The How-To for Leaving Google Plus Reviews on Your Mobile Device

By Lisa


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Late last year, Google rolled out an unexpected update to how they handled online reviews, removing the ability to leave reviews in Google+ and shifting the function to their Maps platform.

While this understandably upset some folks who had been cultivating their Google+ account (which you should still be doing, by the way), it is, after all, Google. Resistance is futile!

In the meantime, we’ve gotten a number of inquiries about how to leave Google Maps reviews, as well as how to encourage clients to do so. While leaving a review in and of itself is pretty simple, really, we understand that many of our clients’ clients are not exactly tech-savvy, and could use some guidance.

Hence, we’ve taken some screenshots and compiled a quick and easy guide to leaving Google Maps reviews via an iPhone or Android.

Also, if you’re interested in making it as easy as possible for clients to leave reviews, and would like to send them a link – but don’t want to send them that ungodly long Maps URL – you can follow the steps laid out here to shorten your URL.

And finally, if you’d like to read more about the importance of online reviews (for both people and bots), check out our post The Modern Referral: How Online Attorney Reviews Affect Your SEO & Attract Ideal Clients

Happy gathering!

1. Open Google Maps app

Google maps review

2. Log in to your Google+ account

Google maps review

3. Search for the business and tap the listing

Google maps review

4. Scroll down and it will say your name
and “Posting Publicly” with 5 stars below

Google maps review

5. Select your star rating
and follow the on-screen directions

Google maps review

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