How Do Millennials Shop for Legal Services?

By Lenny Ford


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A continuously growing segment of every law firm’s clientele is that of Millennials, an age population loosely defined as anyone born between the years of 1981 and 1996. These days, there’s quite a lot of discussion (both positive and negative) about how Millennials have begun – and will continue – to shape and change the consumer market based on their tendencies and shopping trends.

As such, one of the most important questions that faces nearly every law firm in the 21st century is how to target and service the Millennial market.

But first, we must determine the following: How exactly are Millennials seeking out legal services?

Thanks to the myriad of data collected, we know that Millennials as a whole tend to respond better to personalized, individualized marketing strategies. We also know that social media is one of the single most impactful and vital aspects of how Millennials seek out services and find businesses to suit their needs. Generally speaking, having a strong digital presence is no longer optional as it was when marketing to previous generations; now, it’s the expectation.

What Does the Millennial Consumer Market Look Like?

As of 2016, Millennials were the second-largest consumer market of the day, behind only that of Boomers. This year, projections show that Millennials may very well overtake the Boomer Generation, with totals of 73 and 72 million, respectively.

With an estimated $10 trillion in collective purchasing power throughout the generation, it’s not hard to see that the Millennial market shapes and contours how all other generations are purchasing products and services in the 21st century. This, in turn, makes them even more of a powerhouse for businesses to appeal to.

What Are the Key Millennial Shopping Trends of 2019?

Of the many millions of Millennials today, it’s estimated that about 85 percent are active on social media, while about 92 percent have a smartphone. Unsurprisingly, mobile compatibility and a strong social media focus are the two main characteristics that Millennial shoppers are beginning to expect of businesses.

Millennials, as a whole, also tend to prioritize convenience, exciting experiences, thorough customer service, and individualized attention when choosing products and services.

How Are Millennials Seeking Out Legal Services, Specifically?

In the same way Millennials love convenience, social media, websites that are compatible to their mobile phones, and an excellent customer service experience for things like their coffee, entertainment streaming services, and ride-sharing apps, they are also seeking out these characteristics when looking to hire legal services.

One of the top priorities for every law firm and attorney working in this day and age should be providing an excellent customer experience. Businesses and law firms that clearly demonstrate their commitment to this do shockingly well among Millennials. What’s always traditionally been the golden standard of business – great service – has quickly become the new normal.

By focusing on customer attention, communication (both online and offline), and collaboration with Millennial clients, law firms stand a better chance of attracting this new, trendy, ever-expanding consumer base.

10 Marketing Hacks Your Law Firm Should Do to Attract Millennial Consumers

As you look at how to best provide legal services to the nation’s largest client market, here are 10 important marketing aspects to keep in mind:

1. Engage on Social Media

All marketing trends suggest that social media will only continue to grow in importance among Millennials (and especially their younger counterparts, Generation Z). For this reason, not only having a social media presence for your firm, but engaging with your firm’s followers across multiple media platforms, is necessary for all businesses.

Develop your firm’s social profiles, making sure that firm biographical information is always accurate. Post on your firm’s sites regularly with updates, news releases, and blog articles. Showcase the human side of your firm, then follow up with follows, likes, comments, and shares in ways that demonstrate your firm’s social dependability.

2. Prioritize Client Follow-Up

Whether it be via social media, email, or face-to-face contact, prioritizing follow-up with your Millennial clients is extremely important for business development and retention. Because Millennials respond better to individual-targeted marketing than run-of-the-mill, generic marketing, client follow up can work to develop even deeper attorney-client bonds among those of this generation.

3. Focus on Causes

Whenever possible, focus on a cause, project, or effort that benefits your community – be it locally or globally. Millennials are much more altruistic than previous generations when it comes to how they choose services, so law firms that show they care deeply for causes can actually win more brownie points among this consumer market.

4. Appeal to Individuality and Authenticity

As we’ve already mentioned, Millennials want to be treated and marketed to with a clear sense of individuality, keeping with authenticity. Unlike their parents’ generation, which responded better to marketing for the masses, Millennials prefer to maintain a sense of individuality when seeking out services. Be sure to explain how your firm’s services can affect them on an individual level, not just encouraging them to choose you because “everyone is.”

5. Offer a Clear Service

A big part of appealing to individuality will involve offering a clear service to your Millennial base. Abstract legal marketing that can get lost in the online shuffle won’t work as well for Millennials, a group which tends to be Internet savvy and is especially good at finding multiple businesses that can provide the same service. If you specialize in a particular practice area, display it clearly and unwaveringly and then explain why and how you’re the best at what you do.

6. Grab Attention Like Never Before

Being the first generation to grow up partly or wholly surrounded by the internet, it’s really no surprise that Millennial attention spans specialize at both being short and exceptionally talented at picking up gimmicky advertising. As a law firm that’s looking to compete for new Millennial clients, your job is to grab attention – and keep grabbing it – using methods that perhaps your firm has never considered before now.

Great examples of how to do this include developing your firm’s video marketing, showcasing short yet powerful client testimonials, or even having your firm’s attorneys participate in the latest internet trends. According to one study, Millennials found reviews and videos to be most helpful, second only to social media marketing.

And, who knows – your firm could even go viral!

7. Make It Short and Quick

While you’re grabbing your Millennial viewers’ attention, remember to keep content short and quick. No one – and we truly mean no one – wants to watch a boring 10-minute video monologue filled with esoteric legal jargon. While lawyers may be fascinated with legal trends or case specifics, remember that the general population probably won’t be.

For this reason, train your social media, video, testimonial, and campaign marketing to prioritize short, quick, simple bits of content. The only exception to this rule is blog posts, which should be longer and more detailed for higher search engine optimization (SEO) effectiveness.

8. Showcase Your Law Firm’s Outstanding Features

Just like your marketing should appeal to individuality, your firm’s stand-alone features should be available for all the world to see as well. Do you have an influential community member working at your firm? Show them off. Have you recently won a huge settlement for a client? Claim it loudly and proudly, if possible. Do you offer free consultations or online meetings? Mention this, too. Essentially, anything that distinguishes your firm from the many other choices available to your prospective Millennial clients is fair game to use in your marketing plan.

9. Get Personal

Though the legal field may be quite intimidating to many, your firm is, after all, just a bunch of humans working side-by-side. And, while you want to maintain an air of professionalism, it’s also important to show off the personal, human side of your firm.

Include attorney biographies on your website, share firm status updates and announcements via social media, make appearances in your community’s events, and more. By doing so, you’re able to boost prospective clients’ feelings of trust, dependability, and relatability – all important factors among Millennial consumer groups – in ways that generic marketing doesn’t allow you to do.

10. Diversify Your Payment Methods

Finally, one of the most straightforward ways of attracting more Millennial clients from an economical vantage point is offering multiple payment methods and arrangements. Sure, we know that legal services are expensive and sure, we know that maybe not every firm is currently in a position to shake up the ways they receive client payment. But, as much as your firm allows, try to offer varying payment options.

Remember, Millennials share much more debt collectively than that of previous generations, so having two or three different payment options could be a game-changing feature that encourages prospective Millennial clients to choose you over a competitor.

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