Directory Submission

By Lisa


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What is a directory submission?

Directory submission is the process of listing your site to various directories or databases under the correct category or sub category.

Why they are important?

They are important for strong link building as well as driving traffic to your site.

Steps to take:

  1. Create new Google Spreadsheet and copy all information from this sheet to your own
  2. Start with paid directories if you can afford it
  3. Then go with the directories that require your bar information
  4. Free directories are next
    • I would suggest you hire a VA (virtual assistant) from in the Philippines to handle this work. It will only cost about $5/hour and they should be able to acquire a few free links per hour.
  5. Budget permitting, go to and purchase rewrites of your about page content (100-500 words / Only hire level 4 writers) and have your VA upload the uniquely written content to each of your profiles
  6. Once finished and all listings are created, purchase this service to make sure all of your listings get indexed in Google

Common Mistakes

The most common mistake is not using the exact information from your Google My Business/Map listing.

Additional Notes

  • Find niche-related directories
  • Completely fill out all directory submissions

Getting Geeky – Advanced Tip:

  • Use a tool like to remember your Name, Address, Phone information so you don’t have to type it into each new site you visit.

Client Review


"I cannot be happier with Gerrid Smith and Black Fin, and highly recommend their services."

- Seth Gladstein, Gladstein Law Firm