How to Get 5 Google Reviews This Week

By Lisa


Category: SEO

Why do I need Google reviews?

Google reviews show up in the “snack pack” (the box above the organic search results with, generally, three map listings). It is imperative that you obtain reviews on a regular basis to build trust with future clients.

What do Map reviews look like in Google?

Google reviews

Of course, you would click on Tim Misny’s listing!

Why are Map reviews important?

  • They improve your click-thru-rate (CTR) in the search results.
  • Some experts believe they can increase your rankings in the maps.
  • They build trust for your law firm.

How to create a link directly to your review page (WARNING: only share with those you know love your services):

Tools to help with the process and how they work:

  1. Reputation Stacker
  2. Podium

Google reviews

When a client is finished with your services, you can send them a link through Podium or Reputation Stacker. When they click the link, it will open up a new window with your logo and a place to rate their experience with 1-5 stars.

If they click 1-3 stars, it will open up a new window and will say something, such as, “I’m sorry you were not satisfied with our services. Please let us know how we can use our services better next time.” This will allow them to leave feedback directly for you.

If they click 4 or 5 stars, another window will pop up thanking them for the review and will then ask if they would mind leaving feedback for them on Google, Yelp, or Facebook.

Why is this a good option to use?

This filters out your reviews in some ways, so that the satisfied clients are able to leave a review and the unsatisfied clients will give you feedback on how you can improve your business and services without jeopardizing your public reviews.

A challenge for you and your business:

Get a least 5 reviews this week.


  • Call, text, or email past clients
  • Get the word out that you are looking for reviews
  • Focus on the people you know love your services for positive reviews
  • Use the link above with your own personal URL for reviewing for easy access

Getting Geeky – Advanced Tip:

Respond to all reviews. If the review is positive, thank them. If it’s negative, explain how you are constantly trying to improve every aspect of your business and you are working hard to fix whatever may have failed for that client.


  • In order to get 5 reviews, you may need to ask about 20 “happy” clients for a review. Many clients will tell you they can leave a review, but fail to do so. That’s the nature of the process, unfortunately.
  • This is not a one-time thing and it should be an ongoing part of your business. You have to get reviews for your business on a regular basis. A way you can do this is by putting someone in charge of handling your reviews and putting processes in place. If that’s not within your budget, set aside some time yourself every month to focus on this and generate reviews.

Client Review


"I cannot be happier with Gerrid Smith and Black Fin, and highly recommend their services."

- Seth Gladstein, Gladstein Law Firm