet, you can collect email addresses by including it in the paperwork patients fill out during their visit, asking if they agree to stay in touch electronically through email.

Email is a great way to market your services, build brand awareness, promote your content, and build relationships with patients.

Start Engaging with Patients on Social Media

More than 3.8 billion people are using social media, and many of them are looking for health information. If you don’t have a page for your healthcare services, you are just missing the opportunity to interact with more users. Your social media page gives credibility to your business and is an additional way to brand your company. Additionally, you can share your content with your page. If others find it helpful, they may engage with it or share it on their pages – which increases the exposure of your site.

Social media is a fantastic place to write about your company, employees, office pets, or even the plants you have. It’s also a place where you can ask questions, share videos, pictures, wish your employees happy birthday, or write about seasonal discounts for your services.

Invest in Local SEO

Finally, don’t forget about your local SEO. The online world is a perfect place to market your business, with the goal of people coming to your office to use your services. Your potential patients need the location of your office to find you. Usually, someone looking for a chiropractor, for instance, will type “chiropractor near me” in a search engine. When users indicate a location in a query by using keywords such as “near me,” Google understands the intent of a user is to visit the business so that it provides results based on the location of the searcher and location of the company. Even if your business is the closest to the searcher, if you don’t optimize your site for local searches, your company may not show up in users’ search queries. Your business will also not rank in the Local 3-Pack – a section with the list of businesses above the list of pages in search results.

To get started, add or claim your business on Google My Business. Fill in all information about your clinic and make sure it’s the same as on your website. Embed Google maps on your contact page so you signal the address of the business to Google. Find online directories where you can list your business and provide accurate information about your business – name, address, website, office hours, and contact information.

To improve your local presence on Google, include the name of the city, country, or region on your site. One way to do so is by creating local content. It can be about the medical events in your area, local news, or even local attractions near your office. The content you create should include local keywords in the text, such as the name of the city, region, or neighborhood, and should be beneficial to your audience.

Don’t forget about reviews, as reviews are among the ranking factors for Google when organizing businesses. Ask your patients to give you feedback online and respond to each of them to encourage others to evaluate your services.

With the tips above, we hope you can create a successful marketing strategy and bring more patients to your doors, so they can use your healthcare services.

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