Event Planners: Make a Good First Impression on Your Website

By Lenny Ford


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Visiting your site is usually the first interaction your clients have with your company, and you have only one chance to make a good first impression. Most of the time, this is when clients decide whether or not they will do business with you. Unfortunately, visitors aren’t going to return to check if you have improved your website quality if, during their first visit, it’s challenging to use your site or find the information they need.

The first impression on your site is crucial because, as an event planner, you will be responsible for organizing and managing the most memorable and important events in your clients’ lives. If you can’t ensure visitors have a pleasant experience with your site, they are most likely not going to trust you with their wedding, anniversaries, reunions, or other important celebrations.

Speed Up Your Website

To make a good first impression on your website visitors, first and foremost, you should ensure your website doesn’t fall into the category of “slow.” Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a page that takes forever to load. People go online for a faster and more convenient experience that saves them time. If a page takes more than three seconds to load, users may abandon it. A fast website will increase the chances of users staying on your site longer. Additionally, Google uses Page Speed as a ranking factor, so you may not even appear in your potential clients’ search results if the site is slow.

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Have a Simple Design

Although there is no exact formula for a website to make a good first impression, it’s crucial to have a simple design that will allow users to navigate through pages of content. Your website should look professional and appealing, but this doesn’t mean having tons of images and a vast range of colors or patterns. Simplicity is the key to a good design and makes the process of interacting with the site more comfortable. Don’t overload pages with images, graphics, or texts, because all these may be bothersome for users.

Choose the primary colors you want to use. Don’t use more than three colors as it will overwhelm and distract your website visitors. Choose the colors according to the style of your company. By looking at your site, users should be able to pre-visualize their celebration. If you primarily organize weddings, you shouldn’t have black as the dominant color. Similarly, if you mainly plan birthday parties for kids, you shouldn’t have a plain white background. Mix it with another color such as light pink, or blue and include graphics or pictures of celebrations in the design.

One of the most obvious steps in building a good website is to make the text easy to read. The size of the font should be big enough for users to read it without issues. Additionally, the text color should be in contrast with the background.

Use High-Quality Pictures

You should have high-quality pictures on your website because that is what gives your potential clients an idea about your company and may be crucial in the decision-making process. If they see low-resolution images, they may not trust you. But besides the quality, images should have a meaning. You shouldn’t just place beautiful pictures on your site, but use those that have a purpose and are beautiful. For instance, you shouldn’t have a picture of a rose on your home page, even if you use roses for decorating wedding parties. When users load your site in their browsers, and the first thing they see is a flower that doesn’t convey any message, they may not have a good first impression of your company. But if you use a high-quality picture of a bride throwing a bouquet, it is obvious you plan weddings, and the image is from one of the celebrations you have organized.

Have a Consistent Design

Even when people leave one page and go to another one, they expect the same layout, colors, spacing, or text as they are still on the same website. Consistent design across the site helps users quickly find information. Consistency is a crucial part of a positive first impression on your website, improves user experience, and helps visitors find content much more quickly.

Brand Yourself through Your Website Design

There are over 1.5 billion websites worldwide, and if you want to stand out, you should create a design that speaks for your brand. Is it bold? Professional? Minimalistic? Edgy? We live in a free world, and your design can be anything you want it to be. But, most importantly, it should be different. People should be able to distinguish your website from your competitors’ sites even if they don’t see your logo. Every choice you make about the design will affect the impression visitors have of your brand. The text, color, pictures, and graphics you choose should all speak for your brand and have a meaning.

Have a Responsive Design

Creating a design that will adjust according to the device your site visitors use will make your site mobile-friendly and easy to use from all devices. As a result of responsive design, users will stay on your website longer and have a more pleasant experience. They won’t have to zoom in on pages to see the content, and that’s important because nobody will be willing to stay on such a website. Additionally, Google uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. If your design works well on smartphones, it will have a significant impact on your rankings in search engines.

Create a Website Based on Users’ needs

When users land on your website, they need to find out three main things:

  1. What services you offer – so they know if you can plan their event.
  2. Who you are and your experience – showcase your portfolio, so they can have an idea about your company and decide whether or not they want to do business with you.
  3. How to contact you – if everything goes well until this stage and they decide to reach out to you, they will need your contact information.

These are steps you should consider when working on your website. No users will want to end up on pages with too much going on, because it will be too challenging to find the information they need. You don’t need paragraphs of texts about your services rather than a list of them.

A good website will show your expertise in the field and provide visitors with sufficient information on who you are. You should have a portfolio that showcases your past events, so users know what you can do. It’s also essential to list the services you provide and have a description for each of them for your clients, so they know what to expect.

You can create a portfolio where users can navigate from one to another type of events that you plan, or have an album for each of them. At this stage, you need to convince them you are the best event planner they can hire. A great way to showcase your work is by creating a video and embedding it on your home page. It can be a single video that is a montage of your events, or you can make several videos for each page of the services you offer. For instance, if you have a separate page for weddings, you can embed a video there. And if you have a separate page for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, you can create a different video for it. Videos are a great way to set visitors’ expectations, as no image can show an event as clearly as a video can.

And finally, have a page with contact information that is easy to find. Indicate your address and phone number, as well as hours of operation. You can also include a contact form at the end of the page where users can directly type a message by including their email address and name.

Six things to avoid if you want to improve users’ interaction with your site:

  • Web pages that are crammed with too much-unorganized content, images, and banners that are overwhelming for visitors’ eyes and make it hard to find key information
  • Design that doesn’t speak to users and isn’t any different from competitor websites
  • Inconsistency – different layouts on each page that will confuse website visitors
  • Low-resolution irrelevant images that aren’t related to your services (or too many stock photos that don’t appeal to your service)
  • Difficult navigation
  • Missing contact information

Six ways to make a good first impression on your website:

  • Speed up your website
  • Have a simple design that looks professional and appealing
  • Use high-quality pictures that have a purpose
  • Make your design consistent
  • Brand yourself through the design you create and carry a consistent brand look & feel on all digital channels
  • Make a responsive design to ensure a better user experience across all devices

We hope with the steps above you can create a great first impression on your site so more clients reach you, which will allow you to plan more beautiful celebrations in the future.

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