Finding a Guest Post Writer

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What is it?

Guest posts are another way to build your site’s backlink portfolio. Simply put, a guest post is an article, existing or newly written, that is relevant to your firm or practice area. It is published on a high authority site and provides a link back to your website within the body of the article itself.

Why it’s important

A strong backlink portfolio holds a lot of weight in Google’s eyes and can help significantly in your quest to reach the top of search results. Having a variety of backlinks is key to diversifying your portfolio and using the guest post tactic is a great way to do this.

How to find guest post writers/vendors

There are a few steps to find credible, high authority sites to have a guest post published on.

The first and most crucial step is to find freelancers that have ties with different online publications. We recommend using UpWork to do this. UpWork is a hub for freelancers in many different industries to find work and connect with companies worldwide. As a law firm, you can create a job posting looking for freelance writers who can write and submit guest posts.

You’ll need to create an account on UpWork and follow the process to post a job. We recommend including the following details in your job posting:

Looking for Freelance Writers to Cover our Story

We’re looking for people with law blogs and related sites to cover one of our stories. You either need to run a relevant blog or write/edit for a relevant publication.

Specifically, we want you to refer and link to one of our blog articles within the body of your post. You have the freedom to pick whichever article you want to cover. Alternatively, we can make recommendations. Here is the blog page:

Here are two popular articles we recommend:


Please let me know what your credentials are and which websites you plan on posting to.

As you can see, this is a very simple job posting that you can use to find writers on UpWork. Keep in mind, you will want to replace the links above with links to your own website or blog.

We highly recommend you go through the process of seeking out writers and creating a database with their contact information and the websites they offer to post to. If you regularly implement a guest post strategy to build backlinks to your site, you will want a wide variety of writers and websites to choose from so that you avoid multiple posts on the same site.


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