An Attorney Blog can Hold the Key to Connecting and Engaging with Your Target Audience

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Not so many years ago, blogs were only for angst-filled teens sharing their inner thoughts, crafty housewives, and brooding artists. But in 2015, a blog should be a cornerstone of your business content marketing strategy and an important weekly to-do item at your office.

We’ve talked about the major benefits of legal blogging extensively in the past, but here’s a quick one-minute review:

  • Blogging increases your website traffic and web presence.
  • Blogging improves your overall SEO.
  • Blogging establishes you as an authority in your practice areas.
  • Blog content can be repurposed in dozens of ways.
  • Blogging improves your social media presence.
  • Blogging strengthens your brand.
  • Blogging educates your clients and potential clients.
  • Blogging improves conversion rates.
  • Blogging generates inbound links.
  • Blogging keeps you learning and keeps you in the know!

Now that you are convinced about the benefits of blogging, we know exactly what your next question is (because we hear it all the time):

How often do you have to blog to reap all of the above benefits of blogging?

The Harm of an Untended Blog

You’ve probably gone to a business website in the past and seen an old, untended blog. The last post was three years ago and there are only a few posts listed to begin with. It’s as if you can see the cobwebs in the corners of the screen and the cracks in the walls. Were you impressed? Probably not. Here’s how an un-updated blog can harm your business:

  • Your business looks defunct. You could have let your blog go to seed because you are so busy with clients, but to people who are just visiting you online, your law firm might look shuttered and lifeless.
  • You look like you’re unreliable. Could someone who neglects their business’ blog also neglect their clients? Clients may worry that this is the case. An old unused blog is seen as a reflection of how you run your business.
  • Your SEO tanks. Blogs can do wonders for your search engine optimization, but only if you update it often and consistently. If you aren’t updating your blog, the content on your website is stagnant, and search engines notice this quickly.
  • Your content creation is harmed. Blogs are a great way to create new content, think about recent topics of interest, and start conversations among your audience. When you stop creating new content, you have less to give your listeners.

The Hard Facts About Updating Your Legal Blog

So, let’s return to that pesky original question: how often do you need to update your legal blog?

The short answer is: as often as you can create unique, high-quality content.

The long answer is a bit longer:  As long as your content is top-notch, and as long as you post it consistently (and not in big batches) there is almost no outer limit to how much you should create. Blogging once or twice a day, while not practical for most law firms, reaps amazing results over time.

The minimum amount you can blog (and still see benefits) is harder to grasp. A tiny amount of blogging – let’s say once a month – is better than not blogging at all. Blogging once a week is much better than blogging once a month, and blogging 20 times a month is much better than that. The bottom line is to blog as much as you reasonably can, as long as you are creating great content and as long as you have something interesting to say.

Once you have decided on how much time and/or money you are willing to spend on blogging (either on the time it takes to sit down and do it yourself or on the money it takes to pay a blogger to help you), it is vital to keep blogging. Starting and stopping blogging looks bad both to potential clients and to search engines. Make sure you stay consistent by creating an editorial calendar and putting specific people in charge of blogging tasks (writing, editing, posting, and social media).

Get Your Blog In Shape With The Help of the Black Fin Team

At Black Fin, we understand that law firms have their hands full even before they start worrying about their online marketing efforts. Blogging may be just about the last thing on your mind at the end of a long day at the office or in court. Whether you need a plan of action regarding your content creation, or whether you’d like someone to take over your content creation from beginning to end, we are here to help. Call 216-206-6855 or fill out our contact form to meet our team and learn about our content strategy services.

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