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By Lisa


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Are you looking to increase conversions? Are you ranking well, but not converting well? Do you want to see more of your online leads turn into real clients? There are a sea of law firm digital marketers who claim that they do conversion work and that your firm will see increased conversions. Take it from us: It’s not easy, simple, or cheap work to increase conversions.

Many clients approach us with horror stories. In fact, it’s such a prevalent issue in the online law firm marketing industry that we want to share some guiding principles on conversions so that you don’t get burned.

If you’re reading about conversions and online law firm growth, it’s likely that you already know the basics. In order to maintain a healthy, competitive website that generates leads while helping grow your law firm, you need to attract quality traffic, then convert that traffic into leads. The higher you rank, the more traffic you get. However, just because you rank high doesn’t necessarily mean your site is effective at converting that traffic into leads.

Traffic doesn’t matter unless it is converted into leads

As a lead-generating tool, your website needs to convert your traffic into leads. Not all of your visitors are ready to convert just because they reached your site. Remember that if they came to your site through a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, your website was just one of the many other law firms they noticed. Some of your visitors are just browsing, some are in need, while others are desperate. Assuming that the visitors who are most needy for your service will call in or contact you, let’s focus on how to increase conversions among your visitors who are browsing and comparing you against competitors.

You Have 20 Seconds… Impress me

Studies show that the search behavior of the average Internet user lasts for 20-50 seconds, which means once they visit your page, you have 20-50 seconds to tell them why they should call you and not your competitors. Here at Black Fin, we’re competitive about being good. We believe that you don’t even have 20 seconds. If at first glance, you don’t capture your visitors’ imaginations and give them what they want, they’re ready to move on and remember you as ‘the guys I didn’t want to work with.’ Your above-the-fold content needs to communicate authority, build trust, and be memorable…so how can you tell if it is – or isn’t – doing that?

What is the point of your website?

If you had to choose only one reason for your website’s existence, what would it be?

To Convert.

That is the single most important reason that your law firm’s website exists: SEO spreads the news and attracts your visitors, but once they get to your domain, your website has to convert. Keep this in mind as we review the requirements and factors leading to conversion rates.

In future posts, I will discuss more of this subject. There are many factors to consider when we discuss conversions, elements of a website, and the psychology of making a prospective client into an actual client. If you need help, contact us here at Black Fin. We understand the ins and outs of websites – and specifically, legal websites, which is a niche of its own. Give us a call today if we can help you work through some of the tough questions regarding conversion, SEO, website design and more.

Give Us a Call

If you are tired of trying to figure all of this out, give us a call. Here at Black Fin, we specialize in attorney websites. Creating conversions, designing great websites, and writing fantastic content is not for the faint of heart. Contact us today and we’ll give you options and help you figure out how to take your website to the next level.


Written By David Ohki, Lead Designer

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