What Are LSI Keywords And How Can They Help?

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If you do any SEO for your law firm’s website or are even in touch with those that do, you have probably heard about the acronym LSI and using LSI keywords in your web copy.

What does it mean?

And hey, real quick, here’s a little secret:

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But back to the topic at hand..

What Are LSI Keywords?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing.

What are LSI Keywords


These are the words that are semantically related to your main keywords. These are the words that are naturally and most often found with your main KW within the context of their subject.

So, at this point, you might be thinking, “OK, that’s all fine and makes sense, but why are they so important to think about and use in my content?”

Why LSI Keywords Are Important

LSI plays a big part in how search engines like Google and Bing decide what websites and content are most relevant to a query.

Have you heard the expression “keyword stuffing?” This is the practice of just stuffing your web pages and content FULL of the KWs you want to rank for. Often this leads to a useless lump of text that has little value and is a burden to read. People started writing less and less for people and more and more for Google..

Yeah, Google and other search engines are so over that.

And this used to work (like, we’re talking a while ago here) but it wasn’t really helping searchers get the best and most quality content and answers to their questions. Needless to say, the search engines wanted to remedy this.

And the answer to this devious practice?

You guessed it: LSI keywords

Google started to look at the context of the KWs as a whole, not just the keywords to determine what content was of the highest quality and worthy to be shown on the coveted first page of SERP results.

How Can I Use LSI Keywords In My SEO Strategy?

At this point, it’s certainly fair to be asking how you might find your LSI keywords and how you can practically start using them in your content.

Because we all want to rank better, right? We work hard on all our content. We believe in it. And we want as many people as possible to get their eyes on it.

So what’s the next step in using LSI keywords?

Oh wait, did we mention that this topic is covered in our 2019 Law Firm Marketing Trends Report?

To find out how LSI can be fully used and wear we see it going in the course of rest of this year, go ahead and download the report!

We know that you’ll find it useful and worthwhile.

Need Some Help in Utilizing LSI Keywords in Your Content and Webpages?

If all this is sounds really, really good but also kind of confusing, we’re here to help!

At Black Fin, we have been doing this content thing for a long time. We are experts in creating quality and rankable content for lawyers and their firms. In every case, you can be sure we are using all of the latest trends and technologies. We are always keeping a close and watchful eye on the online marketing space that we work in every day.

If you have any further questions about LSI (even after reading our new Trends Report) don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to discuss your marketing strategy and how we can help you get the most out of your web presence.

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